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Henry Patey, born 1676 at Pouilly-Vingeanne, France, died 10/5/1746. Married Catherine Jarrand, born 1677, died 12/23/1747 at Pouilly.

Son, was Jean Patey, born 3/22/1716, died 10/15/1783 at Pouilly, France. Married Anne Petrot, born 10/24/1730, died 4/2/1803 at Pouilly.
Son, was Francois Patey, born 11/9/1762, died 2/23/1833 at Pouilly, France. Married Marie Chataux, born 9/3/1763, died 9/3/1802.

Francois & Marie had 8 children:

(1)- Jean (1780), (2)- Nicolas (1791),(3)- Jean Franqois (1793), (4)- Elisabeth (1794), (5)-*Augustin(1795), (6)-Nicolas Philippe (1797), (7)- Marie Anne (1799), (8)-**Simon (1801)

Son, **Simon, was born 2/17/1801, in Pouilly, France. He died in England(?), date unknown. Married Colombe Henry, from Couzon, on 5/3/1824. She was born 2/13/1803, died,(date?)

Simon & Colombe had 9 children:

(1)-Marie Anne Verene, born 9/1/1824 in Pouilly. Death date unknown. She married 2/9/1847 to Frederic Edouard Gindre in Grenchen, Switzerland. Their children were +Alfrede Marcellin, born 1/22/1848 and ++Marie Stephanie Amelie, born 10/19/1851. She married Jean Louis Coudor, 1/3/1897.
(2)-Therese Louise Columbe, born 2/15/1826 in Pouilly. Married Marcellin Joseph Crevoisier on 2/9/1847
(3)-Jeanne Francoise Anastase, born 6/5/1827, died 7/31/1827.
(4)-Marie Anastasie, born 4/19/1829, died 5/8/1829.
(5)-Pierre Alphonse, born 8/1/1830, in Gray.
(6)-Achile (Achille) Romain Francois , born 8/9/1831 in Gray, France. Died 12/31/1899 in Jersey City, New Jersey, America.
(7)-#Anastasie Pionot
(8)-Elisa, died 2/19/1879 (husband Edorian?)
(9)-Tiburce Charles Auguste, born 1833

Top picture is Gray, France in 1850, bottom, in modern times.



This is Colette Patey's great grandfather. Colette is a retired school teacher and lives in Gray, France. Without Colette, I would never had found Achile, my great grandfather. It was just by chance a letter I had sent out to many Pateys in France, arrived in Colette's hands and she could read English. Since then she has been of utmost help to me with the Patey genealogy and the documents she sent to me from Gray. "Thank you so much, Colette. It was wonderful finding a cousin and fellow genealogist!"


This is Achile's father, (my great-great grandfather). Simon was born and lived in Pouilly until 1829. Moved to Gray in 1830 (Achile born here) until 1836. In 1837 Simon, working as a merchant, is found in the town of Neufchateau, department Vosges, region Lorraine. In 1840, he moved to Ruettenen, located in the Canton, Solothurn, Switzerland. He took out a passport to go to the United States in 1849 but it is not known if he ever used it.


He is the son of MarieAnne Verene, (Achile’s sister). He was in the lumber business. In August of 1888 he got a paralysis of the tongue(?) He then fell off an omnibus on Ave. X in Paris and cut an artery. Then he got softening of the brain and went crazy. He was sent to a lunatic asylum in Switzerland. From there he went to a hospital in Dijon with the help of his cousin, Gedion. (Gideon(sp?)came over to America but went back to France to marry.)

*++Marie Stephanie

This is Alfrede’s sister and Marie Anne Verene’s daughter. J.L.Coudor,( her husband) was in charge of a butchery in Joan de Lorne. He supported his family (Marie and 3 children) and later his sister & brother-in-law. The butchery was controlled by a syndicate.

*#Anastasie Pionot

This was Achile’s sister. It is through her letter that I could find out dates, relations of people and family “gossip”. She lived in Paris in 1890.

**Achile (Achille)

Much of the data about Achile, was given to me by my cousin, George Patey. His father, Edward Patey and wife, Frances Hart Patey, lived with Achile and Marie when they first got married. As was noted before – some of the tales were found to be fiction and some are just family gossip that will probably never be substantiated.

Achile leaves France, then Switzerland in 1850. He took out a passport for (Annelies) Patey. On the passanger list, they have, "As" (they didn't even try to spell his first name) and the last name they left out the e, turning into As. Paty.
NOTE - This has been verfied as Achile through other documents...
He was 19 years old when he arrived in the United States on September 2, 1850, on the ship Elizabeth Dennis. He left from the port of Havre, France and debarked in New York. As much as can be pieced together through census records, Achile traveled back and forth from Jersey City, Hoboken & New York. 1859-60, lived at 218 Washington, Hoboken. His children, with the exception of Emil, were born in N.Y.

Achille married Marie Aberley. The date & place is still unknown. Family stories are that Achille, "met Marie on the boat coming over to America". This is not true. Marie came over to the United States on June 16, 1852 on the ship, Garrick from Liverpool, England. She was about 14 years old and traveled with her father, (John) Carl.

Marie Aberley (on passenger list as Maria Aberle) was born in 1838 in the Kingdom of Wuerttemberg, South Germany. (all records were destroyed during World War 2, for this area) She and her family traveled together. They arrived in NY on June 16, 1852. (There was 9 in their party). She then lived at 188 Wayne Street, Jersey City. Her father's name was (John)Carl Aberley. She was born March 25, 1838 in Germany and died in Jersey City, May 12, 1902.

(Some of the more colorful family stories attributed to Achile may never be proven but I feel we do have to mention them Achile was born a year earlier than he claimed, he was not born in Alsace Lorraine, but Gray, France. In all fairness, Achille was 6 years old when he moved to the Lorraine section of France and probably never remembered Gray..... George told me Achile started a wine business in America that his father financed. Last time his father ever got in touch with him, Achile had spent the money and borrowed from his customers. There is also a tale about him engraving a $20 plate and when the Revenue men came around, his wife took the plate and went for a ride on the ferry, tossing it into the Hudson River....This one was true.
According to the New York Herald, April 2, 1870, Achille was arrested October, 1869 in New York for having counterfiet money of various denominations with intent to pass. He was indicted in New York. Some time after that he was taken to New Jersey and there indicted for having engraved plates. He was then returned to New York to stand trial. On April 2, 1870 his case went to court and it was declared a miss-trial as it was illegal to have two same indictment against one party in two different states....having served 6 months in jail, Achille was released.

Achille & Marie had 4 children:

Emma, born 1856-7 in NY, lived in Jersey City. Married Edward MOTT. They lived in Newark, NJ and had 2 children.
1- Edward, married Laura (nee?) & had daughter, Diane and a son, Edward 111. He married and moved to Seacucas, NJ.
2- Gertrude, married Edward WEIDLICH, born 8/31/1903 in Jersey City. He died 11/30/1968 in Newark. They had one son, Robert, born in Bloomfield, who married Davina Johnstone.

Achille (Richard), born March,1863 in New York. He worked as a lithographer on Jane Street in New York. Achille married in 1887,(Kathy/Katie) Katherine DEMPSEY, who was born in 1865, in Ireland. Achille Jr. went by the name of Richard after he married.

They had 9 children:
Edward, born 1889 in NJ, died young as did 5 other unknown children.
(7) Gertrude, born Nov. 1889, in NJ married Michael CURRY. Her second husband was William HICKEY. Michael and Gertrude had two children, Kathleen and Michael (Mickey). (8) James Ward Patey, born 8/22/1901 & baptised in St. Bridget's church, in Jersey City, died 8/20/1955 (of a stroke, in Jersey City. He's buried in Holy Name Cemetery) James was a pipe fitter for MW Kellogg Co. He married Josephine (Grace) RIORDAN in 1926-27. They lived in JC at 25 Baldwin Avenue, then moved to Jewett Avenue in 1954. Both were members of St. Aedan's Church. Grace was born 2/10/1903, in NJ and died 1/1986 in Michigan. Buried in JC. She was a twin at birth, her male twin died in childhood. Her brother, Charles RIORDAN, married Dell.
James & Grace had 2 children:
--1--James Ward Jr. born 1/5/1929, died 12/29/1994 (buried in Houston, Texas) Married 9/25/1953 to Patricia Ann CAROLANS, born 1932 in Hoboken. They were divorced in the early 1980's. She moved to Edison, NJ in 1990. They had one child, now living in Texas, Kathleen Cecelia
--2--Margaret, born in 1927, married John KOEHN in 1950. He was born 10/30/26 and died 3/23/1990. They moved to Adrian, Michigan.
They had 8 children. They are listed on the data base.
(9) Thomas James, born 9/2/1904, baptised in St. Bridget's church in JC, died 3/1/1974. Married Alice Veronica LEE, born 6/28/1903, died 3/7/1985. They lived at 134 Clifton Place, Jersey City. Later moved to Oceanport, NJ. They had 2 children:
Richard Francis, born 1/4/1929, died 1991. Lived in Norfolk, VA.
Margaret Catherine, born 10/5/1931, Now living in Oceanport, NJ.

Edward, born 1866-7 in NY, died 9/1931, married Frances (Fanny)HART.
They had 8 children:
NOTE: Marie(Mary)Patey,mother, went to live with Edward after Achille Sr. died.
1- James, died as an infant
2- Gertrude, died as an infant
3- William, married Loretta McANDREWS in 1934. No children.
4- Robert Thomas, married Regetta ZINGARO. They had 2 children:
(1)Gertrude (Trudy) married Keith J. JEGGLIE (They had 2 children, Beth & Amy)
(2) Robert Thomas 2nd, married Janette BERGER (had son, Robert Thomas Patey 3rd.)

5- George, married Eva SCHWALK. They had 4 children:
George helped a great deal with the info for the "beginnings" of the PATEY family.)
(1) Karen, married Richard GARTNER. (Karen had 1 son, Richard. After Karen's death, George adopted Richard and gave him the PATEY last name. As of this writing he lives in Hawaii)
(2) George, married Karen DELSANDRO. They had two daughters, Laura & Sarah.
(3) Eileen, married William O'BRIEN.
(4) Donna Christine
6- Edward Jr., married Catherine KENNEDY, had 5 children:
(1) Edward, married Dorothy. No children.
(2) Raymond, married Marcelle STROHMEYER in 1947. They had 5 children.
(Raymond, Dennis, Deborah, Janine & Edward).

(3) Frank, married Mary (?). Had 2 children, a son & daughter, Laura.
(4) Rosemary
(5) John (Jack) married Mary. Had 2 children, John Jr. & Maryann.
7- Francis (Frank), married Ann CONNOLLY. (They had 2 children, Laura & Daniel)
8- Adeline, born 3/3/1905, died 9/17/1986. Married 10/17/1928 to Edward SCHULTZE. He died 12/6/1979. They had 2 children:
(1) Frances, married Edward KARABIN. (Had 2 children, James & Mary)
(2) Edward Jr., married Patricia HOMEWOOD. (Had 3 children, Donna, Linda & Michael)