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Pettit   Petit

Pettitt   Pettiet

CHAPTER 2 - Section Three
Robert Todd Pettit (b. 1793 - d. 1866)

ROBERT TODD PETTIT was born 1793 in Lincoln Co, Kentucky, and died 1866 in Gonzales, Cty., TX. He married MELINDA LOGAN about 1817 in Missouri, daughter of DAVID LOGAN and NANCY THURMAN. Malinda was born about 1802 in Lincoln Co, Kentucky, and died about 1875 in Gonzales, Co., TX. (A lawsuit was filed by the heirs regarding the partition of 200 acres owned by Malinda.)

Note: There were Todd brothers present in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1770s - one specifically named Robert Todd - with Benjamin Pettit and Benjamin Logan. The Todd brothers were important in the settlement of Kentucky as they were surveyors.

Military service: Bet. 1812 - 1813, St. Louis, MO - Private in Capt. Boshee's mounted volunteers

Benjamin Pettett and Rebecca deed to Robert T. Pettett of Cape Girardeau for $600 land situated in Ste Genevieve lying on the River of St. Francois containing 200 arpens, which includes all improvements where James Pettett now lives, being a part of 800 arpens confirmed to Benj Pettett by the commissioners appointed to settle and adj land claims for Terr of LA now MO. The 200 arpens being previously made to Robert T. Pettett by Benj Pettett Junior's last will & testament. (recorded in Land Deed Bk C:11-13 - Recorder's Office, Ste. Genevieve, MO)

Click here to see actual indenture agreement.

Census 1830, Wayne Cty., MO (wife - 9 ch - 5 slaves)

Census 1840, Scott Cty, MO census (ree; 704#20, Pg 179)

Census 1850, Gonzales Cty., TX - pg 326 - Peach Creek
PETTIT/PETTIL: Microfilm # M432-910
Robert T. 55 m KY  Planter 1,080
Malinda 48 f KY
Benjamin 33 m MO
Robert 25 m MO
Martha 21 f MO
Wm. 15 m AR
Arlemia 14 f AR
Sarah 12 f AR
Gennetta 7 f TX
James 6 m TX
Gorge 2 f TX
WALKER Cornelius 12 m FL

Census 1860, Gonzales Cty., TX - pg 98b
Enumerated on Twenty first day of June 1860 by S. Sheppard
Dwelling #400 - Family #366
Pellett D. T.(Robert Todd) 66 Kentucky Planter 8,000 30,000
Pellett Malinda 58 Kentucky
Pellett David 37 Missouri Farmer 2,000
Pellett Wm 25 Arkansas Farmer 500
Pellett Jeanatta 17 Texas
Pellett Jas 15 Texas
Pellett Geo. 12 Texas
Graham W. 70 Connectticutt

Census 1860, Gonzales Cty., TX - Slave Schedules - pg 22 listing 16 slaves

This info from GONZALES NEWSPAPERS - Kathleen Springs at Gonzales Archives - June 1853- June 1854 & Misc. 1854-1878

Pettit, R.P., District Court, Gonz. Inq 22 Oct 1853 P2
Pettit, R., Appearance Docket, Gonz. Inq 22 Oct 1853 P2
Pettit, J.L., Back Tax List, 1875, Gonzales Inq., 6 Apr 1878 P2
Pettit, G., Back Tax List, 1875, Gonzales Inq., 6 Apr 1878 P2
Pettit, Albert, paid, Gonz. Inq. 24 May 1879 p3
Pettit, Albert, freedman, farm raised cotton, Gonz. Inq. 17 Aug 1878 p3
Pettit, George, Delinq. Taxes for 1877, Gonz. Inq. 13 July 1878 p2
Petlil, R.T., letter in postoffice, Gonz. Inq. 22 Nov 1884 p3
Pettit, Neil, Estray notice, Gonz. Inq.1 May 1880
Pettit, Milton, home burglarized, Waelder col., Gonz. Inq. 4 Jun 1881

Land: Smith Cty., Abs #774 & 779

Applied for a Mexican Land Grant on November 22, 1835 in Taylor District. The Constitution of 1836 negated all grants made after November 13, 1835 resulting in Robert Todd and family only receiving a conditional certificate for 640 acres in 1841 in the Fannin District. Sons; David L., Thomas and Benjamin also received a conditional certicate for 320 acres as they were all single. Once the condition of occupying the land for three years was complete, the certificates for the land became permanent. Robert Todd and family disposed of the land by selling part and giving the rest to his sons and settled in Gonzales, Texas where he eventually died.


  1. BENJAMIN PETTIT, b. about 1818, Missouri; m. MARY N. JOHNS, 08 Apr 1858, Gonzales, TX.
  2. NANCY PETTIT, b. about 1820, Arkansas.
  4. DAVID L. PETTIT, b. about 1823, Missouri.
  5. ROBERT T. PETTIT, JR., b. about 1825, Missouri.
  6. MARY ANN PETTIT, b. about 1826, Missouri; d. Sep 1847, Texas.
  7. MARTHA PETTIT, b. about 1829, Missouri; m. LEANDER HARRELL, 20 Mar 1850, Gonzales, TX.
  8. MALINDA DIXIE PETTIT, b. about 1832; m. MILVERN HARRELL, 21 Jun 1849, Gonzales, TX.
  9. WILLIAM MCDOWELL PETTIT, b. about 1835, Arkansas.
  10. ARTEMESIA E. PETTIT, b. about 1836, Arkansas; m. JOHN E. WILSON.
  11. SARAH JANE PETTIT, b. about 1838, Arkansas; m. MONTREVILLE HARRELL, 23 Mar 1853, Gonzales, TX.
  12. JENNETTE L. PETTIT, b. about 1843, Arkansas;
    m. (1) W. H. CLARK, 17 Jun 1865, Gonzales, TX;
    m. (2) ALEXANDER HILLARY MCBRIDE, 31 Oct 1868, Gonzales, TX.
  13. JAMES LOGAN PETTIT, b. about 1844, Peach Creek, Gonzales, Texas; m. DORA F.; b. 1852, Texas.
  14. GEOGE PETTIT, b. about 1848, Texas; m. E. A. STONE, 14 Jan 1880, Gonzales, TX.