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First Generation



1. Francis Bryan III, 48, M. Born in ~1630. Francis died in ~1694; he was 64.


Francis Bryan III, returned to Ireland and tried to regain the Clare County estates, but being  persecuted by the government he was obliged to seek refuge in Denmark. He was born about 1630, married Sarah Brinker, a cousin to the Princess of Orange. He was permitted to return to Ireland about 1683, and is said to have been standard bearer to William of Orange at the battle of the Boyne. He died in Belfast in 1694. He had two sons, William, born in Ireland, and Morgan, born in Demark. Both came to America.


These notes are verbatim as published in the Register of Kentucky State Historical Society, Volume 40, No. 132, pp. 318-322. C1974 KY State Historical Society-Frankfort. Edward Bryan, the compiler, is descended from Morgan Bryan. He was born in Louisville, but at the time of the publication, lived in Colorado.


The earliest of the Bryan grandsires of whom there is authentic record is Sir Thomas, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas from 1471 until his death.


His will, proved December 11, 1500 mentions his son, Thomas, Thomas' wife and an illegitimate daughter. The son - Sir Thomas Bryan of Chedington, Bucks, was knighted by the seventh Henry in 1497. His wife, the Lady Margaret Bryan was a sister of John, Lord Berners, and daughter of Sir Humphrey Bourchier and his wife, Elizabeth Tylney. Through this marriage the Bryans claim descent, on the distaff side, from the houses of Bourchier, Bohun and Plantagenet.


Following the unhappy death of Anne Boleyn, Lady Margaret was made foster-mother to the princess Elizabeth, and in recognition of this service the king created the Barony of Bryan. She died in 1551, whereafter her peerage, conferred only for life, is heard of no more. An interesting account of Dame Bryan's training and her relationship to the little princess, is contained in Agnes Strickland's "Lives of the Queens of England."


Her son and heir - Sir Francis Bryan, had a prominent place at the court of Henry VIII. Together with Sir Thomas Wyatt, George Boleyn and Nicholas Carew, he was one of a coterie, the members of which were the companions of the sovereign. Sir Francis was educated at Oxford, was M.P. for Buckinghamshire from 1542 to 1544, and a member of the Privy Council until the close of Henry's reign. At the beginning of the reign of Edward VI, he was given large grants of land, which through the dissolution of the monasteries had reverted to the crown. In 1520 he was knighted, and during this year attended Henry at the Field of Cloth and Gold.


The circumstances under which he removed to Ireland are curious and interesting. In 1548, James Butler, Earl of Ormond, an Irish noble whose powerful influence was obnoxious to the government at Dublin, died in London of poison. Thereupon his widow, Joan, daughter of James Fitz-Gerald, sought to marry her relative Gerald Fitz-Gerald. To prevent this marriage, which would have united the leading representatives of the two chief Irish noble houses, Sir Francis was induced to prefer a suit to the lady himself. In the autumn of that same year, he married the widowed countess, was shortly nominated Lord Marshal or Ireland, and sent to Dublin. He died in February, 1550, at Clonmel, and was buried at Waterford.


The data concerning the ancestry of Sir Francis Bryan is based on research done by The Society of Genealogists, London. Much of this material is also contained in "The Dictionary of National Biography" and "The Complete Peerage."


For the line showing the descent of Morgan Bryan from Sir Francis, the writer is indebted to the late Gordon M. Ash, Esq. Of Frederick, MD, a Bryan descendant, and lately genealogist to the Society of Descendants of Knights of the Garter. It has also been published in Carter R. Bryan's, "The Bryan Family," Armstrong's "Notable Southern Families, " J. W. Shearer's, "The Shearer-Akers Family," and various articles on the ancestry of Morgan's brother, William.


Sir Francis Bryan was twice married, first to Phillippa Montgomery, by whom he had a son, Sir Edward Bryan. By Lady Joan, he had a son, Francis, who married Ann, daughter of Sir William Smith. From his mother, the second Francis Bryan inherited estates in County Clare.  In time the eldest of his sons, Francis Bryan III, returned to Ireland and tried to regain the Clare County estates, but being persecuted by the government he was obliged to seek refuge in Denmark. He was born about 1630, married Sarah Brinker, a cousin to the Princess of Orange. He was permitted to return to Ireland about 1683, and is said to have been standard bearer to William of Orange at the battle of the Boyne. He died in Belfast in 1694. He had two sons, William, born in Ireland, and Morgan, born in Demark. Both came to America.


Francis married Sarah Brinker, 2785, F.


They had the following children:

          2            i.          William, 2681, M (~1685-1789)

          3           ii.          Morgan, 2788, M (1671-1763)



Second Generation



2. William Bryan (Francis1), 2681, M. Born abt 1685 in Ireland. William died in Salem, VA, in 1789; he was 104.


1.  Migrated from Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland in 1718.  They brought with  them  a letter  of commendation from  the Ballyroney Presbyterian Church.  They lived first in Pa, then in NJ before moving into VA around the year 1730.  They finally settled in the Roanoke community about  the year 1746.


2.  Letter - Ballyroney, April 17, 1718.  "The bearer hereof, William Bryan, who hath been  a useful Member of this  Congregation, being now  about to  Transport himself & family to America These are to  certify that he & his wife Margaret Bryan were of good repute among us having Allways deserved the Laudable characterof a blameless and Gospel conversation & so Deserve Encouragement  and a kind and cheerful  reception into any christian Society where the Providence of God may cast their Lot  as also admissions to Sealing ordinances in an orderly way all of which is Certifyed by us"  James Donnell, William Vance, william Doan, John Truesdale, James Dodd, James Moore, Mod., George  Irvin, C.S., Francis Wood, Robert McMullan, X xxx, James McLorver, John Stewart, James. Paxton.


(In the lower  left  hand corner corner a notation,which is  in the hand of William Bryan,  the emigrant,  the words, "My age to the year of our Lord is 90 years.")


3.  William and his family first setled  at  Donegal, now Lancaster County, PA where he helped to organize Donegal Township and Donegal Presbyterian Church in 1721and 1722  respectively. (Daughters ofAmericcan Colonists; lineage Book, Vol  1, p.31) Not satisfied  with quit-rent title to his land, he moved to West New Jersey near present day  Salem.(Vol VI, pp.114-115) (Virginia Land Records, Early Settlers in the Valley of Virginia, Page 721- 300 acres in what is now Lancaster Co., PA - is this  our William? Date was 1745.)


 4.  About 1730 we find William, along with other Scotch Irish Presbyterians,  pushing into the Shenandoah Valley.  He appears frequently in the records of Spottsylvania Co. and later in  Orange Co. records.(Crozier, William Armstrong; VA Co. Records, Spottslvania County, Vol. I, p.127.)


5.  2 Nov 1731, he is mentioned as a planterin Spottslvania Co., VA.  (Mackenzie, George N.; Colonial Familes of the United States, Vol. 6, pp.105-106.)


6.  In 1733 he gave 102 acres of land and 800 pounds of Tobacco to his son-in-law, Philip Bush. (Chalkley)


7.  In 1734 his  name is recorded as William Bryan of St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co., VA., as  a member of the first grand jury in Orange County.  In 1743 he purchased land from Richard Thomas near Somerset, Orange Co., VA (Kegley)


8.  In 1746 he  leased land to Philip Bush. (Mason Co. Deed Book D, p. 130)


9.  In  1748  he purchased 400 acres on the Roanoke River which became the Bryan Homestead.  William was  one of the first to settle at the present site of Roanoke, and died there at the age of 104. Many of his descendants are listed in "The Shearer-Akers Family,"


10.  Buried in the  grave yard that  is on  the Bryan Homestead (aka the Great Springs  place) in Salem, VA


11.  History of the Bryan-Cole Family in America by Winfred Bryan

Cole - 1962 - Arnold, MO.


12.  Jeannette Darling - John Andrew, James, David and William Bryan Jr. served in the Revolutionary War. They also fought in the French and Indian War and received land bounty certificates.


William married Margaret, 2682, F.


1.  STORY - William and Margaret Bryan sent their son, John Andrew into the woods to cut a stick to make a handle for a hook used in weaving, and he was arrested for poaching. After much trouble and expense, his father got him clear, and immediately sailed for America, where, as he said, "timber was free and there were no constables". (from" Notable Southern Families", p. 40)


They had the following children:

          4            i.          Mary, 3558, F (1710-)

          5           ii.          John Andrew, 2679, M (1712-1799)

          6          iii.          James, 3822, M (1714-1816)

          7          iv.          William, 2683, M (1716-1806)

          8           v.          Margaret, 6416, F (1718-)


3. Morgan Bryan (Francis1), 2788, M. Born in 1671 in Denmark. Morgan died in Yadkin River, Rowan Co., NC, on 3 Apr 1763; he was 92.


Notes 1-7 from BettyLou Boysen <>


1.  1720 Marlboro Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania

1720 Tax Roll of Marlboro Township, Chester County, - after the manner of a married head of household, hence he and Martha wer e married in late 1719.


2.  1724 Pequea Creek District, Pennsylvania

This is present day Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


3.  1731 / 1734 Bunker Hill, Berkeley County, Virginia

 4000 acre plantation on Mill Creek called Mansion House.


4.  1748 Deep Creek, North Carolina

He and his family made their home west of the south bank of Deep Creek.


5.  Death: 3 APR 1763 in Yadkin River, Rowan, North Carolina

Burial:  AFT 23 MAR 1763 Rowan County, North Carolina.  Bryan Settlement Possibly at the Joppa Cemetery at Mocksville, North carolina

 Note: The day of his death was Easter Sunday. The Church Records collected by the Reverend John D. Shane and deposited with the Presbyterian Historical Society, Witherspoon Building, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania.


6.   1719 - He was a member of the New Garden Quaker Community in Chester, Pennsylvania

 by 1737 William Williams, a Presbyterian minister took the oaths, subscribed the test & likewise a declaration of approval of the 39 articles of religion as required, certified  intention to hold meetings at his plantation & Morgan Bryan's.


Morgan married Martha Strode, 13100, F, in Chester Co., PA. Born in 1697. Martha died in 1762; she was 65.


They had the following children:

          9            i.          Joseph, 13101, M (1720-)

        10           ii.          Elinor, 16198, F (1722-)

        11          iii.          James, 13102, M (1723-1807)

        12          iv.          Samuel, 16199, M (1724-)

        13           v.          Mary, 16200, F (1725-)

        14          vi.          Morgan, 13103, M (1729-1794)

        15         vii.          John, 16201, M (1730-)

        16        viii.          William Christopher, 10506, M (1734-1780)

        17          ix.          Sarah, 16202, F (1735-)

        18           x.          Thomas, 16203, M (1738-)



Third Generation



4. Mary Bryan (William2, Francis1), 3558, F. Born in ~1710.


Mary married Phillip Bush, 3568, M, son of John Bush, 5251, M (~1670-7 Sep 1745) & Margaret Braxton Bruce, 5252, F. Born in ~1700 in St. Thomas, Orange Co., VA. Phillip died in Orange  Co., VA, on 10 May 1771; he was 71.


1.  Is this the  Phillip  Bush,  son of John  Bush and Margaret Bruce, born about  1716  or 1698?   Listed as dying in Orange Co., VA in 1772.  Listed in Gene Pool Individual  records at  Barbara Bean Morgan ( lists birth date as 1710 and death at 10 May 1771.  Ancestry lists death date as 24 Sep 1772.


2.  Philip Bush, of St. Thomas Parish, Orange county, Virginia, the eldest son of

John Bush, sr., of the same county and parish, was the ancestor of the Clark

county branch of the family. The first mention found concerning him in the

records of Orange county is where, on March 6, 1745, William Bryan, of St.

Thomas Parish, Orange county, sold to Philip Bush, of the same county and

parish, one hundred acres of land in the same county and parish, "in

consideration of five shillings and the rent of one ear of Indian corn

yearly, at the feast of St. Michael, the Archangel, when lawfully demanded."

One of the witnesses to this deed was Zachary Taylor, the grandfather of the

President of that name. The William Bryan who sold the land was very probably

the ancestor of William Jennings Bryan, whose Virginia forefathers lived in

Orange and the adjoining county of Culpeper.

Source:  Genealogical Memoranda of the Quisenberry Family and other Families  pg 78


3. Will of Philip Bush


Will Book 2, page 453,454 & 455 records of Orange County, Virginia Court.


In the name of God, amen. I, Philip Bush, of the county of Orange and

Parish of St.Thomas, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make

and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following:


First. -I resign my soul into the hands of Almighty God in full hope he

will receive it through the merits of my blessed Savior, Jesus Christ. And

my body I desire may be decently buried at the discretion of my executors,

hereafter named. Item. -I give and devise unto my son, Josiah Bush, and

Sarah, his wife,one hundred acres of my land which lies on the South Side

of Bluerun, and which I had of George Stead, during their natural lives,

or the survivor of them, and after their decease my will is and I devise

this land to my grandson, Philip Bush, son to the said Josiah and Sarah,

his wife, and heirs forever.


Item. - I give and devise unto my son Philip Bush two hundred acres of

land lying on Barerun, in Spotsylvanin County, to him and his heirs forever.

And whereas the said land is under contract and sold, my will is that I

make a conveyance for the said land in my lifetime that my said son Philip

shall have and enjoy the money for which said land is sold.


Item. - I give and devise unto my son John Bush and Elizabeth his wife

during their natural lives, or the survivor of them, one hundred acres of

land, it being the tract whereon I now live, and after their decease I

devise the said land to be the first male heir lawfully begotten

of the body of the said John, and his heirs forever.


Item. - I give and devise unto my son William Bush, one hundred acres of

land which I bought of William Bryan, and which lies on the north side

of Blue Run, to him and his heirs forever; and here as my said son William

has been absent some time past and not heard of, now my will and desire

is that if he the sail(or) William should never return, or any heirs lawfully

begotten of his body, to claim and possess the said land, that my son Francis

Bush, and his heirs forever shall have and enjoy the same, provided that he,

the said Francis Bush , pay unto my grandson Lewis Bush the sum Five Pounds,

Current Money. And it is also my wish and desire that my said son Francis shall,

at my death, have quiet possession and enjoy the said land until my said son

William or his heirs as aforesaid shall lawfully claim the same. I also give

and bequeath unto my said son Francis one Negro man slave named Tom, and one

feather bed furniture, and one smooth gun forever.


Item. - I give and bequeath unto my son Ambrose Bush one Negro woman

named Rose,to him and his heirs forever.


Item. - I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Sarah Watts one Negro woman

named Jude, and to her heirs forever, provided she pays to my executors

hereafter named the sum of Twenty Pounds Current Money, to be disposed of

as hereafter directed.


Item. - I give unto my granddaughter, Susannah Watts, one oval table.


Item. - I give unto my daughter Mary Richards one Negro boy named James

provided she pay to my executors the sum of Twenty Pounds Current Money,

to be disposed of as hereafter directed.


Item. - I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Bush the sum of

twenty-five Pounds,current money, to be paid by Executors. Also I give

him a rifle gun which he has in his possession.


Item. - I give and bequeath unto my son Joshua Bush the sum of

twenty-five Pounds,current money, to be paid by my Executors; also a gun

called the Long-shot Gun.


Item. - I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Johnson the sum of twenty-five

Pounds, Current money, to be paid by my Executors.


Item. - To enable my executors to discharge the above legacies in money,

and for the payment of my just debts and my funeral expenses, I do hereby

direct, and it is my will and desire that all my other estate not before

bequeathed or devised be sold by my executors;and the residue of the money

which shall be in their hands belonging to my estate, and if there be any,

to be equally divided amongst all my children.


Lastly. - I do hereby appoint my two sons Philip and Francis Bush and my

son-in-law David Watts executors of this my last will and testament, and do

constitute them as such. And do hereby revoke and make null and void all

former wills heretofore made by me.


In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 10th day of

May 1771 Anno Domini.


Sealed, published and declared by the Testator and his last Will and

Testament in presence of us who have subscribed our names as witnesses

thereto in the presence of the said testator.


James Madison his

Tho. Barbour Philip P Bush (Sal) (sic, Seal?)

David Thompson. mark


At a Court held for Orange county on Thursday the 24th day of September

1772, this last will and testament of Philip Bush, dec'd, was presented

into court by Philip Bush, one of the Executors therein named, and proved

by the oaths of James Madison and Thomas Barbour, two of the witnesses

thereto, and ordered to be recorded.


And on the motion of the said Philip, who made oath according to law,

certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of probate thereof in due

form, he giving security. Where upon he, with Josiah Bush and Ambrose Bush,

his securities entered into and acknowledged their Bond for the sum of One

Thousand Pounds Current Money.


They had the following children:

        19            i.          Josiah, 4359, M (1733-1781)

        20           ii.          Sarah, 4362, F (1735-)

        21          iii.          Phillip, 4361, M (1737-1819)

        22          iv.          Mary, 4360, F (1738-1814)

        23           v.          Elizabeth, 4355, F (1740-)

        24          vi.          John, 4353, M (1741-1798)

        25         vii.          Joseph, 4357, M (1741-1809)

        26        viii.          Joshua, 4358, M (1741-1814)

        27          ix.          William"Capt. Billy", 4363, M (1746-1815)

        28           x.          Ambrose James, 4354, M (1748-1815)

        29          xi.          Francis, 4356, M (1750-1818)


5. John Andrew Bryan (William2, Francis1), 2679, M. Born in ~1712 in Ballyroney, Ireland. John Andrew died on 9 Dec 1799; he was 87.


1. Some info on this family, except Catherine, from (Christine Metzner)

Additional information from book:  William Bryan Sr. of Ballyroney, Ireland  and Roanoke Settlement, VA and Some of his Descendants, Robert L. McGrew  and David C. McMurtry, Mil-Mac Publishers, Lexington, KY, 2001.


2.  John Andrew Bryan m. Mary Morrison and moved abt 1737 to Burden Colony near Fairfield, Rockbridge Co., VA. After living a few years in the Borden Colony they and their family proceeded to the Staunton River, where he became owner of land upon a part of which Salem is now situated. He later disposed of this land and moved down to a grant which he secured along the Great Road east of his father's holdings.  He left the Staunton River, trading his land for "a pair of cart-wheels" and moved with his family to Campbell Co., VA.  Here he bought 329 acres of Richard Stith and 439 acres of Benjamin Arnold.  On the last named tract he at once erected a bark hut, he later built a house farther down on Molly's Creek.  A lot on this place was used as a muster ground for years after the Revolution. (Colonial Families of US, Vol VI, by MacKinzie, pages 104 through 106.)

(New Jersey Archives, First Series, XXII, 36)((Map in Kegler, op.cit., opposite 562 shows land of John Bryan(t).  Records of land grants on the Roanoke, Box XIII, 314) shows grant with date of August 16, 1756 to John Andrew Bryan.)


3.  Was a member of Capt. Peter Hogg's Company of the VA troops serving under Washington at the Battle of Great Meadows and at the siege and surrender of Fort Necessity, 4th Jul 1754. (VA Magazine of History & Biography, vol. 1, pg. 279)(VA State Records)


4.  John Andrew Bryan also enlisted in Capt. Thomas Merriweather's Company, VA State Troops - private, March 1777 to serve three years.  (Rev. War, War Dept. records.  Colonial Families of US., Vol VI, MacKinzie pg. 105)


5.  Jeannette Darlington - “Any ladies decended from John Andrew's Grandson Andrew Bryan of Chillicothe MO, (who m. Isabelle Ross,) are entitled to become members of the D.A.R.”


On 18 Mar 1742 when John Andrew was 30, he married Mary Morrison, 2680, F, in Roanoke, VA.


1.  Birth, death dates and burial place  for Mary Morrison Bryan are unknown.  She is probably buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in Campbell  Co.


2.  Children’s names are recorded in the family Bible now in possession of the Dinwiddie family of Charlottesville, VA.  This Bible lists 2 Jeans, 2 Johns  and 2 Margarets each with his/her own date of birth.


3.  Marriage date from WorldConnect file of:

 James D. Officer <>


They had the following children:

        30            i.          Margaret, 6061, F (1743-)

        31           ii.          William, 3695, M (1744-)

        32          iii.          Jean (Jane), 6063, F (1746-)

        33          iv.          Andrew Morrison, 3696, M (1748-1821)

        34           v.          Mary, 3697, F (1750-)

        35          vi.          Margaret, 3698, F (1752-)

        36         vii.          John, 6062, M (1754-)

        37        viii.          John, 3699, M (1756-1825)

        38          ix.          Jean, 3700, F (1761-)

        39           x.          Agnes, 3701, F (1763-)

        40          xi.          Catherine "Kittie", 643, F (1765-1844)


6. James Bryan (William2, Francis1), 3822, M. Born in ~1714 in County Down, Ireland. James died in Mason Co., VA, in ~1816; he was 102.


1.  First appears in records of Augusta Co. in 1752 when his name appeared on a petition by the inhabitants of the  forks of the Roanoke to James Neely’s place.  The petition indicates when the men were appointed to work on the  roads  they had to travel too far to  perform their duties.


2.  7 Dec 1767, James purchased 190 acres of land at the corner of his father’s estate.

(Kegley,  1938, p. 313)


3.  on 14 Mar 1768, William Bryan Sr. transferred to his son James, 167 acres of the  Great Springs Homestead for the “nominal sum of one hundred pounds”.


4.  In 1788, James sold his holdings to future son-in-law Andrew Lewis.  Later there seems to have been some problem regarding the land as he notes in his will:  Item 2.  “In case I or my heirs should recover of my  son-in-law Andrew Lewis or others  any of the 400 acre cut of land which I  am justly  entitled to by contract with said Lewis....” and Item 9.  “In case the whole 400 acres of land which I ought to have from Andrew Lewis, aforesaid, be reassured, it is my will that the balance.....”.  Item 10:  “And if it  should  so happen that the land herein devised to my sons Charles and Robert be lost,  it  is then my  will that they should have all the recourse which I myself have on Andrew or William Lewis or any other person and whatever  they may gain be divided between them in proportion to  the  value of thelands devised to  each of them”


5.  Moved family to what was Kanawha Co., VA (now Mason  Co., WVA. Mason created in 1804.)


6.  Settled in Kanawha Valley on the south side of the Kanawha  River about two miles from  the “Point” (now Point Pleasant on the  Ohio River).  He owned a farm of 208 acres which he left by will of 21 Oct 1815 to two youngest sons, Charles and Robert.


7.  Enumerated in 1810 in Mason Co. VA (now WVA):  Bryan James, Mason Co. 374, 00201 - 1001 -05 slaves (1810 Census Index for Virginia, p. 374)


8.  Will recorded Mason Co. Deed Book D, pp. 130-31, probated 16 Apr 1816.


James first married Unknown, 6158, F.


On 28 Dec 1780 when James was 66, he second married Elizabeth Lillie, 6159, F, in Botetourt Co., VA. Elizabeth died in ~1833 in Mason Co., VA.


1.  Will dated 10  Dec 1829.  Will recorded Mason Co., VA Will Book 1-A, p.2.  Admitted to probate 6 Mar 1833 at a “court continued and held for Mason Co.”


2.  Mentions  two  sons - Charles and Robert.


They had the following children:

        41            i.          Andrew, 6160, M (1785-)

        42           ii.          Margaret, 6161, F

        43          iii.          Elizabeth “Betsy”, 6162, F

        44          iv.          William, 6163, M (-<1815)

        45           v.          John, 6164, M (-<1834)

        46          vi.          Charles, 6165, M (1784-)

        47         vii.          Robert, 6166, M (1787-)

        48        viii.          Catherine “Catty”, 6167, M


7. William Bryan (William2, Francis1), 2683, M. Born in ~1716 in Ireland. William died in VA in 1806; he was 90.


1.  In 1752 William  Jr. joined his father at the Great Springs Plantation.(History of Bryan-Cole  Family, p. 12.)


2.  According to W. B. Cole, April 1960, Bryans of Ballyroney, pg. 233, William Bryan, Jr. had 3 daughters.  Catherine, the oldest daughter married John Cole on 13 Dec, 1786.


3.  Will of William Bryan of Roanoke in Botetourt County. Wife, Elizabeth; sons, William, James, John; daughter, Catherine Cole, wife of John Cole; grandson, Wm. Cole. Dated 27th June, 1805. Recorded in Botetourt, October, 1806.


4.  Death date from Augusta Co. records, Chakley, Vol. II., pg 23.


5.  There was an obit for a William Bryan in the  Richmond, VA Enquirer dated February 6, 1806.  (Virginia Vital Records, List of Obituaries from  Richmond, Virginia Newspapers, Page 156.) Is this the correct William Bryan?


On 2 Apr 1750 when William was 34, he first married Margaret Watson, 2684, F, in Monmouth Co., NJ. Born in 1724. Margaret died in VA in 1804; she was 80.


1.  Marriage date from New Jersey Archives, First Series, XXII, 36.


2.  Birth and death dates from family monument.


3.  it is possible that she actually died much earlier.  William had a second marriage to an Elizabeth who he mentions in his will.  Elizabeth went to Missouri with James after William’s death and died there 12 Aug 1833.  There is a marriage record in early Botetourt Co. records (Kegley, p. 539) for a William Bryan and an Elizabeth Philips.  If this, in fact, is the second marriage for William  Jr., then Margaret would have been deceased prior to 1785.


4.  Margaret Watson is reputed to have been a relation of Philip Freneau, Poet of the Revolution.  She may be related in some manner to the Watson’s of Philadelphia.


They had the following children:

        49            i.          William, 3560, M (1752-1806)

        50           ii.          David, 3566, M (1754-)

        51          iii.          John, 3561, M (1756-)

        52          iv.          James, 3562, M (1762-1837)

        53           v.          Robert, 4894, M (-<1806)

        54          vi.          Catherine, 1054, F (1766-1823)

        55         vii.          Nancy, 3567, F (1768-)


In ~1785 when William was 69, he second married Elizabeth, 4895, F. Born in ~1743. Elizabeth died in MO on 12 Aug 1833; she was 90.


1.  May be Elizabeth Philips as there is a marriage record in early Botetourt reccords for a marriage between Elizabeth Philips and William Bryan  (1785 - See Kegley, p. 539)


2.  Mentioned in William’s will dated 21 Oct 1815.


3.  Elizabeth went to Missouri with step-son James and died there in 1833.


8. Margaret Bryan (William2, Francis1), 6416, F. Born in ~1718 in Ireland.


1. Augusta Co. VA  court records indicate marriage to Joseph Love who lived in Roanoke Settlement area.


2.  Marriage before 27 Aug 1751 as that is  when her name first appears in court records as wife of Joseph Love.


3.  All of the following may not be the same Joseph Love as there were two in the area in the same time frame.Augusta parish Vestry Book, p.77.  15 Apr 1751 as cited in Chalkley’s Abstracts, Voll.2, p. 437:  “Erwin Patterson certifies  that he is informed that Margaret Love and Elizabeth Hartgrove are material evidence to be examined....”


Augusta Co Order Book 3, p. 173, 27 Aug 1751 -  “Joseph Love was bound “to keep the peace towards his wife Margaret”.


Augusta Co. Deed Book 3, p. 297, 27 Aug 1751 - Joseph Love and Margaret made deed to Baptist McNabb for  171 acres on Rentfroes branch of Goose Creek, Renfroe’s line.


Augusta Co., VA, Deed Book 5, p. 201,22 Dec 1752 - Joseph Lane (Love) gave Power of Attorney to Margaret for the care and feeding of “infant  by Dr. Holdt,  1752.”  Teste:  James Bratton, James Campbell and William Preston


Augusta Co. Deed Book 13, p.445, dated 10 Aug 1753 - “Margaret Love (alias Bryan) to  James Mitchell, mortgage or  personalty to  indemnify Mitchell against a judgment vs him in Augusta Co. Court, a surety ( specialbail)for Joseph Lane (Love) absuit of James Dean,  merchant.”  Tests:  James Campbell, William Bryan and William Beard


1753 - Margaret  Love  executed the mortgage of a slave to James Mitchell.  Mitchell was the plaintiff in a lawsuit against James Lockhart and Sampson  Mathews.  The debt had been paid except for  5 pounds,  10 shillings.  The  defendants seized the slave upon attachment, but he escaped.  The plaintiff had seized the slave to  satisfy monies owed.  The slave died in the  hands of Lockhart and Mathews.



4.  it is believed that Margaret Bryan died between 10 Aug 1753, the last time she is noticed  in the public records, and 23 may 1764, when Joseph Love and MARY his wife made deed to Samuel Caldwell for 400 acres on South River Shanando, Beverly Manor Line.  (A Joseph Love married Mary Teas prior to  May 1764 in Augusta Co.)


5.   Maren McLeod -


1.  John LOVE

2.  Col._William LOVE

3.  Joseph LOVE

4.  David LOVE


6.  Sarah Lewis -

Reports:  Joseph Love, Sr., and his wife, Margaret Bryan, were killed in Augusta County, Virginia, in 1758 by Indians.


1.  Mary Love

2.  John Love b: ABT 1746 in Augusta, Virginia

3.  David Love b: ABT 1748 in Augusta, Virginia

4.  Jane Love b: ABT 1750

5.  Joseph Love b: ABT 1752 in Augusta, Virginia

6.  Robert Love b: 18 Oct 1754

7.  William Love b: ABT 1756 in Roanoke, Virginia


Margaret married Joseph Love, 6417, M, son of Robert Love, 16741, M & Mary Montgomery, 16742, F. Born on 10 Nov 1728 in Augusta Co., VA. Joseph died in Knox Co., TN, in Nov 1804; he was 75.


1.  According to Sara  Love Trigg (1980), p. 113,  in the Love Historical and Genealogical Quarterly, there were five members of the Love family among the early settlers of the Valley  of Virginia, which was then Augusta County.  Ephraim, Daniel,  Joseph, and Alexander were brothers.  Philip Loves was a “near kisnman”.


2.  Acording to Kegley (1938), p. 198,there were  two Joseph Loves in the Roanoke area in the mid-1700s.  I think that the Joseph  Love who lived on a branch of Buffalo Creek near the forks of the road at Edward McDonalds is the Love who married Margaret Bryan.  He was a fuller or clothier and operated a fulling mill on his property. The other Joseph Love lived on the Roanoke proper between William Bryan Sr. and James Campbell.  He was killed by Indians in the 1758, and his son, John Love, was bound out to Joseph Love, the fuller.  Trigg (1980) also  notes that  “Joseph Love arrived in the Valley  on 15 Dec 1749, He was killed by  Indians  in the 1758 and his children were bound out.”


3.  Keley (1938), p. 91,  reports that Joseph Love was among the individuals present at  Daniel Monahan’s sale hold on 13 Dec 1744. (Chalkley’s  Abstracts, Vol. 3, p. 9, Sale Bill).

Daniel Monahan died on the Roanoke  in 1744 and his will was recorded in Orange County.

(Chalkley’s Abstracts, Vol. 1,p. 299) Joseph Love’s name is not included in Captain Robinson’s Company and  is not  in the land  books  until after 1744, but he is credited with being a resident of Roanoke, in “ye County of Orange,” otherwise  called Augusta in December 1744.


4.  Augusta Co, Va Order Book 2, pg. 186, 30 May 1751, Joseph Love,  clothier, was given “leave to build a fulling Mill on Roan Oak”.


5.  Kegley (1938), p. 254 & 255 notes two  entries for Pay of Militia  and For Provisions allowed by the Assembly, 1758:  To Joseph Love, for  provisions for Indians.


6.  Augusta Co., VA Order Book VII, p.  104, 24 Feb 1762, “Sampson Mathews declares that he saw Joseph  Love bite off the left ear of John Noland...certified.”


7.  Augusta co., VA Order Book II, p. 232, 20 Aug 1767, Joseph Love issued certificate for bounty:  In 1760, the General Assembly of VA encouraged useful industries by the people.  The Parliament  of Great Britain had offered encouragement for the raising and exportation of hemp and flax, so the Assembly provided warehouses for its reception.  There was to be paid to the person and persons who should make or  cause to be made,  hemp, winter or water-rotted, dry, bright and clean, a reward of  four shillings for every gross hundred of hemp made as aforesaid, the hemp to be received by an official appointed for the purpose, and a certificate issued for a warrant for the bounty.  (also receiving a certificate on that date was Andrew Lewis a close associate of the Bryan family.)


8.  Several lawsuits were brought in Augusta Co., VA court in the 1750’s naming Joseph Love as defendant.  It is believed by many searchers that this is the same Joseph Love married to Margaret Bryan.


They had one child:

        56            i.          Joseph, 16743, M (1752-)


9. Joseph Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 13101, M. Born in 1720.


1.  According to THE BOONE FAMILY by Spraker, pg 505-512, & chart 507 -- Rebecca BRYAN who m. Daniel BOONE was the dau. of Joseph BRYAN (Joseph being the brother of William BRYAN  both being sons of Morgan BRYAN & Martha STRODE.) 


2.  BettyLou Boysen <>


3.  When his father removed to the Yadkin region in North Carolina, Joseph remain in Winchester, VA.  He removed to NC later and lived next to his father.


4.  1775 - 1776 Bryan's Station, Kentucky - A marker at Bryan's Station states "Camping place of the brother s Morgan, James, William, and Joseph Bryan". Another inscription at the Station reads, "This station was founded by four brothers WIlliam, Morgan, James, and Joseph Bryan and William Grant all of whom brought their families with them".


5.  1798 - Shelby County, Kentucky


6.  He rented Well's Station from Enoch M. Boone.


7.  1800 - Floyd's Fork, Jefferson County, Kentucky

 He and his family, two sons and son-in-law bought land here.


8.  Burial:  Floyd's Fork, Jefferson County, Kentucky


9.  Col. Samuel Boone gave this description of jim: "Joseph Bryan, the father-in-law of Col. Daniel Boone, was a tall, raw-bonded man, - an old man".


Joseph first married Hester Hampton, 13857, F.


1.  AKA Esther


They had the following children:

        57            i.          Rebecca, 10505, F (1739-)

        58           ii.          Martha, 10508, F (1740-)

        59          iii.          Joseph, 16205, M


Joseph second married Alice Linville, 16204, F.


1.  AKA Alee/Alyee


2.  Second wife


10. Elinor Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 16198, F. Born in 1722 in Chester Co., PA.


1.  AKA  Ellender


11. James Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 13102, M. Born on 3 Apr 1723. James died in Femme Osage Twp, St. Charles Co., MO, on 18 Aug 1807; he was 84.


James first married Mary Austin, 14097, F.


1.  Rock Miller <>


In ~1756 when James was 32, he second married Rebecca Enochs, 14075, F, in Rowan Co., NC. Born in ~1738 in Prince Georges Co., MD. Rebecca died in Yadkin River Valley, Rowan Co., NC, in ~1768; she was 30.


12. Samuel Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 16199, M. Born in 1724.


13. Mary Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 16200, F. Born in ~1725.


14. Morgan Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 13103, M. Born in ~1729. Morgan died in 1794; he was 65.


15. John Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 16201, M. Born on 9 Apr 1730.


16. William Christopher Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 10506, M. Born on 10 Mar 1734 in Opequon Creek, Frederick Co., VA. William Christopher died in Bryan’s Station, Elkhorn Creek, Fayette Co., KY, on 30 May 1780; he was 46. Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Grant's Lick, Campbell Co., KY.


1.  William Bryan, the seventh child of Morgan Bryan and Martha Strode, was born in Virginia in 1733 and removed with his father to North Carolina. William Bryan, with Mary, his wife, lived in Rowen County, North Carolina, until they had ten children.  They removed to Kentucky in the yearof 1779 and settled at a place called Bryan's Station on Elkhorn Creek, Fayette County. Indians killed him and his son,William, while hunting for game for the support of his family.



1772 Rowan CO NC tax list of William Sharp-

William Bryan who marr. Mary Boone is listed here with son Samuel- negroes

Jim, Going, Caser and Deb. The Linvilles, Willcoksons, Bryans are all listed here.


3.  This William Bryan is listed on the 1768 Rowan CO NC tax list of Morgan Bryan JR - his brother- with the same negroes listed and is with the 4 Copes. 


4.  William Bryan was killed in KY and his will is listed  in Rowan CO NC.

Will shows this -

William Bryan 23 May 1780 prob. 1782 of the county of KENTUCKY, wife Mary, to

have 3 negroes DEBBY, James and CESER, and 1,000 acres of Elkhorn Creek lying

between Cain Run & the North fork of Elkhorn Creek he bought from Sarah

Bryan. He raised a crop of corn in KY. in 1776 for Sarah Bryan. Son Samuel to

have negroe woman due from John HAWKINS of NC. Son Daniel to have negroe man

GOIN and the rest of the land, the smith and carpenter tools. Dau. Phebe

Bryan to have negroe boy George, Dau. Hannah Bryan to have negroe girl

Rachel, dau. Sarah Bryan to have negroe girl Jean. Daus'. Elizabeth and Mary.

Exrs: wife Mary, sons Samuel and Daniel

Wit: Joseph Bryan, William Grant and Samuel BOONE.


In 1755/56 when William Christopher was 20, he married Mary Boone, 10477, F, daughter of Squire Boone Sr, 6559, M (25 Nov 1696-2 Jan 1765) & Sarah Morgan, 6560, F (~1700-1 Jan 1777), in Rowan Co., NC. Born on 3 Nov 1736 in Lancaster Co., PA. Mary died in KY on 6 Jul 1819; she was 82. Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Grant's Lick, Campbell Co., KY.


1.  William Bryan, who established Bryan's Station in Kentucky in 1779 with his brothers Samuel, James and Morgan Bryan, was wounded by Indians while on a hunting expedition on 01 May and died at his fort on 07 May 1780. His son William, Jr. was killed in the same encounter and Mary Boone Bryan went back to North Carolina with her other children until 1785 when she returned to Kentucky to stay.


2.  Rachel Mauldin <> 27 Sep 2002

I recently discovered some information,that I believe may be a clue to "Barney's"

parents. I just can't prove it yet. I found that Mary Boone, sister of Daniel Boone(the frontiersman), was married to a Charles Smith before she married William Bryan.

I had heard a family story that one of Uriah's grandmother's was the sister of Daniel Boone, I believe that this is the one.


3.  Kathryn Weiss <>16 Jan 2004

I've proved beyond any doubt that after nearly 40 years of widowhood, 82 year old Mary Boone Bryan did in fact marry 84 year old [Col/Gen]Charles Smith in 1818, both died about a year give or take, later.  She died at her stepson John Smith's in Harrison county, and was buried on her son, Samuel Bryan's farm in Campbell County, Kentucky.


They had the following children:

        60            i.          Elizabeth, 11442, F

        61           ii.          Samuel, 11443, M (1756-1837)

        62          iii.          Daniel Boone, 11444, M (1758-)

        63          iv.          William, 11445, M

        64           v.          Phebe, 11446, F

        65          vi.          Hannah, 11447, F

        66         vii.          John, 11448, M

        67        viii.          Sarah, 11449, F

        68          ix.          Abner, 11450, M

        69           x.          Mary, 11451, F


17. Sarah Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 16202, F. Born in ~1735.


18. Thomas Bryan (Morgan2, Francis1), 16203, M. Born in ~1738.



Fourth Generation



19. Josiah Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4359, M. Born on 5 Jul 1733 in Orange  Co., VA. Josiah died in Washington Co., VA, in ~1781; he was 47.


Josiah married Sarah Lewis, 6326, F.


They had the following children:

        70            i.          James, 6327, M

        71           ii.          John, 6328, M

        72          iii.          Philip, 6329, M


20. Sarah Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4362, F. Born on 4 Feb 1735 in Orange  Co., VA.


1.  Dorothy Jeanne McCray Garya, Burleson, TX  (2001)


Sarah married David Watts Jr., 6311, M.


They had the following children:

        73            i.          Mildred, 6312, F

        74           ii.          Susannah, 6330, F


21. Phillip Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4361, M. Born on 26 Feb 1737 in Orange  Co., VA. Phillip died in Clark Co., KY, on 26 Feb 1819; he was 82.


On 6 Oct 1778 when Phillip was 41, he married Frances “Frankey” Vivion, 6325, F, in VA. Born on 5 Aug 1761. Frances “Frankey” died on 24 Sep 1842; she was 81.


They had the following children:

        75            i.          John Vivion, 6331, M (1780-1822)

        76           ii.          Robert, 6332, M

        77          iii.          Nancy, 6333, F

        78          iv.          Frances, 6334, F

        79           v.          Jane, 6335, F

        80          vi.          Thacker V, 6336, M

        81         vii.          Margaret, 6337, F

        82        viii.          Sally, 6338, F

        83          ix.          Mary, 6339, F


22. Mary Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4360, F. Born on 3 Jul 1738 in Orange  Co., VA. Mary died on 11 Mar 1814; she was 75.


1.  Named in father’s will


Mary first married Robert (Robin?) Richards, 4368, M.


Mary second married Robert Lincoln, 6348, M.


1.  There was a Lincoln family in the area where a massacre took place in the month of May 1786, at Hughes Station in Kentucky about twenty miles east of Louisville.  Abraham Lincol n’s grandfather (age 42) was killed in the massacre and left a widow and five small children in the wilderness.


23. Elizabeth Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4355, F. Born on 14 Jan 1740 in Orange  Co., VA.


Elizabeth married Johnson, 5249, M.


24. John Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4353, M. Born on 2   Feb 1741/42 in Orange  Co., VA. John died in Clark Co., KY, in Mar 1798; he was 57.


John first married Elizabeth Watson, 4367, F.


1.  L. Kay Towner<> indicates first name as Nancy.


2.  Fred William Fest, Bridgeport, WVA lists marrige as: (1) Elizabeth Walton Sharp (2) Mary (Polly) Tillman


They had the following children:

        84            i.          William Watson, 6349, M

        85           ii.          Wyatt, 6350, M

        86          iii.          Anna, 6351, F


John second married Polly Tillman, 4366, F.


They had the following children:

        87            i.          Jonathan, 6356, M

        88           ii.          Elizabeth, 6357, M

        89          iii.          Thomas T, 6358, M

        90          iv.          Pauline, 6359, F

        91           v.          Tilghman, 6360, M

        92          vi.          Nelson, 6361, M

        93         vii.          Pleasant, 6362, M

        94        viii.          Lander, 6363, M

        95          ix.          Lucy, 6364, F

        96           x.          Mercer, 6365, M


25. Joseph Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4357, M. Born on 5 Apr 1741 in Orange  Co., VA. Joseph died in Caswell Co., NC, in 1809; he was 67.


1.  Twin to Joshua


2.  Soldier in  Revolution


26. Joshua Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4358, M. Born on 5 Apr 1741 in Orange  Co., VA. Joshua died in 1814; he was 72.


1.  Twin  to  Joseph


Joshua married Frances Blakely, 5250, F.


27. William"Capt. Billy" Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4363, M. Born on 29 Oct 1746 in Orange  Co., VA. William"Capt. Billy" died in Clark Co., KY, on 25/26 Jul 1815; he was 68.


On 9 Dec 1778 when William"Capt. Billy" was 32, he married Frances Tandy Burris, 4369, F. Born in ~1762. Frances Tandy died in ~1828; she was 66.


They had the following children:

        97            i.          William Tandy, 6367, M

        98           ii.          Elcana, 6368, M

        99          iii.          Willis, 6369, M

      100          iv.          Thomas J, 6370, M

      101           v.          Mary, 6371, F

      102          vi.          Frances, 6372, F

      103         vii.          Susannah, 6373, F

      104        viii.          Cynthia, 6374, F

      105          ix.          Jane, 6375, F


28. Ambrose James Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4354, M. Born on 8 Apr 1748 in Orange  Co., VA. Ambrose James died in Winchester, Clark Co., KY, on 10 Feb 1815; he was 66.


1.  L. Kay Towner - - **


2.  Also seen as James Ambrose


On 8 Sep 1770 when Ambrose James was 22, he married Lucy Gholson, 4364, F, daughter of John Gholson, 5245, M (~1713-26 Jul 1790) & Esther Cooke, 5246, F, in Howards  Creek, Boonesboro, KY. Born on 15 Feb 1745/46 in Orange Co, VA. Lucy died in Clark Co, KY, on 5 Jul 1814; she was 69.


1.  Info from email sent to by


2.  McMurtry and McGrew report her birth as 13 Feb 1748 and death on 25 Jul 1814.


3. Children from Bush Family Files in the Clark County Library, Winchester, KY.


They had the following children:

      106            i.          John Gholson, 5275, M (1771-<1850)

      107           ii.          Jane, 5276, F (1775-1837)

      108          iii.          Mary, 5277, F (1776-)

      109          iv.          Ambrose, 5243, M (1779-1865)

      110           v.          Mary Esther, 5278, F (1781-1851)

      111          vi.          Jeremiah, 5279, M (1789-1842)

      112         vii.          Nancy Julia, 5280, F (1791-)

      113        viii.          Jennie, 5281, F (1795-1858)


29. Francis Bush (Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 4356, M. Born on 20 Feb 1750 in Orange  Co., VA. Francis died in Clark Co., KY, on 23 Feb 1818; he was 68.


Francis first married Lucy Davis, 6324, F.


They had the following children:

      114            i.          Fanny, 6385, F

      115           ii.          Mary, 6386, F

      116          iii.          Nancy, 6387, F

      117          iv.          Elizabeth, 6388, F

      118           v.          Fielding, 6389, M


Francis second married Rachel Martin, 4365, F.


1.  Nancy Belle Foley Johnson, Lexington, KY reports marriage:  Lucy Davis


They had the following children:

      119            i.          Lucy, 6390, F

      120           ii.          Sallie, 6391, F

      121          iii.          Jordan, 6392, M

      122          iv.          Mildred, 6393, F


30. Margaret Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6061, F. Born on 3 Mar 1743 in VA. Margaret died.


1.  Probaly died prior to 3 Mar 1752.


31. William Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 3695, M. Born on 20 Apr 1744 in Rockbridge Co., VA.


1.  Colonial Familes of the United States, Vol. VI (Bryan section) lists date of birth as 1 May 1744.


2.  On 9 Oct 1799,  his father bequeathed to his eldest son, William “one silver dollar as a legacy.”


3.  One Family tradition says he died in White Co., TN.  His supposed son James Robeson Bryan lived in  White Co. (McGrew & McMurty)


4.  Another family tradition notes that he owned 320 acres in Campbell Co. on  Molly’s Creek, later moving to Bedford Co. where he died. No record of issue.  (Cole)


In ~1766 when William was 21, he married Mary Robeson, 3944, F, in Montgomery Co., VA. Born in ~1746 in VA.


1.  Again family tradition says name is either Robinson or Robeson.  (I’ve entered as Robeson because son James carried Robeson as middle name. pjm)


2.  Info from Sandra Kay Bryan Kovener of Crothersville, IN.


They had the following children:

      123            i.          James Robeson, 6209, M

      124           ii.          Andrew, 14542, M (1772-1845)


32. Jean (Jane) Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6063, F. Born on 6 Aug 1746 in VA. Jean (Jane) died in Wythe Co., VA.


Jean (Jane) married Henry Davis, 6064, M. Born in 1730 in Ireland.


1.  Served in Revolution as a 1st Lieutenant.

(McAllister, J.T., Virginia Militia in the Revolution.)


2.   Landowner and farmer.


3.  Will dated 10 Aug  1804 wasprobated at  Wythe Co., VA, September Court 1894.  In it he mentions his wife, Jean and nine children by name.


They had the following children:

      125            i.          Caty, 6065, F

      126           ii.          Henry, 6066, M

      127          iii.          James, 6067, M

      128          iv.          Martha, 6068, F

      129           v.          Mary, 6069, F

      130          vi.          Nancy, 6070, F

      131         vii.          Wilson, 6071, M

      132        viii.          Jane, 6248, F (1763-)

      133          ix.          Rhoda, 6396, F (1783-1844)


33. Andrew Morrison Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 3696, M. Born on 14 Apr 1748 in Rockbridge Co., VA. Andrew Morrison died in Jamestown, Green Co., OH, on 20 Apr 1821; he was 73.


1.  Revolutionary War service in Capt. Leftwitch's Co., Col. Christie.


2.  Gail Erickson reports 20 Apr as date of death as do McGrew and McMurtry.

(date of 29 Apr 1821 came from another source.)


3.  On list in Green Co., OH for Revolutionary pensions


4.  Patricia Forrest - Possible that the Johnson girls that married three of the sons were cousins.


In 1772 when Andrew Morrison was 23, he married Mary Akers, 3702, F, daughter of William Akers III, 4273, M (1730-1810) & Elizabeth Martye, 4274, F, in Campbell Co., VA. Born on 15 Mar 1754 in Campbell Co., VA. Mary died in Jamestown, Greene Co., OH, on 17 Feb 1823; she was 68. Buried in Old Silver Creek  Cemetery,  Greene  Co, OH.


1.  from Hera (parents)


2.  Mary Ann Jacobs (majacobs40@home.come) Children & dates of children.


3.  Gail M. Orr Erickson has year of death as 1821


They had the following children:

      134            i.          John, 4282, M (1774-)

      135           ii.          Elizabeth, 4283, F (1776-)

      136          iii.          William Akers, 4284, M (1778-)

      137          iv.          Morrison, 4285, M (1781-1822)

      138           v.          James, 4286, M (1785-1864)

      139          vi.          Mary, 4287, F (1787-1839)

      140         vii.          Thomas, 4288, M (1791-1853)

      141        viii.          David, 4289, M (1793-1881)


34. Mary Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 3697, F. Born on 27 May 1750 in VA. Mary died.


35. Margaret Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 3698, F. Born on 14 Mar 1752 in VA.


1.  No record of issue found.


Margaret first married Daniel Mitchell, 3703, M.


1.  He and Margaret kept a tavern near the Bedford Co. line.


Margaret second married Patrick Gibson, 3945, M.


1.  He and Margaret “removed” to Rockbridge Co., VA


36. John Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6062, M. Born on 2 Jun 1754. John died.


1.  death before  19 dec 1756


37. John Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 3699, M. Born on 19 Dec 1756 in VA. John died in Sep 1825(?); he was 68.


1.  Revolutionary War service in Capt. Leftwitch's Co., Colonel Christie. Fought in the Battle of Brandywine, Eutaw Springs, Waxhaw, was wounded at Guilford Courthouse and was at Jamestown and at the capture and surrender of Cornwallis. (US Bureau of Pensions. National Archives, Washington, DC)


2.  Reported to have been a huge man weighing some 350 pounds at the time of his death.


On 2 Sep 1788 when John was 31, he married Catherine Evans, 3704, F, in VA. Born on 8 May 1766. Catherine died on 19 Nov 1850; she was 84.


They had the following children:

      142            i.          Rees, 6111, M

      143           ii.          Mary, 6112, F (1791-1843)

      144          iii.          Bridget, 6113, F

      145          iv.          Agnes, 6114, F

      146           v.          Elizabeth, 6115, F

      147          vi.          Catherine, 6116, F

      148         vii.          John, 6117, M


38. Jean Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 3700, F. Born on 16 May 1761 in VA.


1.  Colonial Families in the United States, Vol. VI gives birth date as 1763.


Jean married John Davidson, 3705, M.


1.  Family tradition says that they were “well-to-do” and owned a number of slaves.


39. Agnes Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 3701, F. Born on 9 Aug 1763 in VA.


1.  Sometimes seen as Agness


2.  Had 13 children with John Akers.  Four children died in infancy and nothing is known of them.


On 6 Feb 1783 when Agnes was 19, she first married John Akers, 3706, M, son of William Akers III, 4273, M (1730-1810) & Elizabeth Martye, 4274, F, in Campbell Co., VA. Born on 9 Aug 1763. John died on 3 Jul 1803; he was 39.


1.  Jennifer Barkdull <>

She lists birthdate as 9 Aug 1763 from LDS records.  This is same birthdate I picked up for Agnes Bryan.


2.  According to McGrew& McMurtry he was a farmer in Campbell Co.


3.  Children from McGrew & McMurtry/Cole


They had the following children:

      149            i.          Mary, 6146, F (1783-1831)

      150           ii.          William, 6147, M (1785-1863)

      151          iii.          George, 6148, M (1787-)

      152          iv.          Peter, 6150, M (1790-1886)

      153           v.          Elizabeth, 6151, F (1792-1838)

      154          vi.          Nancy, 6152, F (1794-1856)

      155         vii.          Agnes, 6153, F (1795-)

      156        viii.          John, 6154, M (1797-1873)

      157          ix.          Bryan, 6157, M (1802-1880)

      158           x.          Martha Archer, 6156, F (1803-)

      159          xi.          UNNAMED, 6145, ?

      160         xii.          UNNAMED, 6149, ?

      161        xiii.          UNNAMED, 6155, ?


Agnes second married Reuben B Bagley, 3947, M. Reuben B died on 29 Jan 1849 in Campbell Co., VA.


1.  Also “of Campbell Co.,VA”


40. Catherine "Kittie" Bryan (John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 643, F. Born on 21 Oct 1765 in VA. Catherine "Kittie" died in Bentonville,  Fayette Co., IN, on 5 Sep 1844; she was 78. Buried in Bentonville Cemetery,  Fayette Co., IN.


1.  Cousin of John Cole's wife who was also a Catherine Bryan.


On 13 Oct 1789 when Catherine "Kittie" was 23, she married Samuel Cole, 642, M, son of Phillip Cole, 653, M (29 May 1730-) & Susannah (Elizabeth?) Egle, 652, F (~1732-), in Campbell Co., VA. Born on 17 Aug 1767. Samuel died in Bentonville, Fayette Co., IN, on 1 Jan 1849; he was 81. Buried in Bentonville Cemetery,  Fayette Co., IN.


1.  Purchased two lots of James Simpson in Salem, VA.


2.  9  Mar 1800  purchased 165 acres on the east side of Mason Creek which was eastward of the present town of Salem, VA.


3. Served apprenticeship under a man named Coleman(possibly in Botetourt Co., VA), served his time, completed his trade of making wagons, got his indentures. (From notes written by William Cole of Mason City, IL, Dec. 11, 1895 at the request of Morrison B. Cole.  Copied by Ellsworth Alvin Cole of Washington, PA.)


4.  Moved from VA (Botetourt Co.) to  Ohio.  He settled on the waters of Holes Creek, Montgomery Co, Washington Township (what is now Dayton).  He followed his trade there for some 20 years.  Older children married in Ohio.  He then moved to Indiana. He settled in Posey Township, Fayette County.


5.  He and Catherine died in Posey Township at an advanced age.  Their graves

are in the Bentonville Cemetery, old part, and in the rear of the church building.


They had the following children:

      162            i.          John, 644, M (1790-)

      163           ii.          Elizabeth, 645, F (1792-1863)

      164          iii.          Mary Bryan, 646, F (1794-1852)

      165          iv.          Susanah, 647, F (1796-)

      166           v.          Phillip, 648, M (1797-)

      167          vi.          Jacob L., 649, M (1800-1866)

      168         vii.          Samuel, 650, M (1802-)

      169        viii.          Andrew Morrison Bryan, 641, M (1804-1887)

      170          ix.          William, 651, M (1810-)


41. Andrew Bryan (James3, William2, Francis1), 6160, M. Born in ~1785.


1.  Chalkley’s Abstracts, Vol. II, p. 166 - Augusta Co., VA

Records purchase of 100  acres on the  Kanawha River under date of 6 Jun 1809, recorded in present day Mason Co., WVA


2.  Chalkey, p. 195

Andrew and Parthenia Bryan mentioned as heirs of George Clendenin who died in 1796/97.


3.  1850  census of Kanawha Co., VA shows an Andrew Bryan enumerated at age 65.


4.  Mason Co. deeds - 23  Mar 1854, John and Mary (Bryan) McCuloch deeded to John and Cinthia (Bryan) McMullen, 100 acres on the Kanawha  River. Most  likely  same acreage Andrew purchased in 1809.


On 1 Jun 1809 when Andrew was 24, he married Parthenis (Clendenin) Meigs, 6168, F, in Mason Co., VA.


1.  Widow of Return Jonathan Meigs.


They had the following children:

      171            i.          Cinthia, 6173, F

      172           ii.          Mary, 6174, F


42. Margaret Bryan (James3, William2, Francis1), 6161, F.


1.  McGrew &  McMurtry indicate marriage in Kanawha Co., Kegley, p. 596 lists marriage in Botetourt Co.


On 10 Jun 1792 Margaret married Col. Andrew Lewis, 6169, M.


1.  Will dated 18 May 1833 names 6 children and mentions wife Margaret Lynn Lewis.  Will probated 1 Jul 1833 (Mason Co. VA will book  1-A, pp.3-5.


They had the following children:

      173            i.          Cameron, 6175, M

      174           ii.          Agnes, 6176, F

      175          iii.          Jane, 6177, F

      176          iv.          John, 6178, M

      177           v.          Frances, 6179, F

      178          vi.          Elizabeth, 6180, F


43. Elizabeth “Betsy” Bryan (James3, William2, Francis1), 6162, F.


On 24 Feb 1796 Elizabeth “Betsy” married John Bond, 6170, M.


44. William Bryan (James3, William2, Francis1), 6163, M. William died bef 1 Oct 1815.


1.  Died before writing of his father’s  will which speaks of “the heirs of my  son William....”


45. John Bryan (James3, William2, Francis1), 6164, M. John died bef 1 Sep 1834 in Mason Co., VA.


1.  Will dated 18 Aug 1834 named heirs.


John married Unknown, 6181, F.


They had the following children:

      179            i.          William, 6182, M

      180           ii.          John, 6183, M

      181          iii.          Jane Eliza, 6184, F

      182          iv.          Nancy Ann, 6185, F

      183           v.          Martha Ann, 6186, F

      184          vi.          Robert G, 6187, M

      185         vii.          Silas S, 6188, M

      186        viii.          Russel B, 6189, M


46. Charles Bryan (James3, William2, Francis1), 6165, M. Born in ~1784 in Mason Co., VA.


1.  Descendants indicate that he  migrated from Mason Co. to Washington Co., MO  between 1833 and 1840. 


2.  Washington Co., MO census of 1840 lists a Charles Bryan between ages of 50-60  in Bellevue Township.


4.  Deed of dale of Charles Bryan’s part of  his father’s homestead on the Kanawha River was not signed by his wife, most likely indicating that she died in VA.


Charles married Unknown, 6190, F.


They had the following children:

      187            i.          Andrew G, 6191, M (1817-)

      188           ii.          William T, 6192, M (1818-1857)

      189          iii.          Martha  Ann, 6193, F (1822-1866)

      190          iv.          daughter, 6194, F (1826-)

      191           v.          John, 6195, M

      192          vi.          Charles H., 6196, M (1824-1900)


47. Robert Bryan (James3, William2, Francis1), 6166, M. Born in 1787 in Mason Co., VA.


1.  Left dwelling and half of homestead in Mason  Co., VA.


2.  Part  of third Bryan migration to MO  in  1840.


3.   Settled in washington Co., MO on Clear Creek about  2 miles north  of Belgrade.


4.  Cousin James and Elizabeth (Vineyard) Bryan had settle don Big  River into which Clear Creek flows about 20 years earlier.


5.  Robert’s homestead was located on both sides of Clear Creek.  With  sons  setting up homes and adjoining each other, “quite a Bryan Community” was established.  These folks joined up with the  Bryans of BryansMill farther down Clear Creek.


Robert married Mary Pruitt, 6171, F. Born in 1800. Mary died in 1863; she was 63.


1.  All children born in VA before migration to  MO.


They had the following children:

      193            i.          Lovel, 6197, M (1820-1894)

      194           ii.          Agnes, 6198, F (1825-)

      195          iii.          Robert, 6199, M

      196          iv.          Mary, 6200, F (1833-)

      197           v.          Thomas, 6201, M (-1861)

      198          vi.          Columbus, 6202, M

      199         vii.          Bennett, 6203, M

      200        viii.          Andrew, 6204, M

      201          ix.          Frances “Fanny”, 6205, F


48. Catherine “Catty” Bryan (James3, William2, Francis1), 6167, M.


Catherine “Catty” married George, 6172, F.


49. William Bryan (William3, William2, Francis1), 3560, M. William died in 1806; he was 54. Born in 1752.


1.  Fincastle Deed Book XI, pg. 482.  This deed shows sale  of parcel of land by William and his wife, Patsey to John Cole Sr.  This tract was formerly owned by James Bryan and was part of the Great Springs homestead of William, the immigrant. William, the immigrant, had transferred this portion of the homestead to James, who sold it  to William III under deed dated 1 Jan 1781(Book x, pgs. 105,106) The sale to John Cole was proven in court under a date of 12 Apr 1815.  James, at this date was living in Mason Co.


2.  William was a Captain in rank at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown and is listed in Spottsylvania Co. records as a volunteer from Botetourt Co. with rank of sergeant in Lord

Dunmore War.  His name appears on a plaque on the Point Plesant  Battle Monument at Point  Pleasant, WVA.


3.  May have moved to OH.  NFI.


On 11 Mar 1784 when William was 32, he married "Patsy"Martha (Love) Lewis, 3574, F. Born on 24 Dec 1747 in Newport, Charles Co., MD. "Patsy"Martha (Love) died in VA in 1802; she was 54.


1.  Widow of John Lewis per Ed Bryan.  John was son of General Andrew Lewis.


2.  Dawn -<>

Martha “Patsy” Love born Newport, Charles Co., MD


3. John H. Boyd - <>

ID: I16486

  Name: Martha Patsy Love 1 2 3

  Sex: F

  Birth: 24 DEC 1747 in Charles County M 2 3

  Death: 1802 in Buckland, Va 2 3

  Reference Number: 16486


Marriage 1 William Bryan b: 1750 in <Knoxville, Tennessee>




     1. Watson Bryan b: ABT. 1784 in <Knoxville, Tennessee>

     2. Thomas Bryan b: 1786 in <Knoxville, Tennessee>

     3. Mary Briscoe Bryan b: 1788 in <Knoxville, Tennessee>

     4. John Love Bryan b: 1792 in Knoxville, Tennessee





     1.Title: Ancestral File (TM)

       Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

       Publication: July 1996 (c), data as of 2 January 1996

        Note: NAME Family History Library

       ADDR 35 N West Temple Street

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     2.Title: Ancestral File (TM)

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       Media: Electronic

       Text: Date of Import: Nov 27, 1999


50. David Bryan (William3, William2, Francis1), 3566, M. Born in ~1754.


1.  Died in service during Revolutionary War.


2.  Unmarried


51. John Bryan (William3, William2, Francis1), 3561, M. Born in ~1756 in Va.


1.  Mentioned in Father’s will.


“...I William Bryan of Roan Oak in the county of Botetourt...Item, to my son John Bryan I give and bequeath 1/3 art of my right to 1400 acres of land in Kentucky on the waters of Licking for which my  son James and me paid the  purchase as by reccord at Richmond...Kentucky may appear.  By right I mean what the law allows to  those who pay the whole purchase money.  I likewise give and bequeath to my son John all my wearing apparell of every descriptions except my hat which I give to my  son-in-law John Cole...under  my hand and seal this second day of July 1806.”


2.  Served in Revolution.


John married Mary Lewis, 4896, F.


52. James Bryan (William3, William2, Francis1), 3562, M. Born on 2 Jun 1762 in Augusta Co., VA. James died in Bellevue Twnshp., Washington Co., MO, on 29 May 1837; he was 74. Buried in Jane  Bryan Cemetery, Belgrade, MO.


1.  Served in Revolutionary war for 18 months.  Served as private in the southern Campaign under General Green in NC and southwest Va.  He was also in Col. Otto Williams’ Regiment of  the Virginia Continental Troops at the  Battle of  Guilford Courthouse.  W.J. Wood in Battles of the Revolutionary War, 1775-1781, notes that Col. Williams had among his mostly MD troops some 300 VA reflemen under the command of Col. William Preston from the Upper Shenandoah Valley.  (William Preston and the Bryans were  old friends.)


2.  Although not the oldest son he inherited the homestead and was the

custodian of the "church letter".  Sold 795 acres in VA prior to migration to MO.


3.  Served as an elder in the Presbyterian Church in Salem, VA prior to migrating to MO.


4.  In 1821, James and Elizabeth, along with the family of John and Catherine Bryan Cole, together with a number of other Salem, VA families (12) set out in a great wagon train for Missouri.  The caravan included slaves, furniture, tools  and all the equipment  they could take along.  It was reported that there were 40 wagons in the caravan. Most of the Cole and Bryan children and their families were part of the caravan


5.  The caravan went  southwest, picked up Boone’s Wilderness Road through  the Cumberland Gap, turned northwest across  Kentucky and  Illinois to St. Genevieve,  MO on  the Mississippi.  The caravan continued west to the  Murphy Settlement where the  Coles branched  off  northwest to Breton Creek  north of Potosi and the Bryans continued southwest  to Big River.


6  James had secured a sizable grant of land (2000 acres) on Big River adjoing and including a part of the present town of Belgrade, MO.  James’ land extended from the present town of  Belgrade to the   mouth of Clear Creek on which stream the  family of Robert Bryan from Mason Co., VA, settled two decades later.


7.  Washington Co. deed records and  his will indicate that James Bryan gave farms to his children as they married.


8.  The first Store and the first post office were established on James’ land.


9.  Margaret Bryan, his daughter was the only one of his family not to go to MO.  She married a William C. Williams and they stayed in VA.


10.  James set aside a burial ground on his farm that is now called the Jane Bryan Cemetery.  He  and Elizabeth are buried there along with daughter Catherine Bryan Maxwell, James Maxwell, granddaughter Harriett Maxwell Adams,Daniel Adams.  Elizabeth Phillips Bryan died on 12 Aug 1833, aged 90 years and it is presumed that she  is also buried in Jane Bryan Cemetery.


11.  James Bryan wrote his will 18 may, 1837 and it was recorded on 12 Jun 1837 Washington Co. Will Book A, p. 254-259.


On 28 Dec 1793 when James was 31, he married Anna Maria “Elizabeth” Vineyard, 3563, F, daughter of Christian Weinert, 4939, M (~1755-7 Feb 1798) & Anne Christiana Tabler, 4909, F (Dec 1755-1808), in Botetourt Co., VA. Born on 7 Feb 1775 in Middleton, Frederick Co., MD. Anna Maria “Elizabeth” died in Bellevue Twnsp., Washington Co., MO, on 6 May 1846; she was 71. Christened on 16 Apr 1775 in Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD. Buried in Jane  Bryan Cemetery, Belgrade, MO.


1. Parents (hers) and  children info from Rena Worthen ( via Botetourt list.


2.  From McGrew & McMurtry, full name was Anna Maria Elizabeth.


3.  Notes of Polly Phillips from Shirley Dunagan has some different info.


4.  Interment Record for Elizabeth (Vineyard) Bryan

Name: Elizabeth (Vineyard) Bryan

Born: 21 Feb 1775

Died or Buried: 06 May 1846

Buried: Jane Bryan Cemetery

County/State: Washington, MO



They had the following children:

      202            i.          Margaret, 4334, F (1795-1871)

      203           ii.          Robert, 3564, M (1800-1872)

      204          iii.          William, 3565, M (1802-1858)

      205          iv.          James, 4897, M (1804-1835)

      206           v.          Lucy, 4898, F (1807-1888)

      207          vi.          Charles, 4899, M (1809-1867)

      208         vii.          Elizabeth Ann, 4900, F (1811-1885)

      209        viii.          Catherine, 4901, F (1813-1880)

      210          ix.          John Cole, 4902, M (1815-1870)

      211           x.          Salome “Salma”, 4903, F (1815-1896)

      212          xi.          Philip Ferno, 4904, M (1821-1871)


53. Robert Bryan (William3, William2, Francis1), 4894, M. Born in Augusta Co., VA. Robert died bef 1806.


1.  Died unmarried.


2.  Not mentioned in father’s will.


3.  Served in Revolution.


54. Catherine Bryan (William3, William2, Francis1), 1054, F. Born on 28 Jul 1766 in Augusta Co., VA. Catherine died in Washington Co, MO, on 26 Jan 1823; she was 56.


1. License to marry  issued on 4 Sep 1786 with Jesse Hudson, James  Bryan, and John Love as witnesses and security (Botetourt Co., VA Marriage Records as reported by Kegley (1938), p. 539)


2.  Catherine died just a few months after John purchased the land on Breton Creek. She probably died at the home of her brother James.  Buried in Bryan Cemetery on Big River, located on James’ farm.


3.  Interment Record for Catherine (Bryan) Cole

Name: Catherine (Bryan) Cole

Born: 28 Jul 1766

Died or Buried: 26 Jan 1823

Buried: Jane Bryan Cemetery

County/State: Washington, MO



On 13 Dec 1786 when Catherine was 20, she married John Cole, 1053, M, son of Phillip Cole, 653, M (29 May 1730-) & Susannah (Elizabeth?) Egle, 652, F (~1732-), in Bryans on the Roanoke. Born on 6 Aug 1762 in near Reading, PA. John died in Washington Co., MO, in 1839; he was 76. Buried in Jane Bryan Cemetery, Potosi, MO.


1.Marriage recorded in Botetort Co. VA records in Fincastle, VA.


2.  15 Sep 1788, John purchased from John Love, 278 acres of land on the north side of the Roanoke  River.  Deed identifies him as “John Cole ‘the Blacksmith’” Deed witnessed by William Bryan Jr, his father-in-law and Samuel Cole, his brother. Fincastle  Deed,  Bk. IV, pg. 51.


3. In Kegley's  Virgina Frontier  (p.572) , under a  date  of 1790 is a grant of 700 acres to James Mason and Wm. Lewis joining  the lands of John Walton and  John Cole.


4.  Louis Philippe, future King of France, discussed his travels through Roanoke on 19 and 20 Apr 1797:  “The 20th.  “...We dined at the home of Mr. Coles, a Pennsylvania German.  The countryside unimpressive except here and there.  Greenery thick, and in the oak forest whole groves are green...” When past is prologue:  A history of Roanoke County by Deedie Kagey, p.71.


5. Kegley's (pp. 574-575), under a  date of 7 Mar 1800, John Cole received a grant of 300 acres on the Roanoke from  Wm. Lewis.  Recorded in Pat. Bk45, pg.237.


6.  From map in Kegley's we find that John Cole's land is shown  adjoining the Bryan Great Spring  Homestead on  the west.


7.  From Fincastle  land records we find that  John Cole sold holdings totalling 735 acres including “the old brick mansion house near Salem” in 1821. The house was built prior  to 1790 and family legend says that it was visited by a young Davey  Crockett.


8.  Lead the Cole-Bryan Caravan of 40 wagons to MO in 1821. This was the second migration of Bryan’s  to MO. John Cole established what became known as the Cole Plantation on Breton Creek some two miles north of Potosi in Washington Co.  The caravan included slaves, furniture, tools  and all the equipment they could take along.  It was reported that there were 40 wagons in the caravan. Most of the Cole and Bryan children and their families were part of the caravan.  (Family story in the Samuel Cole family:  John was said to have brought considerable furniture from VA to MO.)


The caravan went  southwest, picked up Boone’s Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap, turned northwest across  Kentucky and Illinois to St. Genevieve, MO on  the Mississippi.  The caravan continued west to the  Murphy Settlement where the  Coles branched  off  northwest to Breton Creek  north of Potosi and the Bryans continued southwest  to Big River.



9  30 Oct 1822 John bought a tract of land on Mine Au Breton Creek. about two miles north of Potosi from John & Ruth Jones, containing 300 acres. (Washington Co. Deed Book - B, p. 89)


10.  About 18 months later he sold 125 acres of his tract to sons William and James  Under a date of 19 Nov 1836 he sold 170 acres to his son George B. (Washington Co. Deed Book - B, p. 197)


11.  The section of the plantation  sold to George was the main part of the plantation and the old mansion (standing in 1962) was said to have been built by him.  The earliest structure, according to the owner of the plantation in 1962, Mrs. Edward Eversole, was a log cabin

standing just at the crest of the hill between the mansion and the big spring at the foot of the hill. This cabin is supposed to have been built by John Cole Sr.


12.  Interment Record for John Cole

Name: John Cole

Born: 06 Aug 1762

Died or Buried: 26 Jan 1839

Buried: Jane Bryan Cemetery

County/State: Washington, MO



13.  1810 Botetourt

M<10       Free white males under 10 years of age

10 - 16     "     "     "   10 years and under 16

16 - 26     "     "     "   16   "    "    "   26    including heads of families

26 - 45     "     "     "   26   "    "    "   45        "       "   "     "

45 >        "     "     "   45   "    "  upwards

F<10       Free white females under 10 years of age

10 - 16     "     "      "    10 years and under 16

16 - 26     "     "      "    16   "    "    "   26  including heads of families

26 - 45     "     "      "    26   "    "    "   45      "       "   "     "

45 >        "     "      "    45   "    "  upwards


Free       All other free persons except Indians not taxed.


Slaves     Slaves.



PG# LINE    LAST NAME          FIRST NAME & INI       M< 10  10-16  16-26  26-45  45 >   F< 10  10-16  16-26  26-45  45 >   FREE   SLAVE         REMARKS



612   12    COLE   JOHN    3   0   5   0   1   2    2    0   1   1   0  13


They had the following children:

      213            i.          William, 2733, M (1787-1868)

      214           ii.          Philip, 2734, M (1789-1862)

      215          iii.          John Bryan, 2735, M (1791-1856)

      216          iv.          Samuel, 2736, M (1793-1859)

      217           v.          James, 2737, M (1794-1797)

      218          vi.          Margaret, 2738, F (1796-1843)

      219         vii.          Salma, 2739, F (1798-1848)

      220        viii.          Susan, 2740, F (1800-1869)

      221          ix.          Watson, 2741, M (1802-1876)

      222           x.          Katherine, 2742, F (1804-1892)

      223          xi.          George Brown, 2743, M (1805-1886)

      224         xii.          Elizabeth, 4490, F (1809-1810)

      225        xiii.          David, 4489, M (1817-1817)

      226        xiv.          James, 4488, M (1799-1840)


55. Nancy Bryan (William3, William2, Francis1), 3567, F. Born in ~1768 in Augusta Co., VA.


1.  W.B. Cole reports husband as Mr. Love and says they moved out of area and left no children.


2.  McGrew & McMurtry report  that it is believed that she married John  Love whose father, Joseph Love, was killed by Indians in 1758.  John, as an orphan, was bound out to Joseph Love the fuller on 26 Aug 1766.  Joseph, the fuller, had married Margaret Bryan, daughter of the immigrant William.


Nancy married John Love, 3573, M.


1.  Augusta Parish Vestry Book under  date of  16 Nov 1758  notes that  an orphan of Joseph Love  (killed by  Indians) was bound to David Bryans


2.  Summers (1929) in Annals of Southwest Virginia (1769-1800)notes that at a court held for Botetourt County on 13th of June,  1770, it was “ordered that Church  Wardens bind Joseph Love, orphan of Joseph  Love deceased to James Stewart, accdg.  to law.” (p.85-86).


56. Joseph Love (Margaret Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 16743, M. Born in ~1752.


Joseph married Mary Marshall, 16744, F.


1.  Maiden name may actually be Harroll.


They had one child:

      227            i.          Martha, 16745, F (1784-)


57. Rebecca Bryan (Joseph3, Morgan2, Francis1), 10505, F. Born on 7 Feb 1739.


Will ofJoseph Bryan of Jefferson Co., KY, Bk 1, Pg 158, Jefferson Co., Kentucky

Dated 20 Nov 1804

JEFFERSON CO, KY, WILL BOOK 1, pg. 158, Will of Joseph Bryan, Jefferson Co., KY, 1804:

In the name of God Amen: I Joseph Bryan of the County of Jefferson, State of Kentucky, being

weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say) after my lawful debts are settled I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Alee a gray mare, a bed and furniture and thirty dollars, either cash or property. I also bequeath to my sons, Samuel, Joseph and John Bryan the sum of fifty dollars each, either cash or property.


I also give and bequeath unto my youngest son John Bryan one negro man named James and all the farming tools. I also bequeath unto my daughters Martha Boon and Rebecca Boon the sum of twenty dollars each, either cash or property.


I also give unto my other daughters, Mary Howard, Susanne Hinkle, Aylee Howard, Phoebe Forbis and Charity Davis, the sum of fifty dollars each.


I also give and bequeath unto my daughter Eleanor Adams a negro woman named J____. I also give to my grand daughter Aylee Adams one negro girl named Sarah.


I also give and bequeath unto my grandson Noah Adams one negro boy named Sapio. I also give

unto my grandson Jacob Adams one negro boy named Bob. I also bequeath unto my grandson Wilah Adams a negro girl named Lottie.


And I do hereby appoint my two sons, Joseph and John Bryan executors of this my last will and

testament, hereby revoling all former wills and testaments made by me. In witness whereof I

have hereunto set my hand and seal this twentieth day of November, 1804.


Joseph Bryan (seal)


Signed, sealed and published as his last will and testament in the presence of us -

Edward Cox Sr

David Enochs

Ephraim Hampton****


On 14 Aug 1756 when Rebecca was 17, she married Daniel Boone, 10476, M, son of Squire Boone Sr, 6559, M (25 Nov 1696-2 Jan 1765) & Sarah Morgan, 6560, F (~1700-1 Jan 1777), in NC. Born on 22 Oct 1734 in Lancaster Co., PA. Daniel died in St. Charles Co., MO, on 26 Sep 1820; he was 85.


1.  Daniel’s formal education was scant, as evidenced by the poor spelling, punctuation and grammar of his letters later in life, it is said that he learned to read and write from his sister-in-law, Sarah, wife of his brother Samuel. He apparently also received some instruction in mathematics, for he afterwards kept neat and accurate accounts when serving as magistrate in Missouri, and at one time he served as assistant surveyor of Transylvania (Kentucky). It is probable that he received this instruction from his uncle George, who was formerly a school teacher in Abingdon and who had the reputation of being a good mathematician and a surveyor.


Daniel's practical training was typical of that of a boy on a pioneer plantation. In addition to farming, he learned the tanning of leather and the use of carpenter's tools, and also blacksmithing at his father's forge. While still a boy he became skilled at using a wooden dart and sling and with these weapons he could kill or stun small animals and birds. In his early adolescent years he was entrusted with a gun, and soon he became an exceptionally good shot and a formidable hunter. On the other side of the butt of his mother's "chirch gun", is carved: "D. Boon. cilled. Big Panther. this gun. I was 13 year Old in Bucks Ca. Pa."


When he became older, he acquired a rifle made by one of the local gun-smiths. Incidentally, Daniel's cousin Samuel was a gun-smith and his brother Squire was apprenticed to him for five years and thus became proficient in the craft. It was the custom of the pioneers to gather occasionally at the nearest village for a social time, when various contests were held, including target shooting and wrestling. On many such occasions Daniel is said to have carried off first honors in both.


His uncanny ability in dealing with Indians and in outwitting them in the forest no doubt had its beginning in Berks County. In plain view of the Boone homestead is Monocacy hill, at the base of which was the Indian town of that name where friendly Leni Lenape (Delawares) lived. It was here that William Penn is reported to have visited old Chief Tenoughan in the cold winter of 1684, after having walked on the ice all the way up the Schuylkill River from Philadelphia. When Daniel was a boy, most of the Lenape moved west and afterward there were probably only a straggling few who remained in the neighborhood. In the mountains on the northern side of the valley, however, lived bands of Conestogas and Eries. No doubt the lad played and hunted with many an Indian boy.


When Daniel was eight years old, the famous Moravian leader Count Zinzendorf presided at a synod held in the barn of John DeTurk nearby. It is said that the Boone family went there to hear him preach and saw him baptize three Indians who had been converted to Christianity. Young Daniel was probably with his parents on this occasion.


Squire Boone at one time became part owner of a shad fishery on the nearby Schuylkill River. There is a tale that Daniel went to the river with his mother one warm spring day to help clean some fish to bring home. The boy was left asleep near the fish with his hat over his face, while his mother went to a neighbor's house to offer a share of the catch. The neighbor accepted and sent her daughters after the fish. When they saw a pail containing fish entrails near the sleeping boy they dashed the contents in the boy's face, whereupon he gave them both a sound beating. Their mother then ran to Mrs. Boone in complaint. Mrs. Boone was ordinarily a calm, gentle woman, but she could be spirited when occasion warranted. She retorted: "If thee has not brought up thy daughters to better behavior it is high time they were taught better manners. And if Daniel has given them a lesson, I hope, for my part, that it will in the end do them no harm, and I have only to add, that I did thee good day."


It is said that Daniel was fond of practical jokes, and that once, with his friend Henry Miller, he was guilty of taking some neighbors' wagons apart and tying the wheels and other parts up in the trees.


In his father's blacksmith shop Daniel became skilled in metal work. When he was twenty-one years old he enlisted as a blacksmith and wagoner in Braddock's ill-fated expedition and was lucky to escape from the Indians on one of Braddock's horses at the time of the disastrous defeat. His blacksmith's skill served him well later in life in repairing his rifle and those of his pioneer friends and, when a prisoner, those of the Indians.


Daniel was sixteen years old when his father sold his Oley Valley property and migrated to North Carolina. Squire Boone was in bad odor with the Exeter Meeting, by which he had been rebuked and "disowned" because some of his children had married out of meeting." The Boones could never endure regimentation. His migration was also probably motivated by his having exhausted the soil of his land. The pioneers knew little of rotation of crops and fertilization of the soil. When the land was worked out, they moved. The family lived near Winchester, Va., for over a year, near their friend John Lincoln, Abraham's grandfather, before eventually migrating to Yadkin Valley, North Carolina.


Daniel is said to have been five feet ten inches in height, sturdily built, and of remarkable strength. He had fair skin, sandy hair and eyebrows, blue eyes, a large mouth, thin lips and a Roman nose. The Indians of Kentucky called him "wide mouth."


It was not until he was forty-seven years old that he returned to his birthplace. His Uncle James wrote in his Bible "1781 Oct. 20. Then Daniel came to see us for the first time." Two years before, the old cabin had been torn down and, on the stone foundation was built the rest of the stone house which now stands.


Again in 1788 Daniel returned to Pennsylvania, with his wife, a daughter and two sons. James Boone then recorded in his Bible: "1788, Feb. 12, Then Daniel (with Rebecca his wife, and their son Nathan) came to see us." It is reported that he placed his hand on the big timber over the fire-place and said to his son Nathan, "Just so tall was your dad when we left here." The timber is still there and is just five feet ten inches from the level of the original floor, as shown by the old stone foundation of the cabin. Never again did Daniel Boone return to Oley Valley.


Boone's love of the wilderness continued to the end of his life. He never settled down for any length of time, but was ever away on a hunting expedition or exploring unsettled country. His skill in the woods and with the Indians was so outstanding that he became the most famous pioneer of his time, and he has remained to this day, our national ideal of a "pioneer."


This article appeared in The Historical Review of Berks County, April 1949.


2.   Daniel Boone reportedly lived in Culpeper County, Virginia, where he was employed, with his wagon, in hauling tobacco to Fredericksburg, Virginia, the nearest market town. In 1760 Daniel served in a regiment of North Carolinians led by Colonel Hugh Waddell in the war against the Cherokee. The Indian war ended with a treaty on 19 November 1761, after which Daniel returned to the Yadkin.


3.  Daniel was a hunter, not a farmer. During the next few years he roamed. He went as far south as Florida, bought a house and property in Pensacola, hoping his family would join him there. But for once in her life, patient Rebecca said, "No !" She could not imagine Daniel in a country without the game he was accustomed to shooting.


Boone returned and then made several hunting trips into Tennessee and Kentucky. But the turning point in his life came when John Finley, whom he had met on the way to Fort Duquesne, drove up to his door as a peddler. John Finley told him about the "secret door" through the mountains into Kentucky, later known as the "Warrior's Path," and set him dreaming about the rich hunting grounds beyond the mountains.


Daniel could hardly wait to find this secret and poorly marked Indian trail through the Cumberland Gap to a land where, Finley said, there were wild turkeys in abundance, the passenger pigeons "darkened the sun" at migrating seasons, and buffalo herds were so large that the hunter had to be wary not to be killed in a stampede. On May 1, 1769, Daniel set off with five companions, his brother Squire, brother-in-law John Stuart, and neighbors. They moved slowly, encumbered with pack horses and equipment for a long stay, through the Blue Ridge Mountains, found the Cumberland Gap, and came across the Warrior's Path which was so skillfully marked that the scout had to "think Indian" to find it.


In seven months' hunting, they accumulated a valuable store of skins, but found they had placed their main camp too near the Warrior's Path and had been discovered. They were captured, the fruit of seven months' hunting taken from them, and when the Shawnee chief released them he warned, "Go home and stay, or the wasps and the yellow jackets will sting you to death." In an attempt to retrieve some horses Daniel was captured again, but putting on his act of pretending to be happy with Indian friends, he won the confidence of his captors so they relaxed their guard and he escaped with his companions. These men had had enough of Kentucky and returned empty-handed to their homes. But dauntless Daniel decided to stay on, his only companion for a year in the wilderness being "Tick-Licker," his favorite long rifle. Daniel accumulated another huge supply of pelts. His brother Squire arrived with packhorses and supplies. But again when they had almost reached the Yadkin, a band of northern Indians captured and robbed them, so Daniel returned home with nothing but the knowledge he had gained in almost two years in the wilderness.


The "Great Pathfinder," nevertheless, always accepted today's defeat as "home work" to be studied for victory tomorrow.


Daniel spent the next two years restoring the fortunes of his family and preparing for his next expedition. He found the Yadkin was not what it had been before. Heavy taxes were imposed and dishonestly collected. Angry colonists were organized as "The Regulators" to resist the law. These early uprisings foreshadowed the Revolution which was soon to come.


Then Daniel made the big decision-to take his family with him into the wilderness-and Rebecca was willing. Now as obstacles he had not only "the (Indian) wasps and the yellow jackets" but the prohibition of King George III forbidding his "loving subjects" to settle beyond the Appalachian Mountains. On September 25, 1773, Daniel set out with his own and five other families and the brothers of Rebecca, who preferred to leave their families at home until a settlement had been started.


On the first family expedition, he encountered trials and reverses through which only the indomitable Daniel could go, and then ask for more. His son James, sent back for supplies, was captured and tortured to death. Lord Dinsmore's War with the Indians had broken out and the Boone family had to retreat to Clinch Valley. Then Captain Daniel Boone served in the militia through this war.


On the next expedition Boone went as leader of thirty men all employed by Richard Henderson in a land development project. They reached their destination on April 6,1775. It was the Big Lick just below the mouth of Otter Creek on the Kentucky River. And Daniel achieved the ambition of his young life in founding Boonesboro, Kentucky.


But founding was much easier than keeping. The Revolutionary War was only a year away. Boonesboro had to be defended through it. Daniel spent several years in Indian captivity. And after the war there were the years of surveying and dividing the land. Honest Daniel, who could kill bears and buffaloes and face savage Indians in war paint, was no match for the politician and lawyer of his day. Several times he thought he owned vast tracts of land, but found he had lost them through a trick in the law. So Daniel kept moving on and on, finally to Missouri, where he died in 1820 at the age of 86-a remarkably old age for that time.


This article originally appeared in the Winter 1959-1960 issue of the Historical Review of Berks County - published quarterly by the Historical Society of Berks County.


58. Martha Bryan (Joseph3, Morgan2, Francis1), 10508, F. Born on 19 Nov 1740. Martha died in Clark Co, KY.


1.   Martha (Bryan) Boone, probably was still in her thirties when she was left a widow with six children. She never remarried ... [and] resided on Boone's Creek in Fayette County, Kentucky, after her husband's death. She died at her oldest son's, George Boone, [home] at the mouth of Boone's Creek, Clark County, Kentucky. The date of her death is uncertain. [The will of Martha Boone of Clark County, Kentucky, was dated 12 May 1793; probate date unstated.]


In ~1758 when Martha was 17, she married Edward “Ned” Boone, 10479, M, son of Squire Boone Sr, 6559, M (25 Nov 1696-2 Jan 1765) & Sarah Morgan, 6560, F (~1700-1 Jan 1777), in NC. Born on 19 Nov 1740 in Lancaster Co., PA. Edward “Ned” died in Upper Blue Licks, KY, in Oct 1780; he was 39.


1.  Came to KY through the Cumberland Gap in Oct 1779 with Daniel Boone and party.

Some sources say the Lincoln family was with them. In 1775 Daniel Boone with

30 men cut a wagon road from Cumberland Gap to the KY River where Boonesboro

was built. The family pack train consisted of 22 pack horses of goods with

family members riding horses. Made his home at Boone's Station near present

day Athens, KY and arrived 22 Dec 1779. This consisted of 1/2 acre with a

inside the station. He was killed by indians in October of 1780 while at

Upper Blue Licks to boil salt and returning home. He is buried near Boone's

Creek and his grave was marked only by a buckeye tree for over a hundred

years. A small headstone was erected and marks the grave today. It reads:

Ed'wrd Boone, Va. Mil., Rev. War. His military service has not been verified.


From Scroggin at


... On October 5, 1780, Edward and his older brother Daniel went hunting on the Hinkston [Creek] to kill game for Bryan's Station [which was] on Elkhorn Creek in Fayette County, about five miles from Lexington and not far from Boone's Station where Edward and his family lived. Several of Edward's kin had settled at Bryan's, among them two of his sisters, Mary Boone (wife of William Bryan) and Elizabeth Boone (wife of William Grant). The brothers took five horses with them and, after getting three of the horses pretty well loaded, they decided to finish their load in the Licks. On their way to the Licks they came upon fourteen Shawnee Indians. Quickly they struck their course for the station and traveled some twenty miles [until] they got to Hinkston (now in Montgomery [County], Kentucky). They went into the creek which they followed for one mile then turned out on the opposite side where, satisfied they had lost the Indians, Daniel and Edward stopped to graze their horses in a grassy clearing. Edward sat down on a stump ... to watch the horses and was cracking some nuts on a stone in his lap while Daniel [went] ... scouting. When Daniel was about 1/4 mile up the creek he saw a bear and shot it. At the very same time seven guns cracked and Edward fell dead with five balls in his body. Seven ... Indian [attackers] ... scalped their victim. Upon hearing the seven guns fire, Daniel turned to see the other seven Indians ... dogging him and he immediately ran for the cane to screen him. This momentary delay [gave] Daniel his needed start, and by twisting and doubling in the dense cane, he finally shook off the pursuing savages. The Indians, however had with them what was called in the quaint diction of the backwoods a "smell-hound," which pursued him so relentlessly that he was compelled at length to waylay the animal, which dropped at the crack of his rifle. Daniel then started for Lexington and traveled by (staves). He arrived in Lexington while they were at breakfast and they immediately raised a company of seven men from several stations in the vicinity to go out and bring in Edward's body ... pursue the Indians and avenge his death. [Among the] members of this party were Abraham Scholl, Daniel Boone, Daniel's son Israel and Peter Scholl. When they arrived at the place where ... Edward Boone [died], they saw a wildcat eating the wound in the breast. The party then buried him on the side of the hill but they failed to overtake the Indians who had slain Edward. - 22 x. Edward Boone was born in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa 19 NOV 1740. Edward died 6 OCT 1780 in Blue Lick, Clark, Kentucky, at 39 years of age. His body was interred in Boone's Sta Farm, Nr Athens, Ky. He married Martha Bryan in Eaton Baptist Church Yadkin, North Carolina.


They had the following children:

      228            i.          George, 11418, M

      229           ii.          Charity, 11419, F (1760-)

      230          iii.          Joseph, 11420, M

      231          iv.          Jane, 11421, F

      232           v.          Mary Bryan, 11422, F

      233          vi.          Sarah, 11423, F


59. Joseph Bryan (Joseph3, Morgan2, Francis1), 16205, M.


60. Elizabeth Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11442, F.


61. Samuel Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11443, M. Born on 6 May 1756. Samuel died in 1837; he was 80.


1.  Hampton Bryan, is a son & 9th child of Samuel Bryan, who is the oldest son of William & Mary Boone Bryan.  Mary was sister to Daniel Boone. & d/o Squire & Sarah Morgan Boone.  Hampton Bryan (5/13/1795 prob. Pendleton Co., KY (? Bourbon Co.) - 9/19/1844 Grant's Lick, KY, bur. Oakland Cem.)  was married to Margaret "Peggy" Gosney (8/5/1803 Campbell Co., KY - 1/24/1888 Campbell Co., KY, bur.Oakland Cem.) on 6/22/1820 in Campbell Co., KY 

This is prob. NOT what you are looking for, but you seem on the right track.


Samuel married Mary Hunt, 14973, F. Born in ~1752.


1.  Related to Rhoda Hunt who married Daniel Mount.


62. Daniel Boone Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11444, M. Born in 1758 in Rowan Co., NC. Daniel Boone died in Jessamine Co., KY.


1.  From list of the Revolutionary War Soldiers that attended Col. Price's 4th of July in 1794:


Daniel Boone Bryan - was born in Rowan Co., North Carolina in 1758. He

was s son of William Bryan, one of the founders of Bryan's Station, who

was killed at this station.  His mother was Mary Boone, a sister to

Daniel Boone.  He died in Jessamine County.


63. William Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11445, M.


64. Phebe Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11446, F.


65. Hannah Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11447, F.


66. John Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11448, M.


67. Sarah Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11449, F.


68. Abner Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11450, M.


69. Mary Bryan (William Christopher3, Morgan2, Francis1), 11451, F.


1.  Is this really a daughter of this couple?



Fifth Generation



70. James Bush (Josiah4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6327, M.


71. John Bush (Josiah4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6328, M.


72. Philip Bush (Josiah4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6329, M.


73. Mildred Watts (Sarah Bush4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6312, F.


Mildred married Richard Breedlove, 6313, M.


They had one child:

      234            i.          Mildred, 6314, F


74. Susannah Watts (Sarah Bush4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6330, F.


75. John Vivion Bush (Phillip4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6331, M. Born on 12 Oct 1780. John Vivion died in Clark Co., KY, on 25 Jun 1822; he was 41.


1.  Served in the Revolutionary War.


On 22 Nov 1802 when John Vivion was 22, he married Sarah Martin, 6340, F, in Clark Co., KY. Born on 30 Sep 1780. Sarah died on 29 Jan 1859/60; she was 78.


1. Paul Basso -


1.  John Vivion BUSH , Jr. b: 1803

2.  Francis "Fanny" BUSH b: 24 JUN 1804 in Clark Co., KY

3.  James Braxton BUSH b: 1806

4.  Rebecca BUSH b: 1807

5.  Amanda BUSH b: 1808

6.  Rachel BUSH b: 1808

7.  Rhodes BUSH b: 1809

8.  William Martin BUSH b: 22 OCT 1809

9.  Jane E. BUSH b: 1811


76. Robert Bush (Phillip4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6332, M.


Robert married Barbara J Winn, 6341, F.


77. Nancy Bush (Phillip4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6333, F.


Nancy married John Gholson Bush (106) , 5275, M, son of Ambrose James Bush (28), 4354, M (8 Apr 1748-10 Feb 1815) & Lucy Gholson, 4364, F (15 Feb 1745/46-5 Jul 1814). Born on 28 Oct 1771. John Gholson died bef 1850; he was 78.


78. Frances Bush (Phillip4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6334, F.


Frances married William Wiglesworth, 6342, M.


79. Jane Bush (Phillip4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6335, F.


Jane married John Wiglesworth, 6343, M.


80. Thacker V Bush (Phillip4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6336, M.


Thacker V married Narcessa Neal, 6344, F.


81. Margaret Bush (Phillip4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6337, F.


Margaret married Tandy Quisenberry, 6345, M.


82. Sally Bush (Phillip4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6338, F.


Sally married Henry Parish, 6346, M.


83. Mary Bush (Phillip4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6339, F.


Mary married Samuel McMurtry, 6347, M.


84. William Watson Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6349, M.


William Watson married Elizabeth Sharp, 6352, F.


85. Wyatt Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6350, M.


Wyatt married Charlotte Lisle, 6353, F.


86. Anna Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6351, F.


Anna first married Aaron Sharp, 6354, M.


Anna second married A McGuire, 6355, M.


87. Jonathan Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6356, M.


88. Elizabeth Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6357, M.


Elizabeth married Moses Sharp, 6366, F.


89. Thomas T Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6358, M.


1.  Married cousin Cynthia  Bush


Thomas T married Cynthia Bush (104) , 6374, F, daughter of William"Capt. Billy" Bush (27), 4363, M (29 Oct 1746-25/26 Jul 1815) & Frances Tandy Burris, 4369, F (~1762-~1828).


90. Pauline Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6359, F.


91. Tilghman Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6360, M.


92. Nelson Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6361, M.


93. Pleasant Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6362, M.


1.  Married cousin Jane Bush


Pleasant married Jane Bush (105) , 6375, F, daughter of William"Capt. Billy" Bush (27), 4363, M (29 Oct 1746-25/26 Jul 1815) & Frances Tandy Burris, 4369, F (~1762-~1828).


94. Lander Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6363, M.


1.  Never married.


95. Lucy Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6364, F.


96. Mercer Bush (John4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6365, M.


97. William Tandy Bush (William"Capt. Billy"4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6367, M.


William Tandy married Sarah, 6384, F.


98. Elcana Bush (William"Capt. Billy"4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6368, M.


Elcana first married Polly Sweeny, 6382, F.


Elcana second married Mary Stone, 6383, F.


99. Willis Bush (William"Capt. Billy"4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6369, M.


Willis married Malinda Welsh, 6381, F.


100. Thomas J Bush (William"Capt. Billy"4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6370, M.


1.  Never  married.


101. Mary Bush (William"Capt. Billy"4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6371, F.


Mary first married Richard Stiles, 6379, M.


Mary second married Ben Heironymous, 6380, M.


102. Frances Bush (William"Capt. Billy"4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6372, F.


Frances married George Giddings, 6378, M.


103. Susannah Bush (William"Capt. Billy"4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6373, F.


Susannah married Chris Morrow, 6377, M.


104. Cynthia Bush (William"Capt. Billy"4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6374, F.


Cynthia first married Thomas T Bush (89) , 6358, M, son of John Bush (24), 4353, M (2   Feb 1741/42-Mar 1798) & Polly Tillman, 4366, F.


1.  Married cousin Cynthia  Bush


Cynthia second married Zack Elkins, 6376, M.


105. Jane Bush (William"Capt. Billy"4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6375, F.


Jane married Pleasant Bush (93) , 6362, M, son of John Bush (24), 4353, M (2   Feb 1741/42-Mar 1798) & Polly Tillman, 4366, F.


1.  Married cousin Jane Bush


106. John Gholson Bush (Ambrose James4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 5275, M. Born on 28 Oct 1771. John Gholson died bef 1850; he was 78.


John Gholson married Nancy Bush (77) , 6333, F, daughter of Phillip Bush (21), 4361, M (26 Feb 1737-26 Feb 1819) & Frances “Frankey” Vivion, 6325, F (5 Aug 1761-24 Sep 1842).


107. Jane Bush (Ambrose James4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 5276, F. Born on 22 Jan 1775. Jane died on 17 Jul 1837; she was 62.


108. Mary Bush (Ambrose James4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 5277, F. Born in ~1776.


Mary married Pendleton Heironymous, 9265, M.


109. Ambrose Bush (Ambrose James4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 5243, M. Born in 1779 in Orange Co, Va. Ambrose died in Clarke Co, KY, in Jun 1865; he was 86.


On 29 Jun 1798 when Ambrose was 19, he married Jane Quisenberry, 5244, F. Born on 22 May 1782.


110. Mary Esther Bush (Ambrose James4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 5278, F. Born on 28 Oct 1781. Mary Esther died on 26 May 1851; she was 69.


1.  May be child listed as  Estha listed in the Clark Co. Library, Winchester KY as child of Ambrose and Lucy (Gholson) Bush.  She married Durrett Lanford.


111. Jeremiah Bush (Ambrose James4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 5279, M. Born on 20 Jan 1789. Jeremiah died on 22 Dec 1842; he was 53.


Jeremiah married Nancy Harris Gentry, 9266, F.


They had one child:

      235            i.          Ambrose Gholson, 13110, M


112. Nancy Julia Bush (Ambrose James4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 5280, F. Born in ~1791.


Nancy Julia married Lindon Comstock, 9264, M.


113. Jennie Bush (Ambrose James4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 5281, F. Born in ~1795. Jennie died in ~1858; she was 63.


114. Fanny Bush (Francis4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6385, F.


115. Mary Bush (Francis4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6386, F.


116. Nancy Bush (Francis4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6387, F.


Nancy married Thomas Vivion, 6395, M.


117. Elizabeth Bush (Francis4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6388, F.


118. Fielding Bush (Francis4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6389, M.


119. Lucy Bush (Francis4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6390, F.


Lucy married Colby B Quizenberry, 6394, M.


120. Sallie Bush (Francis4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6391, F.


121. Jordan Bush (Francis4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6392, M.


122. Mildred Bush (Francis4, Mary Bryan3, William2, Francis1), 6393, F.


123. James Robeson Bryan (William4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6209, M.


James Robeson married Mary Anderson, 6210, F.


They had one child:

      236            i.          John, 6211, M


124. Andrew Bryan (William4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 14542, M. Born on 23 Nov 1772. Andrew died on 5 Aug 1845; he was 72.


Will and Administration Records of Livingston County, Missosuri 1837-1870 Wills OS Page: 2

Name: Andrew Bryan

To my wife Isabella.....40 A. of land towit the southwest fourth of the north fourth

section 4 township 56 range 25 to... To Andrew and Madison Austin heirs of William

Austin decd. proved John Austin, their guardian To John Austin, Snr of Tennessee.....

To my sons Thomas Bryan, Roberson Bryan,John Bryan, James Bryan and Andrew Bryan..... After the death of my wife to all of my children towit Margaret Bryan, Mary Bryan,

Thomas Bryan, Roberson Bryan, John Bryan, James Bryan, Elizabeth Bryan, Andrew Bryan.....


               John Austin and Thomas R. Bryan Exe

               Written 28 May 1845

               Witnesses William Keith and J C Crum

               Filed 6 Sept 1845 Abel Cox Clerk


Andrew married Isabella Ross, 14543, F. Born in 1780 in PA. Isabella died in Caldwell Co., MO, aft 1850; she was 70.


They had one child:

      237            i.          Thomas Ross, 14544, M (1806-1877)


125. Caty Davis (Jean (Jane) Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6065, F.


126. Henry Davis (Jean (Jane) Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6066, M.


127. James Davis (Jean (Jane) Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6067, M.


128. Martha Davis (Jean (Jane) Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6068, F.


129. Mary Davis (Jean (Jane) Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6069, F.


130. Nancy Davis (Jean (Jane) Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6070, F.


131. Wilson Davis (Jean (Jane) Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6071, M.


132. Jane Davis (Jean (Jane) Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6248, F. Born on 28 Mar 1763.


1.  Info from:  Edna Elizabeth Bevil Isbill, Draper, VA.


2.  McGrew & McMurtry


On 11 Oct 1783 when Jane was 20, she married James Calfee, 6249, M, in Wythe Co., VA. Born on 9 Sep 1762 in Wythe Co., VA. James died in Wythe Co., VA, on 1 Oct 1820; he was 58.


1.  Established a fee-charing ferry across the New River at the mouth of Reed Creek.

( Mary  B. Kegley, Glipses of Wythe Co., VA)


2.  1810 - Justice of the Peace for Wythe Co.  Court records indicate he was a prominent citizen.


3.  Also farmed


They had the following children:

      238            i.          Nancy, 6397, F

      239           ii.          Mary, 6398, F

      240          iii.          Martha, 6399, F

      241          iv.          Jane, 6400, F

      242           v.          John, 6401, M

      243          vi.          Henry, 6402, M

      244         vii.          Sallie, 6403, F

      245        viii.          Rhoda, 6404, F

      246          ix.          William, 6405, M

      247           x.          Catherine, 6406, F

      248          xi.          James Davis, 6250, M


133. Rhoda Davis (Jean (Jane) Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6396, F. Born on 23 Nov 1783 in Wythe Co., VA. Rhoda died in Wythe Co., VA, on 3 May 1844; she was 60.


On 17 Dec 1801 when Rhoda was 18, she married David Sayers, 6407, M, in Wythe Co., VA. Born on 30 Jan 1777 in Wythe Co., VA. David died in Wythe Co., VA, on 10 May 1845; he was 68.


They had the following children:

      249            i.          William, 6408, M

      250           ii.          Jane C, 6409, F

      251          iii.          Martha  Davis, 6410, F

      252          iv.          Mary Beatty, 6411, F

      253           v.          Susannah, 6412, F

      254          vi.          Henry Davis, 6413, M

      255         vii.          Nancy, 6414, F

      256        viii.          Joanna Crockett, 6415, F (1819-1898)


134. John Bryan (Andrew Morrison4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 4282, M. Born on 4 Mar 1774 in VA.


1.  A blacksmith by trade.


2.  Reputed to have married a Rebecca Bryan by whom he had five children:


William, Rees, Andrew, Parthenia and Elizabeth.


John married Rebecca Evans, 7621, F.


1.  Supposed wife per Bryan-Cole


They had the following children:

      257            i.          William, 7622, M

      258           ii.          Rees, 7623, M

      259          iii.          Andrew, 7624, M

      260          iv.          Parthenia, 7625, F

      261           v.          Elizabeth, 7626, F


135. Elizabeth Bryan (Andrew Morrison4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 4283, F. Born on 1 Jun 1776 in VA.


On 7 Jan 1797 when Elizabeth was 20, she married John Page, 6097, M, in Campbell Co., VA.


1.  Marriage date from Pamela Barber


136. William Akers Bryan (Andrew Morrison4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 4284, M. Born on 10 Oct 1778 in VA.


1.  Was reported to be a sleep walker who would get up and harness his horse in his sleep.


2.  Patricia Forrest <>

Has birth on 1st.


William Akers married Elizabeth DeJarnette, 6098, F.


1.  She migrated to MO in  1838 with son-in-law, James  Phelps Barley and settled in Pike Co.


They had one child:

      262            i.          Mary, 6099, F


137. Morrison Bryan (Andrew Morrison4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 4285, M. Born on 14 Feb 1781 in VA. Morrison died in Jamestown, Greene  Co., OH, on 7 Mar 1822; he was 41.


1.Text: Cain, Jenna, GenServ Bryan Family Genealogy Forum 8/23/99


On 29 Dec 1805 when Morrison was 24, he married Rhoda Johnson, 5299, F, in Greene Co., OH. Rhoda died in Jamestown, Greene Co., OH.


They had the following children:

      263            i.          Cynthia, 5301, F (1806-)

      264           ii.          Alanson, 5300, M (1808-1897)

      265          iii.          Talitha, 5302, F (1809-)

      266          iv.          Austin, 5303, M (1812-)

      267           v.          Albert, 5304, M (1815-)

      268          vi.          Clarissa, 5305, F (1818-)

      269         vii.          Neri, 5306, M (1820-)


138. James Bryan (Andrew Morrison4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 4286, M. Born on 23 Jun 1785 in VA. James died in Jamestown, Greene Co., OH, on 19 Apr 1864; he was 78.


1.  Patricia Forrest


On 2 May 1813 when James was 27, he married Mary “Polly” Johnson, 6101, F, in Greene Co., OH. Mary “Polly” died in Jamestown, Greene Co., OH.


They had the following children:

      270            i.          Anslem Lynch, 6102, M

      271           ii.          James Calloway, 6103, M

      272          iii.          John Lewis, 6104, M (1821-1911)

      273          iv.          Rhoda Ann, 6105, F (1823-1914)

      274           v.          Micajah, 6106, M

      275          vi.          Eli, 6107, M

      276         vii.          Allen, 6108, M

      277        viii.          Mary Ann, 6109, F

      278          ix.          Edwin, 6110, M


139. Mary Bryan (Andrew Morrison4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 4287, F. Born on 14 Jun 1787/88 in Campbell Co., VA. Mary died in Greene Co, OH, on 6 Sep 1839; she was 52. - Gail M. Orr Erickson


Mary married George Evans, 5282, M, son of Sampson Evans, 6561, M & Mary Lewis, 6562, F. Born on 3 Jul 1783 in Campbell Co., VA.


1.  Parents may be Sampson Evans and Mary Lewis.


They had the following children:

      279            i.          Daniel John, 5283, M (1818-1914)

      280           ii.          William L, 12812, M (-1870)


140. Thomas Bryan (Andrew Morrison4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 4288, M. Born on 25 Feb 1791 in VA. Thomas died on 6 Oct 1853; he was 62.


1.  Most of his descendants settled in Green Co., OH


On 12 Nov 1818 when Thomas was 27, he married Mary Bryan (143) , 6112, F, daughter of John Bryan (37), 3699, M (19 Dec 1756-Sep 1825(?)) & Catherine Evans, 3704, F (8 May 1766-19 Nov 1850). Born on 7 Oct 1791. Mary died in Green Co., OH, in 1843; she was 51.


They had the following children:

      281            i.          Patsy, 6118, F

      282           ii.          Rees, 6119, M

      283          iii.          Sydney, 6120, M

      284          iv.          Catherine, 6121, F

      285           v.          John, 6122, M

      286          vi.          Elizabeth Ann, 6123, F

      287         vii.          Morrison, 6124, M (1823-)

      288        viii.          Thomas, 6125, M

      289          ix.          James, 6126, M

      290           x.          Mary Jane, 6127, F


141. David Bryan (Andrew Morrison4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 4289, M. Born on 24 Oct 1793 in VA. David died in Mahaska Co., IA, on 26 Feb 1881; he was 87.


1.  Moved first to Jamestown, Green Co., OH and then to Mahaska Co., IA


On 15 Jun 1815 when David was 21, he married Mildred Johnson, 6128, F. Mildred died in 1881 in Mahaska Co., IA.


They had the following children:

      291            i.          Austin, 6129, M

      292           ii.          Miranda, 6130, F

      293          iii.          Juriah, 6131, M

      294          iv.          Elizabeth, 6132, F

      295           v.          Shockley, 6133, M

      296          vi.          Penelope, 6134, F

      297         vii.          Gabriella, 6135, F

      298        viii.          Matthew, 6136, M

      299          ix.          David, 6137, M


142. Rees Bryan (John4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6111, M.


1.  One known child - John Bryan V


Rees first married Bridget Evans, 6138, F.


Rees second married Elizabeth Jasper, 6139, F.


1.  Probably was a widow and Jasper is married name.


143. Mary Bryan (John4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6112, F. Born on 7 Oct 1791. Mary died in Green Co., OH, in 1843; she was 51.


On 12 Nov 1818 when Mary was 27, she married Thomas Bryan (140) , 4288, M, son of Andrew Morrison Bryan (33), 3696, M (14 Apr 1748-20 Apr 1821) & Mary Akers, 3702, F (15 Mar 1754-17 Feb 1823). Born on 25 Feb 1791 in VA. Thomas died on 6 Oct 1853; he was 62.


1.  Most of his descendants settled in Green Co., OH


They had the following children:

      281            i.          Patsy, 6118, F

      282           ii.          Rees, 6119, M

      283          iii.          Sydney, 6120, M

      284          iv.          Catherine, 6121, F

      285           v.          John, 6122, M

      286          vi.          Elizabeth Ann, 6123, F

      287         vii.          Morrison, 6124, M (1823-)

      288        viii.          Thomas, 6125, M

      289          ix.          James, 6126, M

      290           x.          Mary Jane, 6127, F


144. Bridget Bryan (John4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6113, F.


1.  Moved to Montgomery Co., MO


2.  Info Floreen Campbell  Levasseur of Oxford, MA


Bridget married Robert Russell, 6140, M.


They had one child:

      300            i.          Harmon, 6229, M


145. Agnes Bryan (John4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6114, F.


1.  Lived in Campbell Co. where they farmed.


Agnes married Ephraim Gardner, 6141, M.


146. Elizabeth Bryan (John4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6115, F.


Elizabeth married John Lewellen, 6142, M.


147. Catherine Bryan (John4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6116, F.


1.  Moved to Jefferson City,  MO


Catherine married Henry Robinson, 6143, M.


148. John Bryan (John4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6117, M.


John married Elizabeth Richardson George, 6144, F.


149. Mary Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6146, F. Born on 24 Nov 1783. Mary died on 30 Jul 1831; she was 47.


150. William Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6147, M. Born on 12 Mar 1785. William died on 17 Mar 1863; he was 78.


1.  Moved to MO.


2.  1850 Amherst Co, Virginia  census.


William married Susanna Lane, 7627, F.


1.  Correct name from Susan Alane as found in Cole and McGrew & McMurtry to Susanna Lane.

Correspondence with Shelia Gilbert a descendant of John H. Akers.  12/13/01 pjm

Sheila Gilbert <>


They had the following children:

      301            i.          John H, 11072, M

      302           ii.          Frances S, 11073, F

      303          iii.          James Morrison, 11074, M

      304          iv.          Ann M, 11075, F

      305           v.          Agnes B, 11076, F

      306          vi.          William C, 11077, M

      307         vii.          Elizabeth Marty, 11078, F

      308        viii.          Susan L, 11079, F

      309          ix.          Mary Ann, 11080, F

      310           x.          Thomas J, 11081, M

      311          xi.          Charles L, 11082, M


151. George Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6148, M. Born on 9 Jul 1787.


1.  Lived in Campbell Co., VA


2.  Glenda Ripple <>


George married Nancy Davis, 7628, F.


They had one child:

      312            i.          George Washington, 11129, M (1814-1898)


152. Rev. Peter Akers D.D. (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6150, M. Born on 1 Sep 1790. Peter died on 26 Feb 1886; he was 95. Buried in Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville, IL.


1.  Moved to Jacksonville, IL


2.  Murray Akers <>


3.  Peter was President of McKendree College in 1837


4.  Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Kane County.  It was edited by Newton Bateman, Paul Selby and Gen. John S. Wilcox.  Published by Munsell Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois 1904, page 12.


AKERS, Peter, D. D., Methodist Episcopal clergyman, born of Presbyterian parentage, in Campbell County, Va., Sept. 1, 1790; was educated in the commons schools, and, at the age of 16, began teaching, later pursuing a classical course in institutions of Virginia and North Carolina.  Having removed to Kentucky, after a brief season spent teaching at Mount Sterling in that State, he began the study of law and was admitted to the bar in 1817.  Two years later he began the publication of a paper called "The Star," which was continued for a short time.  In 1821 he was converted and joined the Methodist church, and a few months later began preaching.  In 1832 he removed to Illinois, and, after a year spent in work as an evangelist, he assumed the Presidency of McKendree College at Lebanon, remaining during 1833-34; then established a "manual labor school" near Jacksonville, which he maintained for a few years.  From 1837 to 1852 was spent as stationed minister or Presiding Elder at Springfield, Quincy and Jacksonville.  In latter year he was again appointed to the Presidency of McKendree College, where he remained five years.  He was then (1857) transfered to the Minnesota Conference, but a year later was compelled by declining health to assume a superannuated relation.  Returning to Illinois about 1865, he served as Presiding Elder of the Jacksonville and Pleasant Plains Districts, but was again compelled to accept a superannuated relation, making Jacksonville his home, where he died, Feb. 21, 1886.  While President of McKendree College, he published his work on "Biblical Chronology," to which he had devoted many previous years of his life, which gave evidence of great learning and vast research.  Dr. Akers was a man of profound convictions, extensive learning and great eloquence.  As a pulpit orator and logician he probably had no superior in the State during the time of his most active service in the denomination to which he belonged.


Peter first married Eliza S. Faris, 7629, F. Eliza S. died on 24 Jun 1821.


In ~1825 when Peter was 34, he second married Elizabeth Reed, 7630, F, in Lexington, KY. Born in Carlisle, KY.


1.  Also seen as Reid.


2.  According to T. Walter Johnson, Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, December, 1939, Volume XXXII, Number 4, Peter and Elizabeth had eleven children.


They had the following children:

      313            i.          Joshua Soule, 10518, M (1837-1913)

      314           ii.          George H, 12265, M


Peter third married Anna Goheen, 10517, F.


1.  Of Lebanon, IL


153. Elizabeth Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6151, F. Born on 16 Sep 1792. Elizabeth died in 1838; she was 45.


1.  No issue.


2.   Jerry Akers <>

lists marriage to Nathaniel Akers with the following children:

1.  Burwell Akers b: [1814]

2.  Clairborne Akers b: [1816]

3.  Patty Akers b: [1818]

4.  Nancy Akers b: [1820]

5.  Lu Akers b: [1822]

6.  Sarah Akers b: [1824]

7.  Robert Akers b: [1826]

8.  Hudson Akers b: [1828]

9.  Jackson Akers b: [1830]

10.  Samuel Akers b: [1832]

11.  Nathaniel Akers b: [1834]

12.  William Akers b: [1836]


Elizabeth married John Bradley, 7631, M.


154. Nancy Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6152, F. Born in 1794. Nancy died on 17 Jul 1856; she was 62.


Nancy married Pleasant Cavial Bagby, 7632, M.


155. Agnes Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6153, F. Born on 28 Jan 1795. Agnes died.


156. John Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6154, M. Born on 11 May 1797. John died on 1 Dec 1873; he was 76.


1.  Farmer in Campbell Co., VA


John first married Cynthia Clay Cheathas, 7633, F.


John second married Elizabeth Labarie, 7634, F.


157. Bryan Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6157, M. Born on 4 Nov 1802. Bryan died in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA, in 1880; he was 77.


1.  Farmer and auctioneer of some  note in the area of Lynchburg, Va.


2.  Death from:  Jerry Akers <>


Bryan married Martha Morton Moore, 7635, F.


158. Martha Archer Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6156, F. Born in Sep 1803.


1.  Donna -


159. Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6145, ?


160. Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6149, ?


161. Akers (Agnes Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6155, ?


162. John Cole (Catherine "Kittie" Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 644, M. Born on 19 Oct 1790 in Salem, VA. John died in IA.


1.  Died not far from Iowa City, IA.


2.  Expert in gig fishing.


3.  Fleet of  foot and almost unbeatable in a foot race.


John married Hannah Chevalier, 3279, F.


They had the following children:

      315            i.          Sulmy, 3280, F

      316           ii.          Austin, 3281, M

      317          iii.          Samuel, 3282, M

      318          iv.          Anthony, 3283, M

      319           v.          Absalom, 3284, M


163. Elizabeth Cole (Catherine "Kittie" Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 645, F. Born on 11 Sep 1792 in near Wheeling, VA. Elizabeth died in Allen’s Grove, Mason Co., OH, on 20 Aug 1863; she was 70.


On 20 Dec 1810 when Elizabeth was 18, she married Truman Munger, 3285, M, son of Edmund Munger, 5491, M (30 Sep 1763-14 Apr 1850) & Eunice Judd Kellogg, 5547, F (13 Aug 1767-8 Jan 1868), in Montgomery Co,  OH. Born on 19 Jan 1789 in Washington, CT. Truman died in Prairie City, McDonough Co., IL, on 18 May 1876; he was 87.


They had one child:

      320            i.          Katherine Malinda, 3289, F


164. Mary Bryan Cole (Catherine "Kittie" Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 646, F. Born on 17 Oct 1794 in Salem, VA. Mary Bryan died on 9 Sep 1852; she was 57.


1.  Bryan-Cole book


2.  The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New Vol I

Kellogg Book puts her death in 1853.


On 17 Dec 1812 when Mary Bryan was 18, she married Edmund Kellogg Munger, 3286, M, son of Edmund Munger, 5491, M (30 Sep 1763-14 Apr 1850) & Eunice Judd Kellogg, 5547, F (13 Aug 1767-8 Jan 1868), in Centerville, Montgomery Co., OH. Born on 30 Sep 1790 in Rutland Co., VT. Edmund Kellogg died in Bentonville,  Fayette Co., IN, on 10 Jun 1872; he was 81.


1.  P. Pavel <>


2.  Moved from OH about 1821 and settled in Posey Township, Fayette Co., IN.  His family were among the earliest residents of Dayton.


3.  MONGER         Edmond K.      59   M         Farmer         4,500     Vt

 35  310  -   MONGER         Mary           55   F                                  Vir

 36  310  -   MONGER         Eunice         36   F                                  Ohio

 37  310  -   MONGER         Samuel         26   M         Farmer         500       Ind

 38  310  -   MONGER         Martha         23   F                                  Ind

 39  310  -   MONGER         Mary           21   F                                  Ind

 40  310  -   MONGER         Lazarus        18   M         Laborer                  Ind                     X

 41  310  -   MONGER         Edmond         16   M         Laborer                  Ind


They had the following children:

      321            i.          Eunice, 5492, F (1814-1884)

      322           ii.          Norman, 5493, M (1815-1885)

      323          iii.          Margaret, 5494, F (1817-)

      324          iv.          Truman, 5495, M (1818-1857)

      325           v.          Elizabeth, 5496, F (1821-)

      326          vi.          Samuel, 5497, M (1824-1896)

      327         vii.          Martha, 5498, F (1827-1880)

      328        viii.          Mary, 5499, F (1829-)

      329          ix.          Lazarus, 4178, M (1831-1909)

      330           x.          Edmond, 5544, M (1833-1913)

      331          xi.          Louisa, 5500, F (1836-1843)


165. Susanah Cole (Catherine "Kittie" Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 647, F. Born on 14 Nov 1796. Susanah died in in infancy.


166. Phillip Cole (Catherine "Kittie" Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 648, M. Born on 19 Nov 1797 in Salem, VA.


1.  Was a house joiner and carpenter of some note.


2.  Swift of foot like John!


4.  Died at the Falls of the Ohio while visiting his wife’s parents.


In 1819 when Phillip was 21, he married Elizabeth Myers, 3287, F, in Mongomery Co., OH.


1.  one boy, one girl both  died in infancy


They had the following children:

      332            i.          unknown, 3300, M

      333           ii.          unknown, 3301, F


167. Jacob L. Cole (Catherine "Kittie" Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 649, M. Born on 8 Apr 1800 in Botetourt Co., VA. Jacob L. died in Clinton Co., IN, on 20 Aug 1866; he was 66. Buried in Old Michigantown Cemetery, Clinton Co., IN.


1.  Information from Debbie Morningstar Powell.  <>

 David G. Miller <>


2. David reports  middle name as Long


3.  1850 Rush Co., IN census


Cole, Jacob L.   50  farmer born VA

Mary A.  43  born PA

Julia A.  21 born IN

Nancy A. 18 born IN

Samuel 16 born IN

Ruth A.  11 born IN

Andrew M.B. 10 born IN


On 22 Feb 1828 when Jacob L. was 27, he married Mary Ann Miller, 2685, F, daughter of John Miller, 5438, M (~1770-5 Aug 1808) & Ruth A. Stephens, 5439, F (25 Mar 1773-2 Apr 1850), in Fayette Co., IN. Born on 25 Mar 1807 in PA_. Mary Ann died in Clinton Co., IN, on 7 Dec 1894; she was 87. Buried in Old Michigantown Cemetery, Clinton Co., IN.


1.  Info from:  Abbrev: Bible Records of Mary Ann Miller Cole

 Title: Bible Records of Mary Ann Miller Cole

  Publication: Copies from Mary Ann Cole's Bible which was Published in 18 44

Copies were provided by Mary Ellen Mattingly (to David Miller)


They had the following children:

      334            i.          Julia A, 2686, F (1829-)

      335           ii.          Nancy A, 2687, F (1831-)

      336          iii.          Samuel Decatur, 2688, M (1833-1922)

      337          iv.          Ruth A, 2689, F (1835-)

      338           v.          Andrew Morrison Bryan, 2690, M (1839-1887)


168. Samuel Cole (Catherine "Kittie" Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 650, M. Born on 24 Sep 1802 in Va. Samuel died in Miamisburg, OH.


1.  Noted for his ingenious turn of mind.


Samuel married Sophia Watson, 3288, F.


They had the following children:

      339            i.          James, 3290, M

      340           ii.          Nelson, 3291, M


169. Andrew Morrison Bryan Cole (Catherine "Kittie" Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 641, M. Born on 27 Nov 1804 in Botetourt Co., VA. Andrew Morrison Bryan died in Bentonville, Fayette Co., IN, on 16 Oct 1887; he was 82. Buried in Bentonville, Fayette Co., IN.


1.  Skilled carpenter.


2.  From "Village Memories" A history of Bentonville, IN:  When the Christian Church reorganized (8/9/1838), 16 men and 33 women were members.  They met in homes or outdoors.  One meeting place "was the William Cole cabin located approx. 40 rods northeast of the present church."  In 1844 the group bought ground for a church and cemetery.  "A church was soon built by the carpenter, Andrew M. B. Cole."  Elsworth Cole was mentioned as an early minister.


3.  Buried in cemetery by Christian Church.


4.  Death date from Bentonville Cemetery Book.


5.  Along with Peter Kemmer, he hewed the logs used to build the Bunker School 3 miles NW of Bentonville.  Time frame - about 1831. This school burned about 1854.



Of Henry County, Indiana



 From sketch of Sanford L. Cole


“Sanford L. Cole was born in Fayette County, Indiana, on the 10th ofJuly. 1846,

and is the son of A. M. B. and Mahala (Gard) Cole. The Cole familywere originally

from Virginia and were of German descent. When A. M. B. Cole was a lad of four

years his father crossed the mountains from his native stateinto Montgomery

County, Ohio, where he followed the occupation of a wagon makerand carpenter.

About 1823 he removed to Fayette County, Indiana, and there entered forty acres

of land. It was in the midst of a dense woods and in true pioneer style he at once

erected a cabin and started in to create for himself and family a home. He lived

there for some years, and when he disposed of the place A. M. B. Cole, the father

of the subject, bought a farm near by and entered upon its improvement. He married

Mahala Gard whose parents had come from Ohio and had also settled in that locality

as pioneers. They later sold their first entry and bought one hundred and one acres of

timberland, on which they made their home until the death of the father. He had added

to his first purchase until he owned at the time of his death one hundred and ninety-six

acres. He was well known in Fayette County, was a public-spirited citizen and in politics

was a Republican. He was a member of the Christian church throughout his life and died

in that faith. To A. M. B.Cole and his wife there were born the following children: Perry P., Phillip,Alvin, Catherine, Elizabeth, Jerry, Sarah J, Sanford R, Benjamin F, and Morrison B.


7.  From Jan Hoffman:

Have Andrew Morrison Bryan Cole and Mahala in 1850, 1860, and 1870 census for Fayette, Posey Twp.  Age 8 on 1860 census and 19 on 1870 census.


On 14 Feb 1828 when Andrew Morrison Bryan was 23, he married Mahala Gard, 1032, F, daughter of Jeremiah Gard, 1377, M (~1774-bef 1820) & Mercy Massy, 1376, F (~1782-), in Fayette Co., IN. Born on 11 Sep 1810 in Hamilton Co., OH. Mahala died in Bentonville, Fayette Co., IN, on 8 May 1882; she was 71. Buried in Bentonville, Fayette Co., IN.


1  Birth date from Bob Jarrett.


They had the following children:

      341            i.          Perry Pease, 1041, M (1829-1910)

      342           ii.          Phillip P, 1042, M (1831-1898)

      343          iii.          Melvin, 1043, M (1833-1907)

      344          iv.          Alvin, 1044, M (1835-1837)

      345           v.          Catherine, 1045, F (1837-1922)

      346          vi.          Elizabeth B, 1033, F (1839-1914)

      347         vii.          Jeremiah Gard, 640, M (1840-1917)

      348        viii.          Sarah Jane, 1046, F (1844-1908)

      349          ix.          Sanford Leffingwell, 1035, M (1846-1912)

      350           x.          Benjamin Franklin, 1039, M (1849-1928)

      351          xi.          Morrison Bryan, 1037, M (1851-1921)


170. William Cole (Catherine "Kittie" Bryan4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 651, M. Born on 22 Aug 1810 in OH(?).


1.  Music teacher and shoemaker.


2.  Went to Mason City, IL where he was a bootmaker.


3.  Death Certificate of daughter Angeline lists his birthplace as OH


4.  The 1850 Fayette County Posey Twp. census lists Cole, Wm. 40 shoemaker b. OH; Matilda 36 b. MD; Moses 6, b. IN; Alfred 4, b. IN; and Amos 2, b. IN. 



   State:  IL  Year:  1860

   County:  Mason County  Record Type:  Federal Population Schedule

   Township:  San Jose P. O.  Page:  436



6.  Information on line of son, Moses F. Cole from:

Richard J. Cole

1746 Lone Pine Ln.

Mosinee, WI 54455

715 457-2824


On 30 May 1833 when William was 22, he first married Eliza Ann Ellis, 3292, F, in Fayette Co., IN. Eliza Ann died bef 1844.


1.  Listed in IN pre 1850 marriages as William Coles.


They had the following children:

      352            i.          Lewis E, 3294, M (-1862)

      353           ii.          Myron, 3295, M

      354          iii.          Angeline, 4177, F (1834-1918)


On 16 Jan 1844 when William was 33, he second married Matilda Floyde, 3293, F, in Fayette Co., IN.


They had the following children:

      355            i.          Moses F, 3297, M (1844-1927)

      356           ii.          Alfred F, 3298, M (1846-)

      357          iii.          Amos, 3296, M (1848-)

      358          iv.          Louisa, 3299, F


171. Cinthia Bryan (Andrew4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6173, F.


172. Mary Bryan (Andrew4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6174, F.


173. Cameron Lewis (Margaret Bryan4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6175, M.


174. Agnes Lewis (Margaret Bryan4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6176, F.


175. Jane Lewis (Margaret Bryan4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6177, F.


176. John Lewis (Margaret Bryan4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6178, M.


177. Frances Lewis (Margaret Bryan4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6179, F.


178. Elizabeth Lewis (Margaret Bryan4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6180, F.


179. William Bryan (John4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6182, M.


180. John Bryan (John4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6183, M.


181. Jane Eliza Bryan (John4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6184, F.


182. Nancy Ann Bryan (John4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6185, F.


183. Martha Ann Bryan (John4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6186, F.


184. Robert G Bryan (John4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6187, M.


185. Silas S Bryan (John4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6188, M.


186. Russel B Bryan (John4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6189, M.


187. Andrew G Bryan (Charles4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6191, M. Born in ~1817.


188. William T Bryan (Charles4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6192, M. Born on 2 Nov 1818. William T died on 14 Jun 1857; he was 38.


189. Martha  Ann Bryan (Charles4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6193, F. Born in 1822. Martha  Ann died on 19 Dec 1866; she was 44.


190. daughter Bryan (Charles4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6194, F. Born in ~1826.


191. John Bryan (Charles4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6195, M.


192. Charles H. Bryan (Charles4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6196, M. Born in 1824 in Mason Co., WVA. Charles H. died in 1900; he was 76.


In 1852 when Charles H. was 28, he first married Susan Kichloe, 7636, F.


They had one child:

      359            i.          Elizabeth, 7638, F


Charles H. second married Elizabeth Rockliffe, 7637, F. Elizabeth died on 14 Feb 1898. Buried in Old DeSoto Cemetery.


They had the following children:

      360            i.          Hettie Ann, 7639, F

      361           ii.          Albert R, 7640, M

      362          iii.          Charles, 7641, M

      363          iv.          Gregory Rockcliffe, 7642, M

      364           v.          William Ashburn, 7643, M

      365          vi.          Lillian, 7644, F

      366         vii.          Harry, 7645, M

      367        viii.          Harry Howard Walter, 7646, M


193. Lovel Bryan (Robert4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6197, M. Born on 1 May 1820 in Mason Co., WVA. Lovel died in MO on 7 May 1894; he was 74. Buried in Bennett Bryan Cemetery, Clear Creek, Belgrade,  MO.


Lovel married Elvira George, 7647, F.


They had the following children:

      368            i.          Fannie Eliza, 7648, F

      369           ii.          Nancy “Nannie”, 7649, F (1865-)

      370          iii.          Dora, 7650, F

      371          iv.          Maggie, 7651, M

      372           v.          Lovel, 7652, M

      373          vi.          Lelia, 7653, F


194. Agnes Bryan (Robert4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6198, F. Born in ~1825 in Mason Co., WVA.


1.  Came to  MO about 1840.


On 2 Aug 1848 when Agnes was 23, she married John Hutchings II, 6207, M, in Washington Co, MO. Born in ~1813.


They had the following children:

      374            i.          Alice, 7654, F

      375           ii.          Martha, 7655, F

      376          iii.          Thomas, 7656, M

      377          iv.          Harriet “Hattie”, 7657, F

      378           v.          Lizzie, 7658, F

      379          vi.          Francis, 7659, M

      380         vii.          John, 7660, M


195. Robert Bryan (Robert4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6199, M.


1.  Physician


2.  Never married


3.  Crippled


196. Mary Bryan (Robert4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6200, F. Born in ~1833 in Mason Co., WVA.


1.  Birth from 1870 Washington Co. census


2.  Went to TX


Mary married Isaac Benning, 6206, M. Born in ~1819.


They had the following children:

      381            i.          Dora, 7661, F

      382           ii.          Frank, 7662, M

      383          iii.          Nell, 7663, F

      384          iv.          Joseph R., 7664, M

      385           v.          Mary Fannie, 7665, F

      386          vi.          William S, 7666, M

      387         vii.          Lucy, 7667, F

      388        viii.          Lem, 7668, M


197. Thomas Bryan (Robert4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6201, M. Thomas died in ~1861.


198. Columbus Bryan (Robert4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6202, M.


1.  Died unmarried


199. Bennett Bryan (Robert4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6203, M.


200. Andrew Bryan (Robert4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6204, M.


Andrew married Sarah Gillam, 6208, F.


201. Frances “Fanny” Bryan (Robert4, James3, William2, Francis1), 6205, F.


1.  Married cousin


Frances “Fanny” married Robert Carric Bryan (410) , 6438, M, son of William Bryan (204), 3565, M (5 Apr 1802-24 Dec 1858) & Mahala Benning, 6434, F (25 Jan 1805-2 Oct 1871). Born in 1844.


They had the following children:

      389            i.          George R, 14516, M

      390           ii.          Nellie, 14517, F

      391          iii.          Zoe, 14518, F


202. Margaret Bryan (James4, William3, William2, Francis1), 4334, F. Born on 23 Oct 1795 in Salem, VA. Margaret died on 8 Jul 1871; she was 75. Buried in East Hill Cemetery, Salem, Botetourt Co., Salem, VA.


1.  Was only one of children who did not move with family to MO.


On 9 Mar 1814 when Margaret was 18, she married William Curle Williams, 4335, M, in Salem, VA. Born in 1785 in England. William Curle died in 1852; he was 67.


1.  Rev. Dr. Thornton Whaling line.    Dr. Whaling is deceased.  (3/30/01pjm)


2.  Dates from   Whaling informants for the McGrew & McMurtry book.


3.  Of Welsh descent.


4.  He was a contractor and erected  the jail,  courthouse, and other public buildings in Salem. VA.


5.  Owned a large tract of land in Roanoke County and was prominent in political life.


They had the following children:

      392            i.          Eliza, 6421, F

      393           ii.          UNNAMED, 6423, ?

      394          iii.          UNNAMED, 6424, ?

      395          iv.          UNNAMED, 6425, ?

      396           v.          George Washington, 6422, M

      397          vi.          Mary Jane, 6426, F

      398         vii.          Lucinda, 6427, F

      399        viii.          William, 6428, M

      400          ix.          Fannie, 6429, F

      401           x.          Martha, 6430, F

      402          xi.          Charles E, 6431, M

      403         xii.          John, 6432, M

      404        xiii.          Virginia, 6433, F

      405        xiv.          Agatha, 6268, F


203. Robert Bryan (James4, William3, William2, Francis1), 3564, M. Born on 14 Apr 1800 in Salem, VA. Robert died in Washington Co, MO, on 2 Jun 1872; he was 72.


1.  Never married.


2.  He and younger brother, William Bryan, built a grist mill on Clear Creek which was said to be the best in the Belgrade section of Washington Co., MO.


3.  Family tradition says that because of some  family disaproval of the girl he  proposed to marry, he chose to remain single.


4.  Washington Co., MO 1870  Osage-Bellview Twp.

313 Robt. Bryan 70, VA; Mahala 65, KY; Salome Maxwell 56 VA.

(Mahala (Benning) Bryan was widow of his brother William and Salome Maxwell was his sister.)


204. William Bryan (James4, William3, William2, Francis1), 3565, M. Born on 5 Apr 1802 in Salem, VA. William died in Washington Co, MO, on 24 Dec 1858; he was 56. Buried in Bennett Bryan Cemetery, Clear Creek, Belgrade,  MO.


1.  According to McGrew & McMurtry William  married Mahala Benning. Rena Worthen reports wife as Alice Mary Hill b. 3 Apr 1849.  (Have  changed  wife in records to reflect information from McGrew & McMurtry. 4/1/2001. pjm)



2.  Farmed 185 acres and helped operate the  ‘Bryan Mill”


3.  Reputedly a Whig


4.  Served as Deacon and elder of the Bellevue Presbyterian Church.


On 29 Sep 1825 when William was 23, he married Mahala Benning, 6434, F, in MO. Born on 25 Jan 1805 in KY. Mahala died in Clear Creek Farm, Belgrade, MO, on 2 Oct 1871; she was 66. Buried in Bennett Bryan Cemetery, Clear Creek, Belgrade,  MO.


They had the following children:

      406            i.          George Gray, 4905, M (1827-)

      407           ii.          Jane, 6435, F (1837-)

      408          iii.          Ellen Ann, 6436, F (1839-1931)

      409          iv.          Eliza N, 14520, F (1842-)

      410           v.          Robert Carric, 6438, M (1844-)

      411          vi.          Catherine “Alice”, 6437, F (1847-)


205. James Bryan (James4, William3, William2, Francis1), 4897, M. Born on 15 Oct 1804 in Salem, VA. James died in Washington Co, MO, on 10 Sep 1835; he was 30.


1.  No known marriage. NFI


206. Lucy Bryan (James4, William3, William2, Francis1), 4898, F. Born on 17 Aug 1807 in Salem, VA. Lucy died in near Belgrade, MO, on 12 Jul 1888; she was 80. Buried in Bryan Cemetery on Big River.


In ~1829 when Lucy was 21, she married Christopher Woods, 4906, M. Born in 1791. Christopher died in 1863; he was 72. Buried in Bryan Cemetery on Big River.


They had the following children:

      412            i.          Elizabeth Ann, 6439, F (1830-)

      413           ii.          Mary Jane, 6440, F (1832-)

      414          iii.          James, 6441, M (1834-)

      415          iv.          Samuel M, 6443, M (1835-)

      416           v.          Margaret, 6442, F (1836-)

      417          vi.          Catherine, 6444, F (1838-)

      418         vii.          Emily, 6445, F (1841-)

      419        viii.          William, 6446, M (1843-)

      420          ix.          Sarah, 6447, F (1845-)

      421           x.          George C, 6448, M (1847-)


207. Charles Bryan (James4, William3, William2, Francis1), 4899, M. Born on 16 Jul 1809 in Salem, VA. Charles died in near Belgrade, MO, on 17 Oct  1867/68; he was 58. Buried in Bennett Bryan Cemetery, Clear Creek, Belgrade,  MO.


1.  Lived across the road from  the James Bryan Homestead on Big River.


On 10 Feb 1841 when Charles was 31, he first married Catherine Hicks, 4907, F. Born on 4 May 1825. Catherine died on 4 Sep 1867; she was 42. Buried in Bennett Bryan Cemetery, Clear Creek, Belgrade,  MO.


They had the following children:

      422            i.          Samuel C, 6449, M

      423           ii.          Sarah Jane, 6450, F

      424          iii.          Emily, 6451, F

      425          iv.          Stephen Dunklin, 6452, M

      426           v.          Eliza, 6453, F

      427          vi.          Joseph, 6454, M

      428         vii.          Martha Isabelle, 6455, F

      429        viii.          Hester, 6456, F

      430          ix.          Mary Lucy, 6457, F

      431           x.          Rebecca A, 6458, F

      432          xi.          Isaac M, 6459, M

      433         xii.          John, 6460, M


Charles second married Jane Hudson, 6420, F.


1.  No children from  this marriage.


208. Elizabeth Ann Bryan (James4, William3, William2, Francis1), 4900, F. Born on 10 Jul 1811 in Salem, VA. Elizabeth Ann died in Old MInes, Washington Co., MO, on 11 Jan 1885; she was 73. Buried in On farm at Old Mines,  MO.


1.  Member of  Bellevue  Presbyterian  Church at Calendonia and later the Presbyterian Church at Potosi,  MO.  At the time of her death at Old Mines in Washington Co. She had been a Presbyterian  communicant for 60 years.


2.  Union Twp., Washington Co., MO 1870

Eliza Breckenridge 59, VA; Jas. 33 VA; Sarah 30, VA; Narcissa 21 VA; Thoa. 19 VA; Ritta 16 VA.  (VA birthplaces for children probably in error.


On 31 Jan 1833 when Elizabeth Ann was 21, she married James Breckinridge, 4908, M. Born in 1802. James died in 1860; he was 58. Buried in On farm at Old Mines,  MO.


1.  Of Scots-Irish Presbyterian heritage.


2.  Family came from Northern Ireland to PA and then into  VA, KY and MO.


3.  James was an energetic and industrious farmer.  He had a library of well chosen books and was well-educated.


4.  Missing one child according to count of McGrew & McMurtry


5.  Children per Polly Phillips


They had the following children:

      434            i.          Parmelia Ann, 6461, F (1834-)

      435           ii.          George, 6462, M (1835-)

      436          iii.          James Bryan, 6463, M (1836-)

      437          iv.          Frances Marion, 6465, F (1837-)

      438           v.          Thomas Rankin, 6464, M

      439          vi.          John Cowan, 6466, M (1841-)

      440         vii.          Theodore Frelinghuysen, 6467, M (1844-)

      441        viii.          William Robert, 6468, M

      442          ix.          Narcissa Jane, 6469, F (1849-)

      443           x.          Mary Catherine, 6470, F


209. Catherine Bryan (James4, William3, William2, Francis1), 4901, F. Born in 1813 in Salem, VA. Catherine died in Washington Co, MO, in ~1880; she was 67.


1.  Dan McGrew, Lincoln, CA.


Catherine married James Maxwell, 4910, M. Born in 1813 in Botetourt Co., VA. James died in Washington  Co., MO, on 4 Jun 1877; he was 64.


1.  Polly Phillips list child Martha J b. 1842 and has Ellen as Mary E.


2.  Washington Co., MO, 1870, Osage- Bellview Twp.

55 Jas. maxwell 57 VA; Catharine 57, VA; Wm. 35, Joseph 24, John 19, Reed 14


They had the following children:

      444            i.          William “Will”, 6471, M (1835-)

      445           ii.          Sarah Jane, 6301, F (1834-1909)

      446          iii.          Ellen, 6475, F (1840-)

      447          iv.          Harriet L. “Hattie”, 6260, F (1844-1885)

      448           v.          Joseph, 6472, M (1846-)