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From Register of Ky. Historical Society, 1921, Vo. 19, pp. 314-317

Early Station, Trail or Place NameLocation
Barrens Meade and Hardin Cos.
Barrens Barren, Warren and Edmonson
Big Forks of Elkhorn Franklin Co.
"Bigg Meadow" South of Cumberland River
Blue Licks (Upper and Lower) Nicholas Co.
Boiling Springs Mercer Co.
Boonesborough Madison Co.
Boones Station Same as Boonesborough
Boones Trace "Wilderness Road" through Cumberland Gap to Boonesborough
Bowman's Station Mercer Co.
Brashear's Station Bullitt Co.
Bryan's Station Fayette Co. 5 miles from Lexington
Buffaloe Trace From Blue Licks to Big Bone Lick through Nicholas, Harrison, Scott,
Franklin, Henry, Owen and Boone Ctys
Bullitt's Salt Lick Bullitt Co.
Carpenter's Station Lincoln Co.
Clark's Station Boyle Co.
Clark's Station Mason Co.
Cooper's Station Bourbon Co.
Coxes Settlement Nelson Co.
Crab Orchard Lincoln Co.
Craig's Station Garrard Co.
Crittenden's Cabbins Probably in Bourbon Co.
Crittenden's Camp Woodford Co.
Crow's Station Boyle Co.
Drenning's Salt Lick (Drennon) Henry Co.
English Station Lincoln Co.
Falls of the Ohio Louisville, Jefferson Co.
Floyd's Station Jefferson Co., Mouth of Bear Grass
Floyd's Station Jefferson Co. 6 miles from Falls
Floyd's Fork Station Oldham Co., 18 miles from Louisville
Fountain Blue (Fontainebleau) Mercer Co.
Fort Liberty Mercer Co.
Gilbert's Creek Station Garrard Co.
Grover's Station Green Co. (Greensburg)
Goar's Station Franklin Co.
Gordon's Station Mercer Co.
Grant Station Fayette Co.
Great Crossings Scott Co.
Haggin's Station Mercer Co. Same as Trigg's
Handcock Taylor's Grave Madison Co.
Hardin's Station Hardinsburg, Breckinridge Co.
Harrodsburg Mercer Co.
Harrod's Landing Kentucky River, Mercer Co.
Harrod's Station Mercer Co., 6 miles from Harrodsburg
Hart's (White Oak Springs) Madison Co.
Haycraft Station Hardin Co.
Hazel Patch Laurel Co.
Helm's Station Hardin Co.
Hickory Bottom Carrol Co.
Higgin's Blockhouse Harrison Co.
Hinde's (Hynde's) Hardin Co.
Hinkstones' Station (Hingstone) Same as Riddles or Ruddles
Holder's Station Madison Co.
Hoy's Station Madison Co.
Huston's Station Paris, Bourbon Co.
Hynes Station Same as Hends or Hindes
Indian Town (Indian Old Fields) Clark Co.
Irvine's Station Madison Co.
Jacob Grott's Settlement Bourbon Co.
Kellar's Station Jefferson Co.
Kenton's (Simon) Station Mason Co.
Kenton's, John, Station Mason Co.
Kennedy's Station Garrard Co.
Kinchloe's Station Spencer Co.
Knob Lick Station Lincoln Co.
Knocks Buckle.-
Kuykendall Station Jefferson Co.
Leach's Station Bracken Co.
Leitch's Station Campbell Co.
Lee's Station Mason Co.
Leestown Franklin Co.
Lewis' Station Mason Co.
Lexington Fayette Co.
Liberty, Fort Mercer Co.
Licking StationHarrison Co.
Lidia Mount.-
Limestone Mason Co.
Linn's Garrison Jefferson Co.
Littell's Station Grant Co
Littell's Station Pendleton Co.
Little Fort, The Twetty's Fort, Madison Co.
Locust Thicket Fort Madison Co.
Logan's Fort (or Station) St. Asaphs, 1 mile from Stanford, Lincoln Co.
Louden's Station Probably on Kentucky River in Henry Co.
Lynch's Station, same as Squire Boone's Shelby Co.
McAfee's Station Near Harrodsburg, Mercer Co.
McAfee's Station, James 6 or 7 miles from Harrodsburg
McAfee's Station, William Mercer Co., on Shawnee Run
McClellan's Fort or Station Georgetown, Scott Co.
McConnell's Station Near Lexington
McCowan's Station Mercer Co.
McGary's Station Mercer Co.
McGee's Station Fayette Co.
McGuire's Station same as McGee's
McKinney's Station Lincoln Co.
McMillin's Fort Bourbon or Harrison Co
Marble Creek Station Madison Co.
Martin's Station Bourbon Co.
Masterton's Station Fayette Co.
Maulding Station Logan Co.
Montgomery Station Lincoln Co.
Mud Garrison Shepherdsville, Bullitt Co.
Muddy River Licks Logan Co.
Nelson, Fort Louisville, cor. 9th and Ohio River
New Market Henry Co.
Old Town Harrodsburg
Old Town (Indian) Greenup Co.
Owen's Brackett Station Near Shelbyville
Painted Stone Squire Boone's Station in Shelby Co.
Paint Lick Station Garrard Co.
Pettit Station Lincoln Co.
Phillip's Fort Larue Co.
Pittman's Station Green Co.
Poplar Level Jefferson Co.
Red Banks Daviess Co.
Reed Station Near Danville, same as Given's
Riddle's Station Same as Ruddles
Rogers' Station Clark Co.
Rogers' Station Nelson Co.
"Rock Dunda."-
Ruddles' Station Harrison Co.Salt River Garrison.
Sandusky Station Washington Co.
Scott's Station Harrison Co.
Shannon's Trace Scott Co.
Shallow Ford Station Madison Co.
Skagg's or Skegg's Station Green Co.
Slate Blockhouse Bath Co.
Spring Station Jefferson Co.
Squire Boone's StationShelby Co.
St. Asaphs' Lincoln Co. (Stanford)
Stamping Ground Scott Co.
Stations on Beargrass Jefferson Co.
Stevenson's Station Garrard Co.
Stockfields Madison Co.
Stoner's Settlement Bourbon Co.
Strode's Station Clark Co.
Sturgus (Asturgus) Station Jefferson Co.
Sullivan's Station Jefferson Co.
Taylor's Creek Station Campbell Co.
Tick Creek Shelby Co.
Todd's Station, Capt. Jessamine Co.
Trigg's Station (Viney Grove) Mercer Co.
Twetty's Fort Madison Co.
Tyler's Station Shelby Co.
Vance's Station On Green River, 15 miles from M.
Vanmeter's Fort Hardin Co.
Vienna McLean Co.
Viney Grove Trigg's Station
War Road Same as Whitley, Lincoln Co.
Wells Station Shelby Co.
Wells Station Mason Co.
Whaley's Station Mason Co.
Wheatley Same as Whitley, Lincoln Co.
Whittaker's Station Bullitt Co.
White Oak Springs (Hart Station) Madison Co.
Whitley's StationLincoln Co., 2 miles from Crab Orchard
Wilderness Road from Virginia
Williamson's Run Fleming Co.
Wilson Station Mercer Co.
Woods Station Madison Co.
Woodstock "8 miles N.W. from Boonesboro"
Worthington Station Lincoln Co.
Yellow BanksDaviess Co.

Stations and Settlements as listed in other sources

Station, Fort or BlockhouseLocation
Adam's (Geo.) StationGarrard Co.
Arnold's (John) StationOn Little Benson Creek, 7 miles above Frankfort
Arrington's StationSouthern KY (1788)
Ballard's (Bland) Station - usually called Tyler'sShelby Co.
Bell's StationMadison Co.
Blockhouse on Big Sandy RiverNear or above Louis, Lawrence Co.
Boone (George)2.5 mi. NW of Richmond
Burnt StationOn or near Simpson's Creek, Nelson Co.
Campbell's StationOn the Dry Ridge 3 mi. N. of Williamstown, 33 miles from the mouth of Licking River, Grant Co.
Cartwright's Station (bef. 1792)
Clark's StationOn Clark's Run, a branch of Dix River (bef. 1779)
Collins' StationOn Rockcastle River
Cooper's StationOn Cooper's run 2 mi. from Kiser's, Bourbon Co.
Craig's (Elijah) Station5 miles from Versailles (1783)
Crews' (David) StationMadison Co.(1781)
Curtis' StationMason Co.
Daviess' (James) Stationabout 5 mi. W. of Whitley's
Dover StationWaters of Dix River, Garrard Co.
Downing's StationE. and near Dix River, not far from Danville
Ellis' StationEllisville, Nicholas Co.
English's StationSouth bank of Dix River, 3 mi. E. of Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co.
Estill's New Station Station5 mi. SE of Richmond
Field's Station1.5 mi. W. of Danville
Fisher's (Stephen) Stationnear Danville
Florer's StationS. bank of Dix River, 3 mi. E. of Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co.
Forks of Elkhorn SettlementNear Scott/Franklin Co. line
Fox's (Arthur) StationSame as Washington
Givens' (Samuel) Station - afterwards called John Reed's Station1 1/4 mi. SW of Danville on branch of Clark's run (bef/ 1780)
Goar's StationN. side of Elkhorn Creek, Franklin Co.
Great Crossing Station - same as Col. Johnson'sabt. 2 mi. W. of Georgetown, Scott Co.
Harbeson's StationProb. in E. part of Washington Co. on road from Harrodsburg to Bardstown
Holder's Stationon KY river, 2 mi. below Boonesboro
Hood's StationClark Co. (bef. 1792)
Irish StationBetween Danville and mouth of Dix River
Johnson's (Col. Robert) StationAt the Great Buffalo Crossings on North Elkhorn, Scott Co. (winter of 1783-84)
Kenton's (Simon) Station(July 1784)
Kennedy's StationBetween Paint Lick and Dix River, Garrard Co.
Leitch's (Maj. David) Station6 mi. above the mouth of the Licking, on the E. bank - now Campbell Co. (1790)
Liberty Fort3/4 mi. below McAfee's Station on Salt River in Mercer Co.
The Little Fort or Twetty's 5 mi. south of Richmond
Lindsay's Stationnear Lecompt's Run in Scott Co.
Locus Thicket FortMadison Co. (bef. 1780)
Marble Creek Station7 mi. from Boonesboro
Masterson's (James) Station5 mi. NW of Lexington - home of first Meth. Episc. church erected here in 1790 or before
May's Lick SettlementMayslick, Mason Co.
McConnell's Stationat the royal spring Fayette/Scott Co.not so fortified as to be regarded as a regular station - (1783 or earlier)
McCormick's Stationon top of first ridge N or NW of Knob Lick fork of Hanging Fork of Dix River
McGuire's Stationsame as McGee's but James McGurier was prominent here in 1780
McKinley's (James) Blockhouseon the old buffalo trace S of Washington, Mason Co. (built 1785)
McMillin's FortBourbon or Harrison Co.(1779)
Meux's Stationprobably Boyle or Mercer Co. (1789)
Meek's Stationwaters of Drennon's Lick, 20 miles from the Ohio River at the mouth of 18 Mile Creek
Owen's (Bracket) Stationnear Shelbyville (1782)
Owings'Stationon road from Lexington to Paris
Paint Lick Stationnear Madison Co. line, in Garrard Co.
Pond Station4 mi. SW of Calhoon, McLean Co. (1790)
Reed's (John) Stationnear Danville, same as Givens'
Rogers' Stationtoward Strode's Station, Clark Co.
Scrivner's StationMadison Co.
Salt River Garrison (bef. 1780)
Shallow-Ford StationMadison Co.
Smith's Stationon road from Danville to mouth of Dix River
Stevenson's Stationon Paint Lick Creek, probably Garrard Co.
Summit Station12 mi. from Lower Blue Licks, Nicholas Co.
Tanner's (John) Station6 mi. NW of Richmond
Tanner's StationLower Blue Licks (1784)
Twetty's Fort - the first fort in KY5 mi. S of Richmond
Vance's Station15 mi. from mouth of Green River (bef. Apr. 1780)
Vancouver's (Charles) FortFork of Big Sandy River (Settled 1789, abandoned 1790)
Vanmeter's StationHardin Co. (bef. 1790)
Vienna Stationfalls of Green River, now Calhoon, McLean Co.
Warner's StationOtter Creek, Madison Co.
Warren's (Thos) StationMadison Co.
Wells' Stationwest part of Mason Co.
Wells' (Samuel) Station3.5 mi. NW of Shelbyville
Whaley's StationMason Co.
William's (David) Station6 mi. NE of Harrodsburg
Woods' StationMadison Co.

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