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Richard Perrot, 1622 - 1686
of Middlesex county, Virginia

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Richard Perrot (1622/3 - 11 November 1686) of Middlesex Co., Virginia is one of the earliest documented Parrotts on the North American continent. His name was variously spelled Perrott, Parrett, Parat, Parratt, Perrot, Parrot, and Parrott. The latter spelling became standard in later generations, and Parrett became a variant.

Although his later years are well documented, his early years are not, and there are tremendous amounts of misinformation circulating on the Internet. Various claims to the contrary not withstanding, every indication is that Richard was the son of Thomas and Margaret Parratt of Potton, Bedfordshire, England.

Richard was only married twice. Furthermore, he only had one biological son and one adopted son. The existence of other wives and children is just speculation or misinterpretation of the available data.

Coat of arms
Much has been written about Richard based on his purported use of a seal with 3 pears on it, as depicted in the drawing at right. Yet the existence of the 3 pears on Richard's will in the Middlesex county courthouse cannot be proven. A surviving example of Richard's seal has been found, and it does not have the 3-pear design on it.

Biographical highlights
NOTE: York Co. was formed in 1634. Northumberland was established in 1648. Lancaster Co. formed from part of York and Northumberland counties in 1651, and Middlesex Co. was formed from Lancaster Co. in 1669.

  • Baptized on 10 Feb 1621/22 in Potton, Bedfordshire, England. It is not clear when he arrived to Virginia. However, there is no evidence at all that supports his presence in Barbados before arriving in North America. Every indication is that he came to Virginia straight from England.

  • First wife reported to be Elizabeth Thompson, no proof. This wife is ficticious.

  • 1645: Birth of daughter Elizabeth, from wife Elizabeth Thompson. She married John Buford/Blewford on 11 April 1662. Subsequent research has shown this Elizabeth was not Richard's daughter.

    NOTE: Daughter Elizabeth is never mentioned in any document of Richard's or of his wives'. Hence, there is no evidence to support the existence of a first wife, Elizabeth, or of a daughter, Elizabeth.

  • Was in York Co., Virginia 24 January 1647/8; this is known because he accidentally killed a steer belonging to others, and had to pay reparations.

  • 18 February 1647/8: Nicholas Dale of York parish writes his will, "being sick and weak in body but of sound and perfect memory." Mentions his brother in law, Richard Keye or Leye, which must then be the maiden name of the "widow Dale" who goes on to marry Richard.

  • 24 August 1648: Richard and his wife, Sarah (Keye/Leye), deed land to "the Children which shee had by her former husband, Nicholas Dale.... the said fower Children namely Mary Dale, Thomas Dale, Jean Dale, and Sara Dale.

  • 13 March 1649: Patents 450 acres on the south side of the Rappahannock River

  • 24 February 1650: Son Richard, Jr. is born, "Being he first Man Child that was gott and borne in Rappahannock river, of English parents. It is known that Sarah Dale was his mother, as Richard Jr. was mentioned as being a brother of Thomas Dale in 1660. Richard Jr. was Richard Sr.'s only biological son, and all of of Richard Sr.'s living descendants are descended from Richard Jr.

  • 1654. Confirms the last name of Richard's first wife.

    "The Estate of ye orphans of Tho Dale dec'd Vzt. Tho Dale hath 800 acres of Land in Rapa river in ye County of Lancaster, 7 cows and 2 heifers 2 years old next March & five calves. Sarah Dale, orphan hath 2 cows and 1 heifer of 2 years old next March and 1 cow calfe. Given in by Richard Perrot that married ye widow Dale. Rec. 6 of 8bris 1654", page 99 of Lancaster County Record Book No. 2, 1654-1666.

  • 12 January 1655: A deed by Richard Perrot conveying 300 acres of and up the creek at the head of the land where said Perrott lives- in Lancaster Co (later Middlesex). Shows he was already married to Margaret Haywood Dedman (~1623 England - 11 November 1686)

    Richard Parrott to Minor Minson and Robert Kempe -- three hundred acres of land lying up the creek at the head of the land where I Richard Parrott now lives upon the southside of the Rappahannock River. Richard Parrott & Margaret Parrott.

  • 28 April 1655. Adopts son Henry. Henry enters Gray's Inn in London in 1674 to study law. First American to do so. Called to the Bar on 14 November 1674. Henry apparently died before 1686 when Richard Sr.'s will was written, as there is no mention of him. He is not mentioned in his mother's will the following year either.

    Source: page 102 of Lancaster County Record Book No. 2, 1654-1666. "Know all men by these presents that I Rich Parrott of Rapa do acknowledge my self to stand indebted to Margaret Dedman, spinster for the use of Henry Dedman son to the sd Margaret one hundred pounds sterl mony of England wch is for a valuable consideration in hand recd this mony to be pd to the sd Henry at his age of one and twenty years. In witness the truth hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale this 28th day of April 1655.

    The considtcon of this obligation is such that if the above sd Parrott shall not provide for the above sd Henry in furnishing all manner of necessarys & provide for the bringing of him up in learning till such a time as he comes of age that then the above sd sum of mony be present pd down upon such default made to the sd Margaret to be put out to use for the maintenance of the said child as above sd til he come of age & after he is of age to make his estate equal with the estate of any of his own children then this bond is to be void and none effect but otherwise to be of full force and virtue and to the true performance hereof I hereby bind myself my heirs Exors & assigns In witnes whereof he hath herein to be Interchangeably set his hand & seale this 28th of April 1655.

    Signed Richard Perrott
    William Underwood
    the mark RI of Rice Jones

    recognit 6 junij et recordat 25 et in anno 1655"

    NOTE: The above-mentioned Margaret Dedmon/Dedman is the widow of Henry Dedmon, Sr. Richard married the widow, and proceeded to adopt her son, Henry Dedmon Jr.

  • 1655: Member of the Lancaster court

  • 13 December 1656: General Assembly appoints him as one of the justices of Lancaster

  • 5 January 1657: Appointed sheriff of Lancaster

  • 15 June 1657: Elected high sheriff

  • 15 December 1657: Chosen vestryman, and sidesman of Lancaster parish

  • 6 May 1660, which verifies the last name of Richard's first wife, and mother of Richard Jr.

    An account of ye Estate of Thomas Dale dec'd Ten cows 7 heifer ye youngest 2 years old and 1 calfe given to my son Rich'd Perrot by his brother Thomas Dale dec'd. A patent of 800 acres of Land that belongeth to ye sd Parrot by his brother Thomas Dale dec'd. Edwd Dale Cl Cur.

  • 26 January 1661: Patents 800 acres

  • 30 January 1666/7, was in England. At a vestry meeting of Christchurch parish, the vestrymen resolve to write to "Mr. Richard Perrott now in England to procure us a Minister to come over on such terms as they shall judge convenient..."

  • 1 August 1666: Patents 1100 acres on the south side of the Rappahannock River; head rights to himself and son, Richard Jr.

  • 1667: Another putative daughter marries Col. St. Ledger Codd, Justice of Northumberland Co. Their sons are James and Berkeley (Barclay) Codd. The existence of this daughter was supposedly revealed when Richard III conveyed Delaware Sussex Co. land to Barclay Codd on 20 October 1718, whom Scharf (1888) describes as another descendant of Richard Sr. in his "History of Delaware."

    NOTE: Given that Richard never mentions a daughter in any of his documents, and given that St. Leger's wives are well documented and none are the daughter of Richard Parrott, the premise that Richard had another daughter is incorrect.

  • 15 March 1668/9: Receives from Nicholas Spencer deed for 1,900 acres on the Pyankatank River, called Mottram's Mount. Became known as 'Parrott's Quarter,' and the place located on as 'Parrott's Neck.'

  • 1670: Appointed sheriff of Middlesex

  • 21 June 1671: Requests a land grant on the Horekil (Sussex Co., Delaware) for himself and a group of Virginians; Gov. Francis Lovelace of New York grants him a tract of land one thousand by four hundred and eighty perches, containing three thousand acres, and lying between Prime Hook and Slaughter Creeks. This land was inherited by his grandson, Richard Parrott, who conveyed his interest to Berkley Codd on October 29, 1718. A group of Marylanders plundered the Horekill in August of 1672, prompting Gov. Lovelace to protest to Gov. Philip Calvert of Maryland. A letter from a Cptn John Carr later that year to Gov. Lovelace mentions that Richard Perrot is on his way back to Virginia, and 'this Mr. Perrot is a gentleman seated near Horekil by your Honor's patent.'

  • 4 January 1672: Deeds land to son Richard, as a wedding gift. Mentions Richard Jr.'s wife, Sarah Halfhide; his second son Henry; and his brother Robert's two eldest sons.

    Deed dated 4 January 1672 - Richard Perrot of Middlesex County gent. to my son Richard Perrot of aforesaid County in consideration of good will and affection which I bear to him - tract of land now belonging to me, next to ye mouth of Rappa. River containing by estimation 800 acres and if he should die without issue, the said land to go to Sarah Halfhide for her natural life and then to my second son Henry and his heirs and in case of no issue to go to my brother Robert Parrott, two eldest sons and their heirs.

  • 1673-1686: was Senior Justice of Middlesex County.

  • October 1676/7: Representative for Middlesex Co. in the assemble of the 10th House of Burgesses

    Last Will and Testament of Richard Perrot ye elder
    Written 20 July 1686 -- Probated 7 February 1686/87
    Middlesex County, Virginia

    In the name of God Amen, I Richard Perrot ye elder of ye County of Middlesex, being in perfect health both of Body & minde, But Considering mans frailety, I have made & ordained this my Last Will and Testament in maner & forme following; And ~ first I bequeath my Soul into ye hands of Almighty God who gave it hopeing through ye Merritts of my Blessed Saviour for a joyful Resurrection, And my Body to ye earth from whence it came to be decently buryed at ye discretion of my Executr hereafter named, And for what worldly goods it hath pleased God of his goodness to bestow upon me, I will & dispose of ye Same as followeth, hereby Revokeing and making voyde all former Wills by me made.

    Item I give & devise unto my Loveing wife Margritt Perrot the Plantation that I now live on wth ye Stock thereunto belonging to be by her used & injoyed during her naturall life in full and ample Satisfaction of all Dower & title of Dower due to her by ye Law, Alsoe I give & bequeath unto my afores. wife, all my howsehold Goods & other Materialls belonging to ye howse, and afores. Plantation, togeather wth all my Plats to her & her Assignes for ever.

    Item I Give & devise unto Henry Perrot ye eldest Sonn of my Sonn Richard Perrot, The Plantation I now live upon togeather wth ye whole Tract or Tracts of Land thereunto belonging or adjoyning thereunto wth all Plantations thereupon. And to ye Heires of his body Lawfully to be begotten for ever, to be held & enjoyed after ye decease of my Said loveing wife, And for want of Such Heires, to Richard Perrot ye Brother ye Sd. Henry my Grandson & to ye heires of his body to be Lawfully begotten, and for want of Such heires to decend to my Right Heires for ever.

    Item I give & devise to my Executrix hereafter named, my Plantation and Dividend of Land Situate on the north Side of Pyankotanke River in Middlesex County Contayning One Thousand Acres of Land more or less togeather with Fower Negroes and Forty head of Cattle being upon or belonging to ye Sd. Plantation, or ye whole Stock of Cattle that Stable upon or belonging to ye Sd. Plantation at ye time of my Death, To have & to hold to my said Executrix h[er heires] and Assignes for ever to and for ye uses intents & purposes hereafter mentioned and to & for none other intent or purpose Whatsoever, (That is to Say) to ye intent That my Said Executrix Shall forthwith after my decease, for good & Sufficient Consideration Bargaine & Sell ye said Plantation & One Thousand Acres of Land wth ye Said fower Negroes & Stock of Cattle, and ~ make & deliver Sufficient Deeds or Conveyances for ye Land & confer? to ye Purchasser & his heires & Assignes for ever And dispose of and imploy ye products or purchass money paid for ye Land for and towards the payment of a Debt that I owe to John Jeffryes of ye City of London Esq., And if it should please God that my Executrix Should departe this Naturall life before ye Sale of ye Said Plantation & Dividend of Land Negroes & Cattle, Then I give ye like Power of ye Disposall or Sale of ye Same to ye Overseers of this my last Will hereafter named or ye Survyve of them, to and for ye uses Intents and purposses before mentioned.

    Item All my Debts I justly owe being first Satisfyed I give and bequeath to my loveing wife Margrit Perrot and my loveing Sonn Richard Perrot all ye rest? residue of my estate whatsoever or wheresoever ye Same & to be equally divided Between them -

    Item I give and bequeath unto my worthy friend Ralph Wormeley Esq. Twenty Shillings to buy him a Ring.

    Item I give & bequeath to Dor. Walker Whitaker Twenty Shillings to buy him a Ring.

    Item I make Constitute & ordain my loveing wife Margritt Perrot my whole & Sole Executrix of this my last Will & Testam:, And doe desire & appoynte my loveing friends Ralph Wormeley Esq. Dor. Walker Whitaker & Christopher Robinson, Overseer, to See this my last Will duely performed & fulfilled, Witness my hand & Seal this 20th day of July 1686.

    Signed Sealed and published
    in ye presece of:

    I ded alsoe give & bequeath to Christopher Robinson Twenty Shillings to buy him a ring ~

    Rich: Perrot

    [An]n Bray
    [Margritt] Prise
    Thomass Blo[tt]
    [Thoma]s Drame

    AJur 7 Feb 1686

    Att a Courte hold for ye County of Middlesex ye 7th day of February 1686 This Will was duely proved by ye Oathes of Ann Bray, Margritt Prise, Tho: Blott and Thomas Drayne.

    Recorded Test C. Robinson Cl Cur

  • 11 November 1686: Dies

  • 21 December 1687: widow Margaret writes her will; names her brother Anthony Haywood, which is how we know her maiden name.

    NOTE: Some transcripts of her will transcribed 'god daughter' Margaret Price as 'granddaughter' giving rise to the incorrect speculation there was another daughter. The same argument is applied to Winifred Griffin, another god daughter.

    Last Will and Testament of Margaret Perrott
    Written October 21, 1687
    Middlesex County, Virginia

    Note: words of uncertain transcription are in italics. Transcribed from the original by Kevin Lett, 2005.

    In the name of God Amen I Margaret Perrott of the County of Middlesex Widdow (being weake of body) but in perfect sense & memorie of minde have made & ordained this my last will & testament in manner & forme following:

    And first I bequeath my sole into the hands of Allmighty God who gave it, hopeing through the merritts of my blessed Savior. for a joyfull resorection & my body to the Earth from whence it came decently to be buried at the discretion of my Executors here after Named: And for what worldly goods it hath pleased God of his goodness to bestow on me I will dispose of the same as following and hereby nulifiding & makeing voyd all former wills by me made:

    Imp: I give & bequeath unto my Lo: God Sonn Henry Perrott my copper still with all the wood and vessells there unto belonging for stilling.

    It: I give unto the sd Henry Perrott one feather bed bolster and rugg wch. I wholly lent unto ye sd Henry Perrotts father and wch is now in his possession as allso and pare of sheets and I allso give unto the sd Henry Perrott my God sonn two Cowes one ovall table wth a side Cubbert wich is now in the hall & I allso give unto Henry Perrott my servant Maide Elizabeth Wood to serve him the space of three years and afterwards the sd Elizabeth Wood to be set free to whome I give one cow, one hogshead of sweet sented tob. containing five hundred neave and three barrels of Indian corne: I allso give unto my God sonn Henry Perrott, my sert. Rebekah Goodwindy to serve him five years:

    It: I give unto my Lo: God sonn, Phyllip Wamok one young mare but that first mare folde she brings my will is it be given to his Br. Thos. Wamoke.

    It: I give unto my Lo: God Daughter Margarett Price my green sute of curtins and valens wth the feather bed bolster pillows blankets & rug belonging to it as it now stands as allso one Negro named Tho. [Tho. is crossed out] Tom; for the terme of six years and after the Experation of the sd time my will is that the sd Negro Tom be sett free.

    It: I give unto my Lo Friend Dr Waltr Whitaker two - milk cowes and ten yewes.

    It: I give unto my Lo: Daughter Mrs. Sarah Perrott the best sute of apparrell & the best sute of weareing Linnine she shall chuse.

    It: I give my Lo: God Daughter Margarett Price the next best sute of apparrell & the next best sute of Linnine she shall chuse.

    [I]t: I give unto my Lo: Friend Mrs. Mary Goodlaw the next best sute of apparrell & the next best sute of Linnine she shall chuse & the remainder of my wearring apparrell & Linnine to be equally divided amungst my maides – including the stock woman Marrion Cartor by name - to whome I allso give the bed with all the furniture wch belongs unto it & wch is now under the bed I lid on as also one Small Ir Iron Pott.

    It: I give unto my Lo: God Daughter Mrs. Winnifrett Griffin my Diamond ringe:

    It: I give to my Lo: friend Mrs. Elizabeth Weekes the wife of Mr. Frances Weekes, my best muft.

    It: I give unto my Lo: Br. Mr. Anthony Haywood my Lo: sister Mrs. Catheren Hide & my Lo: Nephew Mr. Tho. Hide all my Estate whatsoever my just debts and legicies (aforementioned) being justly payd and satisfied and I allso make constitute & ordained my Lo Br. Anthony Haywood my Lo: sister Mrs. Catherne Hide & my Lo: Nephew Mr. Thomas Hide Executrs of this my last will & testament desiring my Lo: Friends Ralph Wormeley Esqe. Doctr. Waltr. Whitaker Mr. Christopher Robinson & Mr. Frances Weekes to be Overseers & to see this my last will duly performed & fulfilled & I allso desire thate my Lo: friends Ralph Wormeley Esqe. Doctr. Waltr. Whitaker Mr. Christopher Robinson & Mr. Frances Weekes (to whome I give each of them twenty shillings arrear to buy each of them a ringe) immediately after my death to take into their possession all my Estate & and after my will being proved & appraisement being made according to law (forth wth. in the absense of my before mentioned Executrs. to sell all my Estate for monys or good sweet sented Tobacco & after my Just debts & legicies being first payd & satisfied the remainder to be equally divided and forth wth. as opportunities Here will permit to (send each person their due proportion.

    In witness I have hereunto unto set my hand & seale this 21st day of Xber 1687.

    Signed sealed & published in the presents of ws.

    I allso give & bequeath to Tho: Draime my wedding ringe, & to Tho: Blott my other plaine ringe.

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    Wm Wells

    The marke of
    William [W] Johnson
    The marke of
    Alex. [A] George

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