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        Compiled by Stacy W. Turner, Grandson of David R. Brown and Ada Welford.

Josiah Brown, Greene County, Ms.

M. Sarah--------? Josiah Brown was -or has indications he was from NC. Have found no proof of that yet. There was a Josiah Brown who married a Sarah Smith in Mecklenberg Co. NC. In 1824, but birthdays do not match. There are several Josiah Browns at that time in our history. My Grandfather David R. Brown told me that his Grandmother had a lot of Indian in her, I do not know which side it was. But he could speak some Indian Language, taught his children to count up to ten in that language there was a Creek Indian named Josiah Brown in the NC area at the same time. Would love to find out the exact origin. A Josiah Brown had 200 Acres in 1825. in Greene Co. Ms.. 1830 census shows him there with a wife and five children, three of the children were, Thomas, Sarah, George Elias, After the 1830 census there is no more mention of Thomas or the other two children. About 1825 to 1835 a lot of Greene Co. People moved to the Mobile Area. Why---?. I would like for some other Brown Klan help complete this. There is many area that I could not complete because lack of leads, one was Sara Brown and Charles Gibson,

GCM, is Short for Greene Co. Ms. A lot have Greene Co. on them, but George Co, was made from Greene Co. in 1911. All or most all north of Hy98 was in Greene Co. until that time., MCA, Mobile CO.Al.


1. Josiah Brown, B-1781 in NC. D- Circa 1850-1860, M. to Sarah---? 1895. Both buried Dickerson Cem. In unmarked Grave.

George Elias Brown is the line we outline in this family line. George E. Brown joined the CSA Army along with his brother-in-law Joel Dickerson, I think he was in the 24 Inf CSA, along with Joel Dickerson, and George Elliott, He was wounded bad at the battle of Shiloh, was sent to the CSA hosp at Mt.Vernon Arsenal . Apparently He was discharged and died on his way home. George Elliott buried his son near him in the Futch cemetery. I cannot find his name listed there, except the director of Miss. Archives said that only about 40% of the enlistees were documented. Do not know if he could read or write.. He married Mary Ann (Polly) Welford. She lived with William Brown at the time of her death. My Grandfather David R. Brown could remember her well. I want to thank the following for their help, Jim Brown,  Donald Brown, Billy Brown, James Spears, Bobby Lind, E. B. McLeod Jr. Horace and Neal Brown who are both in their 90"s and have Great Memories. Mrs. Betty Malone, Mrs. Margaret Beech, Bill Thomas THANKS.

2. George E. Brown b. 1832, Greene Co Ms. D. June 1862, buried Futch Ce,. Greene Co. Ms. Mary Ann (Polly) Welford, B. 1831,D 1907, Buried Winborn Chapel.

    3. John W. Brown. b. 1847 d. 1932 Greene Co. Ms. m. Mary Ann Shepard B 1850 d 1932, both buried Winborn Chapel.

        4. Eugene Brown. b. 9-17-1875, d. 3-14-1947,GCM.M. Minnie P. Cowart,b 7-23-1874 d. 11-27-1955, Both Winborn Chapel,GCM

        4. Lewis W. Brown. b. 7-132-1878, d. 7-13-1921, GCM, m. Henrietta Alford GCM, Both Buried Winborn Chapel,GCM

4. . Charlie B. Brown. b. 10-28-1881, d. 12-28-1936 GCM., m. Louvenia Huggins, b. 2-24-1890, d. 12-4-1954, GCM, Both buried Winborn Chapel,GCM.

4. Barley Burl Brown. b. 5-15-1886, d 5-27-1955, GCM, Mary Elizabeth Denmark, b. 1-8-1889, d. 11-1-1964 GCM, Both Buried Winborn Chapel Cem. GCM

4. Gaines Brown b. 1888, GCM, Ruby Welford, b-12-7-1900

Edward Eugene Brown, b. 1-1-1923, d. 10-1-1932, GCM

4. William Brown b. 1982, d. 1918, GCM, m. Lois Lott b. 1899, d. 1923, Died in Magleor Sanitarium TB

3. William Elias (Eli) Brown, b. 6-26-1855, d. 3-4-1932, GCM, 1st. Loretta (Erett) Frye, b 3-4-1851, 7-8-1909, GCM, Both buried Sand Hill Cem. Greene Co. Ms., 2nd Luella (Crawley) Welford, b. 10=20-1867, d. 7-25-1924,GCM, Buried Mt. PisgahCem, GCM

4. George W. Brown. b. 10-14-1875, d. 5-30-1956 GCM, m. Inez Welford, b. 2-28-1879, d. 3-24-1965, Both Buried Sand Hill Cem. Greene Co. Ms.

4. Winnieford (Winnie) Brown b 1872, died young.

4. Mary Brown b. 11-2-1879, d. 5-30-1956, GCM, Robert A. McLeod, b 11-2-1875, d. 11-22-1964, GCM, Both buried Winborn Chapel, Cem. Greene Co. Ms

4. Theola Viloa Brown. b. 8-4-1877, GCM, d. 1-8-1926, m. William Howard (Will) Welford, b. 5-25-1868, GCM. d. 12-17- 1955, Both buried Rocky Creek Cem. George Co. Ms.

4. Argent Brown. b. 6-14-1887, d. 5-26-1957, GCM, m. William A. Green, b. 8-9-1877, d. 5-26-1957 GCM, Both Buried Pilgrims Rest, Cem. GCM

4. Napoleon Brown b. 8-6-1887, d. 3-13-1920 GCM, Buried at Macedonia, Cem. George Co. Ms.,m. Mary McLeod, b 3-28-1886, d. 10-5-1976, GCM, Buried Sand Hill Cem. GCM

4. William Henry Brown, b. 7-24-1885, d. 11-15-1961 GCM, Rushie Vermel Adams, b. 1-8-1890, d. 12-5-1975 GCM, Both Buried Sand Hill Cem. GCM

3. Henry Brown b. 7-1-1857, d. 3-19-1928, GCM, Florance E. Cooley, b. 1-12-1860, d. 7-1-1928, GCM, both buried Pine Grove Cem, Greene Co. Ms.

4. Eli Zirmmerman Brown, b. 10-31-1882, d. 12-19-1934, GCM, Effie McInnis, b. 8-16-1892, d, 3-10-1959, GCM, Both Buried Pine Grove Cem. Greene Co. Ms.

4. William Albert Brown b. 3-12-1886, d. 12-19-1958, GCM, Lola Maples, b. 11-18-1889, d 2-11-1976, Both Mt. Pisgah Cem. Greene Co. Ms.

4. Joseph L. Brown b. 7-14-1890, d. 11-1-9946. GCM, Margaret Lannie Box, b. 2-11-1885, d, 2-11-1976. Both Buried Pine Grove Cem., Greene Co, Ms.

4. Robert Thomas Brown, b. 11-11-1987, d. 12-8-1987, GCM, Buried Ball Cem. Greene Co. Ms.

4. Mary Catherine (Elsie) Brown b. 1892, Greene Co. Ms., m. Samuel C. Brannon, b. 1885, Greene Co. Ms.

4.Sarah Brown , B. Sept. 1894, Greene Co. Ms., m. Charles Gibson, B---------? Greene Co. Ms., , Lillie Gibson, B._________?

3. . William (Bill Brown) b 1860, Elvira Denmark, b. 3-3-1862, d. 5-29-1911, GCM. Both Buried Mt. Pisgah, Cem.. GCM

4 . Luvinia Denmark b. 10-13-1881, d. 2-19-1900, GCM, m. William Clayton Dueitt, b. 4-12-1859, d.   6-19-1937 GCM, Both Buried Mt. Pisgah, Cem. GCM

4. John Westley Brown b. Feb. 1885, b 1920, GCM, Buried Mt. Pisgah, Cem, GCM

4. John Redding Brown b. 7-7-1888, d. 7-17-1916, GCM, Died of a Rattlesnake Bite., Buried Mt. Pisgah Cem. GCM, m. Allie Wally, b. 8-1-1897, d. 8-28-1962 GCM

4, David Rosier Brown, b. 1-18-1891, d. 8-1- 1975, GCM, m. Ada Azlene Welford, b. 1-12-1892, d. 1-4-1972, GCM, Both Buried Mt. Pisgah Cem. GCM

4. Andrew L. Brown b. 6-12-1894, d. 10-23-1966, GCM, m. Amanda Denmark, b. 1-28-1901, d. 12-1999, GCM, Both buried Mt. Pisgah, Cem, GCM

4. Harriett Lydia Brown. b. 11-26-1887, d. 12-3-1964, GCM., m. Oliver Johnson Welford, b. 8-30-1889, d . 11-14-1963, GCM, Both buried Mt. Pisgah Cem. Greene Co. Ms.

4 Minnie Abigail Brown. b. 2-27-1866, d. 7-24-1931, GCM, m. David Clay Eubanks, b. Jan. 1852, d. 2-1935, GCM,Both buried Rocky Creek, Ms. George County, Ms.

4. Lee Browm b. 1869, d. 1941 Greene Co. Ms, Edwina McLeod, b. 1877, d. 1962, Both buried Winborn Chapel Cem. Greene Co. Ms