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Born: abt 1580's, in Cheshire, Eng
Died: 1648

Unknown who he wed. It is believed he was a thatcher. The following children were listed christened by father "Edward Peeresonne." Children listed are not necessarily of the same father; it was possible there were two Edwards, and without a wife's name, we can't tell. It is known that Lawrence Peirson (2nd generation) had a brother, Robert, which is not shown in the list below.

1. John Peares, chr. 1603/4-Feb 03

2. Jeffrey Peersonne, chr. 1604-Aug 8, born Styall

3. LAWR PEARSON chr. 1607-May 05, born Daine Rowe

4. Eliz Peeres, chr. 1607-Sep 20, born Daine Rowe

5. Edward Peeres, chr. 1608/9-Feb 09 born Dayne Rowe

6. Thomas Peers, chr. 1610-Apr 22, Danerowe

7. Thomas Peeres chr. 1613-May 12, born Dainrowe

8. Hellene Peeres, chr. 1617-Dec 11, born Daines rowe



Born: chr. 1607, May 04, Wilmslow, Cheshire, Eng.
Died: bur. 24 Feb 1673/4 at Moberly Quaker Burying Ground, 2 miles from Pownall Hall.

Parents: Edward Peeresonne

Married 1 Anne Worth, at Prestbury

Married 2 Elizabeth Janney

He seems to have lived at Styall, Pownall Fee Twp., Wilmslow. From the Prestbury Parish register: 1643, Apr 02, Lawrence Pierson of Mobberly, marred to Anne Worth, at Prestbury. No further record of Anne was found. Apparently she died, and Lawrence was married in the Quaker meeting to Elizabeth Janney, of a very active Quaker family. Elizabeth, wife of Lawrence, was buried 13 Aug 1662 at Mobberly. She was dau of Randle Janney and Ellen Allred. In 1657, Lawrence Pearson of Wilmslow Parish refused to pay a tithe, and had a horse worth three pounds confiscated to pay an eight shilling tithe. In 1665 Lawrence Pearson of Pownall Fee was arrested at a Quaker meeting and jailed for two months. In 1650, Lawrence Pearson was imprisoned for testifying in the streets at Highfield, County Derby. In 1660, Robert Pearson, his brother, was put in jail for refusing to take an oath.

WILL OF LAWRENCE PEARSON in the Probate Registry, Chester. A.D. 1673, Feb 21

I, Lawrence Peirson of Pownall Fee, Co. Chester, mason, I give
unto my sonne John (?) pounds
unto my sonne Edward the dishboard, the little plow, and the little pair of plow irons, etc.
unto my daughter Mary 1/s. It is my will that the rest of my goods etc. be divided into four equall parats and three parts thereof to be divided into equall portions.
unto my sonne John
unto my sonne Thomas
unto my daughter Sarah.
And the fourth equall part being divided as aforesaid, I give unto my Executors to administer to my daughter Mary or her issues necessitie according as they in their wisdome and discretion shall see occasion.
Executors my brother Robert Peirson of Pownall Fee, mason, and John Johnson of Baguly, yeoman, and Randle Janney of Pownall Fee, husbandman.
Lawrence Peirson
Witnesses, Peter Burges, John Hobson, the mark O of Richard Neild. Proved 20 Jun 1674 by Jo. Johnson one of the Exors, named. Power reserved to Robert Peirson, Randle Janney being dead.

The children of Lawrence Peirson and Elizabeth Janney:

1. Mary chr. 31 Oct 1647 Wilmslow, believed to have wed 1690 Middletown MM, PA to John Scarbrough, JR.

2. Martha b abt 1650 Pownall Fee, buried 16 May 1658 Mobberly, Cheshire.

3. Edward b 1651 Pownall Fee, m 6d 1m 1671 Sarah Burgess, dau of Richard & Katherine Burgess, d. 1697/8 Bucks Co PA

4. THOMAS PEARSON SR b. 1653, Pownall Fee (see below)

5. John b 5 Sep 1654 Morley MM, Cheshire, Eng. Never married, d. in 1708 Chester Co PA. He purchased land from William Penn Mar 2/3 1681/2.

6. Robert b. Pownall Fee, Cheshire, buried 16 Aug 1656, Mobberly, Cheshire.

7. Sarah b. 8 Nov 1657/9 Morley MM, m. 1684 Robert Smith; he d. 1692 Mobberly. They had 3 children, but no record has been found of her.



Born: abt 1653 Pownall Fee, Cheshire, England
Died: Will dated 16 Oct 1730, Proved Mar 24, 1734 Chester Co PA

Parents: Lawrence Peirson - Elizabeth Janney

Marriage: Margery Ellen Smith. b. 6 Jun 1658 Morley Meeting. Dau of Robert Smith Sr. and Ellen Williamson
Married: 18 Apr 1683 Morley Meeting, Cheshire

She survived him. Members of the Pearson family, Thomas, Margery Smith Pearson, Mary Smith and the Thomas Janney family, they all arrived in America aboard the "Endeavor" 29 Sep 1683. The ship was the Endeavor of Liverpool,not London, as some have stated. Thomas Pearson and Margery Ellen Smith were wed at the home of Thomas Janney. Margery must have had an uncomfortable ocean crossing, being about four months pregnant when they landed. She was probably glad to have her sister May along. Thomas Pearson was known as--Thomas Pearson of Marple township, Chester Co PA, Supervisor of Highways in 1684, Member of Council in 1687, and membe of Assembly in 1708. It is said that Thomas was a prominent Friend. The children of Thomas and Margery Ellen were:

1. Robert b. 4 Feb 1683 Chester MM PA, He d. 1753 Chester Co PA, m. Katherine Thomas.

2. Thomas Jr. b. 23 Dec 1685 Chester MM, PA , d. Mar 1705 Chester MM., m. Mary Thomas (?)

3. Lawrence b. 20 Dec 1687 Chester MM, PA, d. Nov 1754 Chester MM, m. Esther Massey 1711

4. ENOCH PEARSON b. 12 May 1690, (see below)

5. John b. 10 Dec 1692 Chester MM PA m. (married out of unity) MOU in 1726

6. Abel b. 9 Apr 1695 Chester MM, PA d. 1745 Fred. Co. VA, MOU at Chester 1718 to Mary____.

7. Sarah b. 8 Apr 1697 Chester MM, PA m. 1717 to John West in Chester. She d. 1756. They were parents to Benjamin West, the painter. It is said West painted his grandfather, Thomas Pearson, in his historic picture of the Indian Treaty at Shackamaxon.

8. Benjamin b. 1 Feb 1698/9 Chester MM, PA d. before 1705 Chester, never wed.

9. Mary b 20 Jul 1701 Chester MM, PA m. 1 Nicholas Rogers in 1718, 2 to John Eyre, MOU.

10. Margery b. 23 Nov 1703 Chester MM, PA MOU to Peter Thompson 25 Feb 1726 by priest.

In the 1740's Thomas's children followed a trend. They lived in Virginia in this time period, and by the 1770's they were moving into South Carolina.



Born: 12 May 1690 in Chester Co PA.
Died: 23 Dec 1749 Intestate, Winchester VA, Book 3, pg 128, Buried Frederick Co VA

Parents: Thomas Pearson - Margery Ellen Smith

Marriage: Mary Smith b. 9 Feb 1696, d. 30 Oct 1780, dau of William Smith and Elizabeth ----.
Married: 5 Dec 1719 Chester Co PA

Wife Mary wed 2nd to William Oglesby in 1753 in the Holy Trinity Old Sweden Church, Wilmington, Del. She d. Bush River MM, Newberry Co SC.

Children of Enoch and Mary were:

1. Enoch b. 1720, d. young

2. William b. 1722 Chester Co PA, d. 7 Oct 1780 at brother Thomas's home in Bush River SC, m. Elizabeth Everington 25 Mar 1762.

3. SAMUEL PEARSON b. 1724 (see below)

4. Thomas Pearson b. 24 Mar 1728, d. 13 Oct 1820, buried Mill Creek, Miami Co OH, m1 Ann Powell, had Mary 1753, Joseph 1755, Ann 1759, Enoch 1761, Benjamin 1766, Thomas 1769, Samuel 1771 and Jonas 1773. Thomas m2 to Mary ___ and had Rebecekah 1776, and Mary 1778.

5. Elizabeth (Betty) b. 1731

6. Joseph b. 1735

7. Sarah b. 1736

8. John b. 1736

9. Mary b. 1738

10. Margery b. 1741

11. Abel b.___, m. Mary Bartholomew (?)

12. Robert b.____



Born: 20 Jun 1724 Chester Co PA
Died: 8 Jan 1790 at Bush River MM, Newberry SC

Parents: Enoch Pearson - Mary Smith

Marriage: Martha Worthington, b. 1730 Salem Co NJ, d. 1752 in VA, dau of Robert Worthington and Mary Burtis.
Married: Nov 1749

Martha had 2 children, dying the same year her second son, Enoch, was born. Husband Samuel m2 Christian Potts, m. 3rd Mary Rogers, m4th Mary (___) Steddom, widow of John in 1772, Bush River MM, Newberry SC.

Children by Martha:

1. Mary Pearson b. 26 Feb 1750 m. William Taylor 29 Oct 1773 Bush River MM, SC

2. ENOCH PEARSON b. 1752 (see below)

Children by 2nd and 3rd wives:

3. William b. 1 Apr 1754 m. Ann Stidham 31 Aug 1775. He d. 26 Apr 1800 in Bush River, Newberry SC. Had: mary 1776, Edna 1778, Martha 1780, Sidney 1783, Sarah 1786, Jesse 1788, Samuel 1791, Exile William 1793, Henry 1796 and Anne 1799.

4. Martha b. 15 Jan 1759 m. Henry Stiddom 1 Aug 1776

5. Benjamin b 26 Feb 1763 m. Esther Furnas 29 Apr 1790, moved to Little Miami MM, OH in 1806

6. Hannah Pearson b. 23 Mar 1765, m. Samuel Kelly Jr 1 Jan 1789

7. Samuel b. 3 Nov 1767 m. Mary Coat 9 Sep 1790

8. Eunice b. 5 Mar 1770, m. Alexander Mills 6 Nov 1788

Children of Samuel and 4th Wife, Mary:

9. Sarah b. 23 Aug 1773, m. Joseph Furnas 30 Sep 1790.

All children listed above married at Bush River MM, Newberry Co, SC



Born: 14 Jan 1752 Winchester VA
Died: 23 Mar 1790 in Newberry Co SC

Parents: Samuel Pearson - Martha Worthington

Marriage: Phebe Demoss/Demans, dau of James and Phebe. She b. 5 Jul 1752 Guilford Co NC, d. 6 Jan 1841 Mill Creek OH

Married: 11 Oct 1774 Newberry Co SC


1. Martha b. 19 Nov 1775

2. SAMUEL PEARSON b. 1778 (see below)

3. Joanna b. 1 May 1778, (twin of Samuel) m. William Pugh 31 Jan 1799 Bush River MM, SC

4. Rebekah b. 1 Jun 1780

5. Mary b. 18 Jul 1783 m. Jonathan Miles 2 Jul 1801 Bush River MM SC

6. William b. 19 Jun 1787 m Mary Anderson 11 Dec 1816 Ohio, he d 3 May 1867 Marion Co IA

7. Phebe b. 5 Aug 1789

Note: In 1806 the Quaker records show that Enoch and his family moved from Newberry Co SC to Little Miami MM in OH. Don't know if this is right, since I show his death as 1790!



Born: 1 May 1778 i Bush River, Newberry Co SC
Died: after 1803 in OH

Parents: Enoch Pearson - Phebe Demoss

Marriage: Ann Jay b. 17 Dec 1778 SC, d. bef 1829 Warren Co OH., dau of John Jay and Elizabeth (Betty) Pugh.
Married: 7 Mar 1799 in Bush River MM.


1. Enoch b. 1800 Bush River MM, SC d. 1854/60, m1 Mary Weeks 10 Sep 1828 Miami Co OH. She b. 20 Nov 1798 NC, d. 1850/54. Enoch m2 Anna (Nancy) Macy Pearson 22 Nov 1854 Miami Co OH. She b. 29 Mar 1804 TN, d. 11 Jun 1888, OH

2. MARY PEARSON b. 26 Oct 1802 (see below)



Born: 26 Oct 1802 SC
Died: 1 May 1845 Miami Co OH

Parents: Samuel Pearson - Ann Jay

Marriage: Thomas Macy, b. 30 Sep 1804 Guilford Co NC, d. unk date Bangor, IA, son of Paul Macy and Eunice Macy.
Married: 28 Jun 1831 Mill Creek,Miami Co OH

Possible that Mary died in childbirth, having son, David.

Their children, all born Miami Co OH, were:

1. Lydia Macy b. 23 Apr 1834 d. Jun 1856, m. Elihu Hiatt 1853

2. Eliza Macy b. 25 Aug 1835 m. Jessie Morris in IN

3. Phebe Macy b. 13 Sep 1837, lived in Bangor IA in 1868

4. JOHN MACY b. 28 Jan 1840, m Lydia Thomas, lived in IN in 1868. See the Macy line for the children and descendants. John and Lydia were my gg grandparents. I have a photo of them.

5. Paul Macy b. 19 Sep 1842 m. Julianna Hodgson 1865, lived in IN in 1868

6. David Macy b. 3 Apr 1845, d. 1854, Bangor IA

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