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1676 TO THE YEAR 2003

The photo at the left is my direct Patey family, taken around 1914. Emil Sr's family - (Right to left), Margaret Cogan Patey, (wife of John Patey); Laura Patey; Elizabeth Patey (& her boyfriend); Grandpa Emil Patey; Grandma Elizabeth Bonsper Patey; Lou Patey & John Patey. Front row, Helen Patey and two unknown small children.
To the right - Emil Jr.'s family. Taken in 1942. (Right to left, top row), Mazie Ackerley Patey, below, husband (Emil) Edward Patey; Marie Spinola, below husband (Martin) Buster Wheelihan; Helen Wheelihan; Laura Patey, husband below, (Emanuel) Manny Ricciardelli; Catherine Patey, below husband, Joseph Molluso; Kate Hurst Wheelihan Patey and below her, Emil Patey Jr. with Grandson, Edward Jr. Missing from the family picture is Harold & Robert (Bobby) Patey (seen below) who were serving their country in the Army during WW2.

This branch of the PATEY family began its roots in Gray, France. Three Patey men took out passports to come to America in the middle 1800's. One, Achile Patey, is the man we are going to trace. He is my great grandfather. I don't know if Achile's father, Simon or his brother, Auguste,(Tiburce Charles Auguste) ever used their passports. That will be left to another researcher in the family.

NOTE: Spelling & first name changing seems to have been common in the early years of the settlers. Some didn't feel it that important - others just couldn't understand the French/German accents, when they arrived in America. So, the following have been found - Achille, himself, changed the spelling of his name. His birth certificate indicates that Achille is spelled with only one l. He always spelled it with two. Achille Jr., as an adult, took the more "American" sounding name of Richard. Also the last name PATEY seems to have gone through the Patee, Patie, Paytee, etc. stage. With this branch of the PATEY family, the spelling has always remained the same after arriving in America. Under each of our ancestors, I have listed names they had, at one time, been known as. Such as Marie Ablerley took on the name of Mary except in legal documents, etc. Other branches of the family, either arriving in America or while they were in France, England or Nova Scotia, Canada, might have spelled it differently.

I am Joan Vreeland Studer, daughter of Helen Patey Vreeland. This report will cover her immediate family. Since starting in 1975, I have accumulated a great deal of data, documents and family stories. It is impossible to include all of it on this website. So, if you are a member of this family and I have not included your name, please get in touch with me. ( I may still have it on my database and there was no room to post it or I have just goofed. Sorry! Please write me as I have a more detailed report for posterity.

I’d like to thank all who have contributed to my research, especially , my cousins, Colette in France, Laura Patey Ricciardelli, in Lakehurst, New Jersey, for her fantastic memory and encouragement; Trudy Patey Jegglie from Crystal Lake, IL; Mary Patey from Homosassa, FL; Margaret Patey from Oceanport, NJ and Kathleen Patey Rubinstein, who added a whole new branch ! And of cause my mother, Helen Patey Vreeland who started me on my search and was just as excited as I, when more information came to light. I wish she had lived to see Achile’s (her grandfather) life develop. This research is dedicated to my Mom.


Now let's begin to follow the footsteps of time – let us step back into 1676.
Henry Patey was born in Pouilly-Vingeanne, France.

He was the earliest known male of this Patey family.


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