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Parrow LeTourneau Reunion

June 29, 30, 2002

Havana, North Dakota

Our family reunion was well attended this year with over 100 relatives attending from many states.

It was hot, hot, HOT!   But certainly cool to see all the relatives!

Here's some of the pictures from our gathering. I will try to add some more later!

Descendants of Vernon Parrow

Dixie Fried and Tamara Johnson from SD

Marny Eulberg from  CO 

and Mary Kay Wyckoff from MN

Youngest & Oldest

Ethan Howey from WI (with mom Tanya)

and Matt Parrow from ND

Descendants of Merentine LeTourneau LaCroix

Ellyn Urie from KS, Orvis Silseth & Joyce Alfson from ND

Families and Descendants

of Shirley Smith and Irene Oland

states represented- ND,SD and UT

and Scott Smith from overseas military base

Grandchildren of Art & Annie Parrow

front, Dennis Parrow, MN, Lori Waldera, ND and LaRae Huelsmann, MO

back, Gail Liknes, NE, Chris Parrow, MD, Judy Routledge, ND,

Randy Parrow, OR, Debbie Blowers, ND, Darlene Parrow, MA

and Wayne Waldera, MN

Siblings & spouses

front, Matt and Ernie Parrow, ND

back, Eileen Waldera, ND, Leona Parrow, SD

Amy Parrow, Carol Parrow, Eileen Waldera,

Don Parrow, all ND and Art Parrow, OR

Descendants of Hazel Parrow Milton

Frank & Lois Hadrava,

Earl & Arlene Decker

RoseEllen Kimble- all from MN

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