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Merentine LeTourneau LaCroix 1874-1951

Merentine LeTourneau was born November 9, 1874 in Canada. Her parents were Odile (Dumas) and Phedelem LeTourneau . Odile was born August 7, 1855 in Mont Moraney, Quebec, Canada.and married Phedelem LeTourneau there on January 7, 1874. The LeTourneau family came to Dakota Territory some time after Merentine was born and before her brother Adlow was born on October 4, 1875.

Merentine married Robert LaCroix on December 4, 1893 in Britton, SD. Robert was born June 25, 1873 in Dakota Territory. Merentine and Robert lived in far southeastern North Dakota, by Lake Tewaukon. To this union, 10 children were born.

Cashmer was born February 24, 1899 and died March 9, 1899. He was buried in the graveyard by Lake Tewaukon. Esther Lena was born May 10, 1902, Jay on December 25, 1904, and Millie on November 3, 1906. Robert was born July 11, 1908 and died October 18, 1908, he is also buried at Lake Tewaukon. Alice was born June 27, 1909. Adeline on September 16, 1911 and Evelyn on May 16, 1914. Joe was born June 8, 1916 and died the same day and is buried with his brothers at Lake Tewaukon. Jeanette was born December 23, 1920.

Robert LaCroix, when he wasn’t farming, spent much time fishing and was always able to sell any fish they did not need for their family. We don’t know any other jobs Grandpa LaCroix had, but Grandma Merentine was busy with the house work and taking care of the children. Grandma LaCroix was a very small lady, always busy, and she always moved fast, she hardly ever sat still. The older grandchildren can remember Grandma & Grandpa LaCroix driving from Lake Tewaukon to where we lived on a farm on Sprague Lake, 10 miles west of them. Grandpa had a Model T Sedan– really a neat car. He had to crank it to get it started and when they were ready to leave, all of us brothers and sisters would stand on the running board to tell Grandpa and Grandma goodbye. Jeanette was always with them, she was a tiny girl.

Within a few years after the birth of Jeanette, they moved to 1227 NW 4th Ave., Fairbault, MN. Jeanette was a special child, and when she was old enough for school, they had to go someplace where there was a special school for her, so they moved again, this time to 224 Mt. Airy Street, St. Paul, MN. Jeanette was almost 28 when she died on November 22, 1948. The last 8 years of her life she had to live in a very special home.

The LaCroix’s spent the rest of their lives in St. Paul, MN.

Merentine passed away on July 3, 1951 and Robert on February 18, 1953.

Bob & Merentine LaCroix

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