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Descendants of David Parrent, 1760 to 1836, NJ, PA, KY

Soldier, Frontiersman, Pioneer

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This is one of many coats of arms for Parent and variations. See Heraldry down the page to see thumbnails of others. Parents do not own them and make no special claim for using them in this way, other than to dispel the myth that Parents were not armigerous at any time.


Author: John E. Bristol, eMail:

This information on my direct line to David is put here to get this webpage started, not to exclude anyone who belongs here and to promise that more will follow.


Parrent Family Photo Album:Parrent

Henry Wilson PARRENT was born in 1876 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. He was a son of Lynn Boyd PARRENT and Julia GILLIS, md. 1867, KY Julia (possibly Elizabeth Julia)was the daughter of Thomas Henry GILLIS (of Scotch-Irish ancestry) and Ferraby BRUMMIT (English). Henry was the ancestor of a large progeny, married, lived and died in Campbell, Missouri. He was the only Grandfather I ever knew.

The Children and Grandchildren of Lynn and Julia were:

(also includes many great-grandchildren)

I. ROBERT JAMES, b. 1866, md. (daus of George W. VAUGHN and Amanda MARTIN)
(1) Mattie VAUGHN
GERTIE, md. Marion RILEY
(2) Leona VAUGHN, (sister of Mattie)
a. JULIA, d. 1942, md. Don BILLINGTON
Donna Jean
b. BEULAH, md. Calvin HENDRICK
Calvin Donald
Betty Lee
James Rogers
c. DEWARD Martin, b. 1905, md. (1) Mary E. MALIN, sister of John MALIN, children of William and Margaret (CRAWFORD) MALIN; John md. Virgie POLSGROVE:
Billy Martin
md. (2) Dot GREGSON, dau of Chester and Myrtle(REED) GREGSON:
Joyce Dean
d. GUY, md. Carmen Ella OXLEY, no children
e. HOMER Washington, b. 1909, md. Freda OXLEY (Carmen and Freda were children of James Louis and Lucy (McELYEA) OXLEY).
f. GEORGE, md. Addie Lorene BENSON, dau of Bode and Ethel (McFARLIN) BENSON.
Jimmy Dale
g. WILLIS L., b. 8/5/1894 d. 1/6/1895, bur. at Four Mile Cem.
(3) Martha ( --- ) Heskett, no known children by Robert.

II. GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. 1870, married (1)Ollie WHITE, (2) 1916, Mrs. Bob SMITH (of Malden), (3) Celia JONES, dau of William.
Children of George and Ollie WHITE:
a. Effie, md. Charles KING, son of Aaron and Martha Jane (CRAWFORD) KING
Elsie Ollene, md. Harold LEWIS
b. Daisy, md. George RAYE
c. Leonard Lynn, b. 1903, md. Madge Lilian GIBSON, dau of Edward and Ollie (FLOYD) GIBSON.
d. Ottis, md. Isabel BIRD:
Melba M., dau of Ottis and Isabel (BIRD).

III. ELLEN Thomas, b. 1872, md. (1) Sam PITTS
Cleeve, drowned age 13
Jay, md. Amy PLACE: dau->Wilma
md. (2) Andrew (Dude) VINSON,
a. ADA V., md. William ELSE HOWARD, (Ada had a twin named David Lee):
b. Leonard Boyd, md. Gracie Agnes LEWIS, dau of John L. and Sarah Frances (SNIDER) LEWIS
Frances Ellen,
Dorothy Lucille,
Delpha Cordelia,
Cory, twin
Cors, twin
Harold Dean,
John Billy,
Gaylon Boyd,
Larry Bruce
c. Almyra Alice (ALLEE), md. Merle VAUGHN
Children: 2 boys and 3 girls
d. JUEY Mae, md. Jesse Francis BRIM
Francis (Frank)Miron
Robert (Bobby) Doran
e. JULIA Marie, md.(1) Homer WARREN
m.(2) Francis P. Miller
Daughter: Ellen Klaire Miller-Manick
f. and g. Two sons who died in infancy:

IV. HORACE, b. 1875, who never married, d. of Double Pneumonia. Horace was a PARRENT, older brother of Henry, and born in Kentucky in 1875, so could not have been a Langford. See Betty Patrick's info below.

V. HENRY WILSON, b. 1876, md. 22 FEB 1900, CORA Edna POLSGROVE, the daughter of Thomas Henry and Martha (FLETCHER) POLSGROVE, whose children were:
a. Willie RUSSELL, md. Olive BROWN,
b. Martha EDITH, md. Frank ALLEN BRISTOL
Frank A.,
William H.,
Betty J., d.y.,
David Neil, d.y.,
Barbara J., d.y.,
M. Iris,
Rosemary J.,
John E.,
Cora A.
c. CECIL Clarence, md. Blanche HOWARD,
Carolyn Sue,
d. Raymond BUEL, md. Lela GRIMES
Hal Dean,
Betty Joe,
e. George BURL, who married (1) Grace SMITH
(3) Helen O CONNOR, no children.
(4) Virginia ______, no children.
f. Henry OLEN, md. Agnes BADER
g. ELTON Lavern, md. Geraldine RACINE
United States (USA) Kathy was in NYC near the WTC on 9-11-2001. This is what she experienced: Click
h. David RAY, md. (1)Rosely TROSPER
David Glenn, d.y.
(2) Wanda REED
Monnie Rae,

VI. CARRIE, b. 1877, md. Wright SWAFFORD
Children: (Swafford)
a. Beatrice, md. Les HOPKINS
Child: (Hopkins)
Lessie Bea
b. Opal, md. Elzie HOPKINS
c. Raymond Dyke, md. Rachel Jane CRAVENS
Son: (Swafford)
Joe Dyke, md. Linda Gail JACQUES

LYNN BOYD PARRENT and MARY (MATHEWS) m. (1) Polsgrove and (2) Lankford

LYNN BOYD PARRENT, father of the above, married, as his second wife, Mary Mathews who was the widow of Tom T. POLSGROVE, a son of James L. Polsgrove, and was the mother of Newton Polsgrove, who was the father of Louis and Owen Polsgrove. Mariah had married (2) _____ Lankford and (3) Lynn Boyd Parrent in 1886.

Lynn and Mary (nee MATHEWS)PARRENT had children whose names were:

No children that I know of

VIII. MINNIE, md. (Rev) Herman TALCOTT
Children: (Talcott) 2 daus living in Nebraska

IX. LOUIS Napolean, md. Octa RISLEY
No children

X. JOSIE Iona, md. Earl REED
Children: (Reed)
a. Anna Myriah, d. inf.
b. Ruth Lorraine
c. Neola, md. Alfred THRASHER
Freddie Earl Thrasher
d. Betty, md. R. M. PATRICK--see below for Betty's contribution

XI. Newton (NEWT) POLSGROVE, (son of Thomas T. and Mary (MATHEWS) POLSGROVE), md. Leona GEER/GAER.
Children: (Geer)
a. Louis,
b. Owen,
c. Jewell, md. Ebert MALIN, (brother of Mary E. and John MALIN)
Sons: (Malin)

Betty Patrick Information:
This is an extract of only genealogy info from a typed copy of a letter Betty wrote many, many years ago which I received from my Mother or an uncle who were Betty's first cousins. I put it here to clarify some names and relationships for which I had had incomplete info before. I hope everyone is now accounted for. If anyone has other info please let me know.

Extracts from an article on the Parrent Family written by Betty Patrick

____________ Matthews md. ___________
dau:  Miriah Matthews 

Miriah Matthews md. (1) (Tom T.) Polsgrove, who died soon after.
son:  James (Jim) Newton (Newt) Polsgrove
Miriah          md. (2)  __________ Lankford
sons:  Herman
       Horace,  died as a young man. [Horace was a PARRENT, not a Langford, see above]
Miriah          md. (3) Lynn Boyd Parrent  [Betty says Leonard (Lynn), 
but Leonard was not his name] [Lynn had been married to Julie McCray. 
This is not so.  Julia's name was "Gillis".  Lynn had a step-mother 
named McCracken and McCray was probably a corruption of this name.]
Children by Lynn and Julia: Robert, Henry, George, Ellen and Carrie.]
Children by Lynn and Miriah:  Lewis, Maudie, Minnie and Josie. [Josie 
the mother of Betty Patrick.]

Jim Newt Polsgrove md. Leona Gaer.
Children: Harvey, (died young), Leslie, Owen and Jewell

Herman Lankford md. Vallie ________.
Children: 2 sons, names not given.  They lived near Puxico, Mo.

Bob Parrent md. (1) Mattie Vaughn
Dau: Gertie (Gertie had a twin sibling who died young or in infancy).
            md. (2) Leona Vaughn (Aunt Lona) sister of Mattie.
Children: Deward, Guy, Homer, George, Julia and Buelah.

Henry Parrent md. Cora Polsgrove.
Children:  Russell, Edith, Cecil, Buel, Burl, Olen, Elton and Ray.

George Parrent md. Ollie White.
Children: Leonard, Ottis, Daisy and Effie.

Carrie Parrent md. Wright Swafford.
Children: Beatrice, Opal and Dyke.

Ellen Parrent md. Andrew Vinson.
Children:  Boyd, Adda, Allie, Jewey and Julia.

Maudie Parrent md. Harlon Jackson.
Children: Rodney, Alma, Rachel, Mildred, Virginia and Velma.

Minnie Parrent md. (Rev) Bert Talcott.
Children: Fredia, Ruth and Evadene.

Lewis Parrent md. Octa Risley.
Dau: name not given, died at 18 months.

Josie Parrent md. Earl Reed.
Children: Miriah, Lorrine, Neola and Betty (writer of this article).


Confederate Flag (CSA)

Lynn Boyd Parrent is named on four lists of Confederate soldiers.

CIVIL WAR website:Civil War RecordsCLICK. Search under surname "Parrent"

At the Flint, MI library, I found the book: "The Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865,
Volume XII, Edited by Janet B. Hewett, Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington, NC,
1996. On page 164 of this book are the following entries:
Parrent, Lane, KY, 3rd. Mtd. Inf., Co. F.
Parrent, L.B., KY, 3rd. Mtd. Inf., Co. F.
Parrent, L.B., KY, Lt. Arty., Cobb's Co.
(See the Civil War website for more info on L.B. and others.)
Obviously, the first two entries are the same person and the name "Lane" is a corruption of "Lynn." The third entry is also the same person, but, even though the name of the unit is different, it merely involved a change of name.
Lynn Boyd PARRENT was the son of Wilson PARRENT of Lyon County, Kentucky.


Wilson PARRENT's children by his first wife, Cynthia GALUSHA, were Helen, Charlotte, Lynn Boyd, George W., Cynthia, and Maria.

Wilson Parrent married, as his second wife, the widow, Elizabeth McCracken, (nee White) who had a daughter Gustavus, by her first husband, as well as Amanda C., John L. and Rachel. She and Wilson's children were Perry M. and Louis H.

Wilson Parrent was the son of David Parent of Lyon County, Kentucky.

See the link in the directory below to "Guest: Oliver" for Pat Oliver's contribution to our knowledge of our Kentucky cousins.

Rev. War United States (USA) David PARRENT was born between 1760 and 1770 in New Jersey. He claimed service in the Revolutionary War, but was denied a pension. He served for several years under Gen. Harmar, a well liked, but twice defeated, soldier, 1st at Paoli, Pa., during the RW and 2nd in Ohio against the Indians.Minute Man Rev. War United States (USA)

David PARRENT married the widow, Nancy (Conway) Harris (daughter of John Conway), and their known children were Wilson, Catherine, Sally, and Charlotta. The widow had a daughter Mary. Census records show the possibility of two more sons of David and 1 or more other daughters. When he died his widow moved to Marshall county with her daughter where she later died.

A line of Parents in New Jersey goes from William to Josiah to Thomas to David. It is not yet proven or unproven that this is our line.

There was a Parent family in Augusta County, Virginia, during the mid-1700 s, with names Josiah, William and Thomas.

There are several incidents of other Parents in Kentucky, at least two of them named David.

There is an unrelated Parent family in Franklin County, Kentucky of more recent English ancestry and there is no connection to the Parents of Campbell, Missouri or Lyon Co., Kentucky.

It is most probable that all Protestant immigrants named Parent/Parrent were French Huguenots or German Palatines of French ancestry. Those Parents who seem to have come here directly from England were probably Protestant refugees from the persecutions on the continent that led to a large Palatine immigration to England before the immigration to America. A person who follows the link below to England will find links to Huguenot Parents in England.

Definitions: (From "Olive Tree")
Huguenot & Walloon
French Protestants who fled from religious persecution. They first went to Prussia, the German Palatinate and then came to America. Those in the French West Indies escaped to the southeastern coast of America. Others went to England and Ireland.

Walloons are from southern Belgium. The language of the Walloons is a dialect of French. Cornelis May of Flanders, Holland and about 30 to 40 families came to America in 1624 and established Fort Orange. This town is now known as Albany, NY.

In 1688, Louis XIV of France began persecuting German Protestants from the west bank of the Rhine River. Queen Anne of England helped a group to come to America in 1708. More than 2000 arrived in New York in 1710 and settled along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers.

NOTE: Following this the majority went to Pennsylvania.

Submitted by: John E. Bristol, son of Edith (Parrent) and Frank A. Bristol


Please, also use the email address above for any  questions that you can't get answered at a Genealogy Forum. I have requested a new forum at for PARRENT because there are so few "Protestant" queries under "Parent" and this might make things easier to find and follow.

I hope to make this a very self-sufficient website.

I recommend that Parrent searchers use Parrent Family Genealogy Forum and Parent Familyas the forum for people named Parent.
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The purpose of this website is to enable members of the Parrent Family who so wish may have a place where we can assemble our vast reserves of information and knowledge of the history and genealogy of our people named "Parrent". Rootsweb has provided these "freepages" for just that reason.

Towns of Parent & Parentignat, France

There are several places in France the names of which are formed from the word "parent."

Two of these places are very near each other:
PARENT--Find a large city named Clermond Ferrand, go southeasterly until you find Vic Le Comte, from there go south to "Parent."

PARENTIGNAT--continue south to the larger city of Issoire and from there go southeasterly to "Parentignat."

Even though you will find these small villages on some better maps, you will not yet find them on the internet.

For those whose ancestors were "Huguenots", these seem to have all come from the region known as Alsace-Lorraine, much farther north from the Region known as "Vic Le Comte."

I found no living "Parents" in either of these villages or nearby in internet telephone book listings.

For Catholics, it would seem that "Parents" were and are fairly well dispersed around the French countryside.

Again, there are several more locales by this "root." [Parent can also mean "root"]
These are French map references

63270 PARENT

Parent/Parrent: Origin and Meaning

The name Parent in any variant form comes from an ancient Latin root , hence French as well, that means "parent", i.e., father/mother.

This in turn comes from an even older Indo-European root, par-, which means the same thing. The eastern IE languages use the form "pra-" more often.

This name today is almost always French. It is found in France, Quebec and Louisiana and is scattered throughout the USA and the world by now.

Anecdote: One of my Parent relatives married a lady whose name was Racine. In French both these words mean the same thing, i.e., parent, root, etc.

There are many coats of arms for this family in France and Italy.

The town of Parent is located in the mid-south of France. And there are some other French towns which are formed from this root word. (see above).

The Parent family which was located in Monmouth County, NJ, was French Huguenot, coming with the Dutch to New Amsterdam. See the definitions above.

Theologically, the Huguenots were to French Catholicism what the Congregationalists, Baptists and Presbyterians were to the Anglican Church of England. Because they blended so easily into the life of other Protestant colonists, they never formed an American organised church and they often Anglicized their names rapidly to fit in, rather than to maintain differences.

David Parent, of Eddyville, KY was most probably born in New Jersey and served with General Harmer's forces on more than one occasion, both in the Rev. War and on the western frontier. His records from the Paoli defeat in 1777 in Pennsylvania are not found in the recorded lists because 53% of them were destroyed long before he filed for a pension.


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