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Aaron Willard, son of Moses Willard and Susanna Hastings , was born in April, 1742 in Charlestown, Sulivan Co., Nh. He married Mary Smead January 09, 1766 in Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Ma. He died January 04, 1817 in Hartland, Windsor Co., Vt. Mary Smead, daughter of John Smead and Mary Allis , was born abt. 1740 in Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Ma. She died January 03, 1829 in Hartland, Windsor Co., Vt.

Children of Aaron Willard and Mary Smead are:

1. Clarissa Willard, b. February 13, 1767 See William Symes & Clarissa Willard
2. Miriam Willard, b. April 29, 1769 See Johnathan Whitcomb & Miriam Willard
3. Charlotte Willard, b. December 26, 1770 See Unknown Rogers & Charlotte Willard OR Noah Shepherd & Charlotte Willard OR Adam Crandell & Charlotte Willard
4. Martha Willard, b. December 19, 1773 See Unknown Wetherbee & Martha Willard
5. Mary Willard, b. December 19, 1773 See Roswell Hunt & Mary Willard
6. Roswell H. Willard, b. October 27, 1775
7. William Willard, b. January 08, 1777
8. Aaron Willard, b. March 31, 1778
9. Sally Willard, b. May 12, 1782 See Benjamin Putman & Sally Willard
10. Wealthy Willard, b. March 06, 1785

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Birthplace according to 1994 IGIMary Smead, born about 1741, was captured by the French and Indians along
with her parents and four brothers and sisters, from Fort Massachusetts on
20 August 1746. They were carried to Canada and eventually redeemed, altho
the mother died in captivity. The following is an account of what happened
one night after they were taken captive:

"The first night after the capture, Mary was wrapped in a blanket by a
French Soldier and soon fell asleep by his side. During the night she awoke
and crept out into the dark in search of her friends whom she expected to
recognize by feeling the hair of the sleeper; after some searching she found
two men lying together whom she took to be her brothers, John and David. and
she closely nestled down between them and was soon asleep again. The
Frenchmen, missing her, went out with a blazing torch to find her. Who can

the dismay of the child, when by its light she saw her companions to be two
hideous Indian warriors instead of her brothers. She was quite willing to
return to the tent."

She came back from Canada motherless and was brought up by the family of

Timothy Woodbridge of Hadley. She married Aaron Willard of Charlestown,, NH,

formerly known as Fort #4.

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