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The ancestry of David Parrent of Eddyville, KY has been solved by no means. It is assumed by at least two factors that the lineage is William to Josias to Thomas to David. But none of these links can be proven: Thomas to David; but it is not known if this was our David. William to Josias: but it can't be proved whether either version is our line. And Josias to Thomas cannot be proven back to William or forward to David.

There has been a mass of contentious behavior which is not befitting a family enterprise at all. Forums have been used to purloin information rather than to have open and honest discussion. Names have been called against one another.

I have created this website to provide a counter-point, to provide a place for open and honest discussion, to dignify a family history, such as we can find, since we have no traditions to fall back upon or draw from, and to be able to enjoy these things without rancor of any kind.

What follows is our history as I presently believe it to have been with citation of all relevant references. If you disagree with it, please do so pleasantly. Don't take anything aand pervert it into something else and than accuse me of putting falsehood up here. Otherwise, enjoy and return often.

The Family of David Parent/Parent

Prepared Mar. 23, 1997 by John E. Bristol

The name Parent is French. It began to be spelled Parrent by our branch of the family by Lynn Boyd Parrent who migrated to Missouri from Kentucky.

The earliest records which I have found of possible, if not probable or certain, ancestors of David Parent begin in New York with the Dutch settlements in the 1600's. However the Parent family is not Dutch, but French Huguenot, Huguenot being what the French called Calvinistic Congregational Protestants. These people fled to Holland after the infamous St. Bartholomew's Day massacre (Aug. 23-24, 1572). Most of them came from the Palatine region of France and Germany bordering both sides of the Rhein river. Many of them went to England first in the 1600's at the invitation of the Crown and, I believe that the part that came from England directly were French.

There is evidence for people by the name "Parent" living in England from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles and the Domesday Books, but as these were after the Conquest, they would have been of French, or Norman-French, as well.

The first record I have found in New York is that of one Daniel Parent:
Daniel Parent married Marritie __________
Child: Pieter christened July 15, 1677

The second record is of William Parent:
William Parent married Elizabeth Sickels
Child: Josias christened Aug. 18, 1695 witnesses: Robert Sickels and Geertruydt Rideensaerts (father)Sacharias Sickels
Child: Elisabeth christened Sept. 26, 1697 witness: Judith Ver Wey

NYGBR v. 14, p. 80 and v. 13, p. 169

Since there is continuity from this William to David, I begin the lineage with William.

1. William Parent md. Elizabeth Sickels
Children by Elizabeth (see above)
Another researcher says she has data proving that another William who md. Mercy lived in NJ. It could be so, but there is no evidence that they had a son named Josias who had a son named Thomas.

2. Josiah Parent md. ___________________
Christened Aug. 18, 1695 Reformed Dutch Church, New York, N. Y.
Thomas born/chr. July 19, 1732 Old Tennent Scotch Presbyterian Church
Margaret chr. May 31, 1743 O.T.S.P.C.
Other than above--a Josiah was named in the will of Jno. Ketcham, Middlesex Co., N. J.

The other researcher assumes that this Josias was a son of her William and Mercy. However this Church was in Pennsylvania and there is no record showing just who he was. My statement here that Josias was the one from NY is a logical assumption and not a declaration of proven fact.

3. Thomas Parent md., July 2, 1758, Mary Lippincott, Swedes Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Born/chr. July 19, 1732
Child: David, b. ca. 1758-1762 (reckoned from parents' marriage and from the date of the will of David Lippincott, Mary's father, dated Apr. 28, 1762.)
Other than above: Sept. 26, 1758, witness to the will of Isaac Forman, Jr., of New Hanover, Burlington Co., N. J.
A Thomas, aged 68, in 1800 Federal Census, Washington Co., Kentucky
Note: There was a clan of Parents in Augusta Co., Virginia from 1749 onwards with a William, Thomas and Josiah, which could be the same family

Note: CONCLUSION: The only linkage for which there is proof is the one between William and Josias of the Dutch Reformed Church in New York City.

4. David Parent md., Apr. 12, 1796, (widow) Nancy Harris, Nelson Co., Kentucky

Records: If this David is the son of Thomas and Mary, additional records are all from


1796 4/12 bound to Gov. Isaac Shelby of KY

1796 4/12 Marriage to Nancy witnessed by Wm. Kelly and md. by James


Note: It should be added here that as I had noticed in a record and another

descendant had confirmed that her branch has such a story, Governor Shelby

had somewhat of a forceful hand in this marriage.

1799 Book 17, P. 445, Christian Co., Ky., 200 acres, Eddy Fork, Conway

Creek (in what is now Eddyville)

1803, Nov. 8, Book 781, Livingston Co., courthouse, at Smithland, 400

acres, Eddy Creek, Livingston Co., Ky., joining the land of Thomas Beck

& others

1800 Fed. Cen. Nelson Co., Ky., Tax List, Aug. 30.

1810 " " Caldwell Co., Ky., p. 9, M. 20001, F. 23001

1820 " " " " M. 120001, F. 20201

1830 " " " " M. 1 (60-70), 1 (20-30), 1 (15-20)

F. 1 (70-80), 1 (50-60)

1829, Jan. 15, Applied to U.S. Congress (20th), 2nd. Session, for a pension

for service under General Harmar at "Harmar's Defeat". The decision was

adverse as recorded on p. 49 of the Journal of Congress.

David claimed military service under General Harmar. Harmar was a Lt. Col. when he was

defeated in the Revolutionary War in the Battle at Paoli, Pennsylvania Sept. 20, 1777

Paoli Story: Paoli

under Major General Anthony Wayne near Malvern, Chester Co., Pa., and again later on

October 18, 1790 Harmar led a regiment from Kentucky against Indians in the vicinity of

Ohio and Indiana and was also defeated. He was now a General.

This second defeat is called "Harmar's defeat" by Thomas Crittenden Cherry in his book,

"Kentucky" , Heath, 1935, pp. 138-140.

Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Series, Vol. 4, p. 847 Gives "David Parent, Enlistment papers

for the year 1788, Brig. Gen. Harmer, age 21, 5'9", Fair Complexion, Laborer, Capt. Ziegler,

enlisted 6/12/1788."

Another record shows David enrolling in the New Jersey militia after the R.W., 1793, age

25, Enrollment of men of So. Amboy by Jas. Morgan, Dep. Comr. per "New Jersey in 1793

Militiamen," p. 227. The ages given in these two citations are comparable.

Since I first composed this summary of data which I have compiled on David Parent, I have

been fortunate enough to find today (2/4/98) at the Flint, MI public library the book entitled

"Index To Volunteer Soldiers, 1784-1811" by Virgil D. White, 1st Edition, printed by The

National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboro, Tennessee, 1987.

According to its author the information was derived from jacket-envelopes of the National

Archives labeled with each soldier's name and containing (1) card abstracts of entries

relating to the soldier as found primarily in original muster rolls, payrolls, and returns, but

occasionally in other records such as receipt rolls and various kinds of lists and (2) originals

of any papers relating solely to the particular soldier.

On page 520 of the above book, the following entry appears:

PARRANT, David, Pvt; Ziegler's Co.; 1st. U.S. Regt., (Lt.Col. Harmar); 1785-1790.

Note: This information agrees with that in the Pennsylvania Archives cited above.

In his petition for a pension dated 12/11/1828 "David Parent states that he served several

tours in the militia of the state of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War, and afterwards as

an enlisted soldier for three years in Gen'l Harmar's Brigade, was in Harmar's defeat and

several other engagements. He is poor in consequence of sickness in his family and other

misfortunes." The deposition of the petition is the only evidence offered in support of the

claim. The committee report unfavorably, 1/15/1829. 20th Congress, File# HR20A-D14.1.

Lt. Col. Harmar: 6th Penn 6 Jun 1777 to 9 Aug 1780

7th Penn Rgt, 6th Penn Btln

Battle of Paoli, 20 Sep 1777, Maj. Gen. Anthony Wayne, near Melvern,

Chester Co., Half his men killed or wounded, 120 men total

British Gen Charles Grey

Most records of men missing

1835 Will of David recorded in Book B, p. 6, of Caldwell Co., Ky. Only his widow Nancy

is mentioned. I have just learned that she died in 1852 in Marshall Co., Ky.

Is the David born ca. 1760 to Thomas and Mary Parent the same as the David who served

with Harmar? If so, there is a discrepancy of 6 to 8 years in age to resolve.

Partial Reconstruction of David's family:

Children: Wilson b. 1805

Sally b. 1797-1805, md. 1818 Edward Jenkins

Catherine b. " md. 1818 John Holland

Charlotta b. " md. 1821 Thomas B. Sheffield

Note: Wilson had a son, named Stephen. This lends credence to the probability that

David's wife, Nancy, was the widow of Stephen Harris, whom she had married on July 2,

1793, being Nancy Connaway, daughter of John Connaway. They also lived on Eddy Fork

of "Conway" Creek (see above). Gary Parrent, Ky., says Nancy's last name was Wilson.

Nancy Chascsa has a picture of Nancy's tombstone in Marshall Co. which names her as

the widow of David Parent.) David and Nancy probably had other children. Nancy and her

first husband, Stephen Harris had a daughter, Mary Harris, which is noted in her marriage


5. Wilson Parent------There is no birth certificate or christening for Wilson. If there are

Bible records, they are in the hands of our Kentucky cousins. He is not named in his

father's will which merely looks out for Nancy. However there is an unbroken line of

ownership of the property at Eddyville which I believe the records will support. This and the

fact that the Kentucky branch at Eddyville have no questions as to who their ancestors were

should leave no doubt in our minds.

1840 Fed. Cen. Caldwell Co., Ky., M. 1 (30-40), 1 (-10), 1 (-5)

F. 1 (20-30), 2 (-5)

1850 Fed. Cen. Caldwell Co., Ky., Wilson Parrent 45

Helen M. 17

Charlotte W. 14

Lynn Boyd 11

George W. 9

Cynthia A. 6

1860 Fed. Cen. Eddyville, Lyons Co., Ky.

Wilson Parent 54 b. Ky.

Elizabeth 43 Tenn.

Stephen C. 24 Ky.

Lynn Boyd 20 Tenn.

George W. 16 Ky.

Cynthia 14 Ky.

Maria M. ?12 (mother ?)

(children of Wilson & Elizabeth (White) McCracken)

Perry M. 9 Ky.

Louis N. 5 Ky.

(daughter of Elizabeth) Gustavus H. McCracken 11 Tenn.

1870 Fed. Cen. Lyon Co., Ky. Will(son) Parant 63 Cooper b. Ky.

Elizabeth 50 H.Wife Ky.

P. M. (Perry) 19 Ky.

L. N. (Louis) 17 Ky.

Note: Perry M. Parent, b. Jan. 18, 1852, to Wilson & Elizabeth (McCracken) Parent

Wilson Parent's first wife was Cynthia Galusha, md. Oct. 11, 1831, she died 1848/49

He married (2) Elizabeth (White) McCracken, Mar. 11, 1851; another daughter, Gusta, b.

after 1860.

Cynthia was the daughter of Elijah G. Galusha and Lucy W. Throop of Vermont. Elijah's

parents were Capt. Elijah, Sr., and Beulah Chittenden, also of Vermont. Elijah, Sr., was a

RW hero from Arlington, VT serving from 1779-1783 and died at age 25 on 5/26/1783, in

a sawmill accident, whereupon Beulah married Matthew Lyon, a U. S. Congressman.

Kentucky historians credit Matthew with casting the electoral vote which put Thomas

Jefferson into the White House. It was Matthew's son, Chittenden, who tried to obtain

David Parent's pension in Congress, being himself a Congressman at that time. Elijah's

father was also in the RW.

Beulah's father was Gov. Thomas Chittenden, of Vermont, its first governor during the RW

and when it became a State.

Lucy's parents were John Winchester Throop and Elizabeth Vail. John Throop served in

the RW from Pomfret, VT from 1780-1781. I believe his father also served in the RW.

My line from Lynn Boyd Parrent:

6. Lynn Boyd Parent, md. Julia Gillis, Oct. 23, 1867, Caldwell Co., Ky., witness--

J. L. McCracken (son of Elizabeth. Sometimes called J.L. Parent)

1870 Fed. Cen. Lyon Co., Ky., L. B. Parant 28 Farmer b. Ky.

July 25 Wife Ky.

J. R. 2 Ky.

George W. 8/12 Ky.

1880 Fed. Cen. Freeborn Township, Dunklin Co., Missouri

Lynn B. Parent 31 b. Tenn. Fath. b. N. C., Moth. b. N. C.

Julia 26 Ky. Ky. N. C.

James R. 10 Ky. Ky. N. C.

George W. 9 Ky. Tenn. N. C.

Olen (G.), or Ellen! 8

Horace 5

Henry 4

Carrie 3

Notes: Anyone observing the records from 1870 and 1880 will see that Lynn Boyd Parent

has altered personal information about ages and origins.

perhaps it was a mistake on the part of the census taker. This was also about when the

spelling of Parent (one R) was changed to Parrent Two R's) for good.

*Just days before I found the Revolutionary War information about David (above) I found

the following information about Lynn Boyd Parrent's Confederate military service.

At the same Flint library, I found the book: "The Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865,

Volume XII, Edited by Janet B. Hewett, Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington, NC,

1996. On page 164 of this book are the following entries:

Parrent, Lane, KY, 3rd. Mtd. Inf., Co. F.

Parrent, L.B., KY, 3rd. Mtd. Inf., Co. F.

Parrent, L.B., KY, Lt. Arty., Cobb's Co.

Obviously, the first two entries are the same person and the name "Lane" is a corruption

of "Lynn." The third entry is also the same person, but, even though the name of the unit

is different, it merely involved a change of name.

Lynn Boyd Parrent married Julia Gillis. Julia was the daughter of Thomas Gillis of Scotch-

Irish ancestry (probably from N.C., see Census above) and Ferriby Brum(m)et from


Their children were:

1. James Robert, who married (1) (unknown) (2) Leona Vaughn, (3) Martha ( ) Heskett.

and they were the parents of Gertie, Julia, Deward, Guy, Homer, George, Beulah, and

Willis L.;

2. George W., who married Ollie White and were the parents of Leonard, Effie, Ottis, and

Daisy; Ellen, who married Dude Vinson, whose children were Ada, Boyd, AlIee, Juey, and


3. Olen G. (No other information), I believe this name was Ellen and not Olen.

4. Horace, who never married;

5. Henry Wilson, b. 1876, Hopkins Co., KY, who married Cora Edna Polsgrove, the

daughter of Thomas Henry and Martha (Fletcher) Polsgrove, whose children were

1. Russell, who married Olive Brown, (children; Pauline),

2. Martha Edith, who married Frank Allen Bristol (children: Frank Allen, William Henry,

Betty Jane, David Neil, Barbara Joyce, Iris, Rosemary Josephine, John Edward and

Cora Ann).

3. Cecil, who married Blanche Howard, (children: Gene and Carolyn),

4. Buel, who married Lela Grimes (children: Dean, Betty Joe, Leon, Ronald, Terry, Kenny),

5. Burl, who married (I) Grace Smith (children: George, Phyllis, David), (2) Jean Collonger

(children: Judith, Tammy) (3) Helen O'Conner,

6. Olen, who married Agnes Bader (children: Robert, Barbara),

7. Elton, who married Geraldine Racine (children: JoAnne, Kathleen),

8. Ray, who married Wanda Reed (children: Monnie Rae, Roger);

6. Carrie, who married Wright Swafford and whose children were: Bea, Opal, and Dyke.

Lynn Boyd Parrent married as his second wife, Mary Matthews, who was the widow of Tom

T. Polsgrove, a son of James L. Polsgrove, and the mother of Newton Polsgrove, who was

the father of Louis and Owen Polsgrove.

Lynn and Mary Parrent had children whose names were Louis, Mauda, Minnie, and Josie.

Lynn Boyd Parrent was the son of Wilson Parrent of Lyons County, Kentucky. Wilson's

children by his first wife were Helen, Stephen, Charlotte, Lynn Boyd, George W., Cynthia,

and Maria.

Wilson married, 2nd., the widow, Elizabeth (White) Mccraken, who had a daughter

Gustavus, by her first husband. Her and Wilson's children were Perry M., Louis H., and


Wilson Parrent was the son of David Parent (the spelling changed-about this time) of

Nelson and Lyon Counties, Kentucky, and before that of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

See above.

There is an unrelated Parent family in Franklin County, Kentucky of more recent English

ancestry but there is no connection between them and the family of David Parent of Lyon

Co., Kentucky.

Submitted by John E.Bristol, son of Edith (Parrent) and Frank A. Bristol

(Revised as of 4 JUN 2001)