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CHAPTER 2 - Section Three

Walker Pettit
(b. 1798-1800 - d. after 1850)

Born about 1798 to 1800 in Kentucky (date range calculated by use of known transactions, tax lists and land records).

Editor's note: Information below is my opinion and contrary to oral family history. My research indicates that Walker was most likely the son of Benjamin, Jr. and Hannah (McNelly) Pettit. Documents are noted throughout this site mentioning sons of Benjamin - John Larrimore, James, Lee and William McDowell as well as daughter, Elizabeth. No known document mentions Walker as a son.

It is also unclear as to whether Robert Todd is the son of Benjamin Sr. or Benjamin Jr. because of a land transaction in 1822 when 200 arpens are sold for $600 to Robert at the same time sons Lee and William McDowell both receive gifts of land and slaves for one dollar ($1.00).

Walker participated in the War of 1812. He began his military career in November 1814 and served until May 15, 1815, as a private in Capt. Jonathan Owsley's Company of Infantrymen, 15th Regiment, Kentucky Militia. Documented ages of those participating in the War of 1812 range from as young as 10 to age 21 and older. While Walker may have been quite young and certainly not mature - it is reasoned that for him to have filed a lawsuit against the US pay-master in April 1815 he must have been at least 16.

Walker Pettit's muster report showing presenceClick for a larger image

Click on the smaller images to see a large - more clear image.

Muster Roll for Walker Pettit - War of 1812Company Roll - War of 1812 - Walker PettitWalker Pettit's Muster report showing his presence

Click here to see a larger image.Click on image to the left for a larger clearer image - Lawsuit filed by Walker demanding payment from the US Paymaster of the Military for his time of service (translated copy). This document gave the attorney power to act in Walker's absence.

Click on the image to the right to view a clearer image - Click here to see a larger image.Noted on the document is the statement and seal of Governor of the Mississippi Territory, David Holmes stating that J.M. Richards was in fact Justice of the Peace in the County of Adams and had authority to act in said manner.

Walker's parents (or grandparents) died one month apart in the summer of 1827 while visiting their daughter, Elizabeth (Pettit) Donahue in Warrenton, Warren County, Mississippi (six miles south of Vicksburg). Sister, Elizabeth died in November of the same year.

Elizabeth's daughter, Minerva married Horace Prentice in early 1828.

Walker Pettet is included on a list of persons charged with County Taxes on the tax book of the county of Hempstead, Arkansas Territory for the year 1824, who have removed from the county, so that the taxes with which they severally stand charged cannot be collected. Isaac Boon is also listed.
Ref: Tuesday Evening, March 1, 1825
Vol. VI No. 9 Whole No. 269
William Robinson, late Sheriff
Hempstead County, A.T.
February 25, 1825

Walker is listed on the 1830 Ouachita Parish, Louisiana census - ID# LAS3a1441860 - page 186 - married with a wife and two daughters under age 5. Wife, Keziah Lindsay (Lindsey), daughter of Charles and Mary Polly (Bennett) Lindsay/Lindsey, born circa 1807 South Carolina

Minerva (Donahue) Prentice, daughter of Walker's sister Elizabeth, and her husband Horace are also listed on this census as are William McDowell, either Walker's youngest brother or his uncle and James Newton Pettit, Walker's nephew or cousin the son of James Pettit, son of Benjamin Sr.

Walker is listed on the Teneha District of Coahila census - 1829 - 1835 as a married man of Catholic religion - age 28, wife Kizeah - age 27, daughter Emily J. - age 9, daughter Mary Ann - age 7, daughter Elizabeth Hannah - age 5, and son Benjamin Walker - age 3. (If this census was taken in 1835 - it would indicate that Walker might have been born as late as 1807 - which is not possible as Benjamin Jr. died in late 1803 or early 1804.)

Walker and family - Character Certificate

Click on images to see a larger / clearer image.Walker in Texas 1834

A character certificate is in box 75, folder 75 stored with the Texas General Land Office in Austin, Texas. This was issued by Nathan Davis, commisario, at the town of San Augustine on May 23, 1835. This certificate shows that Pettit was a native of Kentucky, a man of family consisting of six persons, and friendly to the laws and religion of Mexico. These certificates were required to be presented to the Mexican land comissioner when applying for land.

A league of land (about 4428 acres) was granted to Walker Pettit by the Mexican Government on July 22, 1835 in present day Hardin County. The title to the league of land was obtained through Lorenzo de Zavala's empresario contract with the Mexican State of Coahuila and Texas and was generally allocated to heads of household under the provisions of the 1825 Colonization Law of said state. This title is a Mexican title located in Box 57, Folder 1 and stored at the Texas General Land Office.

Walker transferred and sold his headright to the league to C. Thompson on December 13, 1836 in Nachitoches Parish, State of Louisiana for the sum of $500 - this transaction is recorded in the Hardin County Courthouse,
Volume P - Land Deeds - Page 615, 616, and 617.

1840 Republic of Texas Census - Walker Petit is listed on the on page 186 indicating he had land - 4605 acres.

1841 - Shelby County Tax List - Walker Pettet with 822 acres and 13 cattle

Walker appeared before the District Court of Shelby County in the fall of 1841 with an appeal to recover and recieve his First Class Headright for one league of land. November 2, 1841 he is granted his appeal. In 1838 a labour (177 acres) was granted as the Republic of Texas laws were more lenient than the Mexican laws regarding land and head of family.

1842 - November 7 land transaction to transfer 1,280 (one thousand two hundred eighty) acres to A.O. Hicks from his headright

1845 - Shelby County tax list - Walker Pettet

1846 - Shelby County tax list - Walker Pettet as a tax payer - ID# TXS4a2041695
Land - 822 acres / Value $411.

1847 - Shelby County tax list - Walker Pettet - as a tax payer with 13 cattle and hogs

1848 - Shelby County tax list - Walker and
Agent for Kissiah Pettet (Pettit) - tax payer with the cattle and hogs.

Walker is not listed with Keziah on the 1850 census at Truitts Store in Shelby County. Keziah is listed as head of household with children:
Mary Ann - age 20, Benj W. - age 18, Manervy G - (female) age 13, James M - age 9 and Louissa - (female) age 4

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