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JANUARY 21, 1887 Houghton Lake Notes
The people near Houghton Lake take great interest in stock-raising. Chas Ligon has gone into the Durham breed, Duncan Cameron and J.J. Ward are in the sheep business. Henry Cottenham still keeps his Jersey bull.

JANUARY 21, 1887
A lady went to Duncan Cameron last Saturday to settle her husband's affairs, as she said he could not do it himself and the suit will be heard Saturday. Louis Cottenham is her attorney.

JANUARY 21, 1887
Duncan Cameron's house caught fire on the 13th but was put out without damage except buring a good sized hole in the roof. It caught, it is supposed, by the pipe coming apart near the roof. We think they will pay attention next time when their little girl tells them the pipe has come apart.

FEBRUARY 25, 1887
James B. McCrea, who is lumbering near St. Helen, will finish his job and break camp in a few days. He has already banked 1,000,000 feet of logs. [son-in-law of Duncan Cameron]

MARCH 18, 1887
An unknown miscreant rapped at the residence of James McCrea at an early hour Monday morning and demanded admittance. Mrs. McCrea was alone with the children her husband being at his lumber camp and refused to let him in, when he attempted to break in the door. Mrs. McCrea made her escape to the residence of J.O. Dildine and he got up in time to see him vanishing downtown. He left a club and a pair of mittens in the McCrea residence. If identified he will receive a warm reception.

APRIL 15, 1887
Township Officers
Roscommon Supervisor: Duncan Cameron
Roscommon Clerk: John Bowman
Roscommon Treasurer: John Johnston
Denton Supervisor - Humphrey Sullivan
Denton Clerk: John E. Harcourt
Denton Treasurer: Albert H. Knappen
Nestor Supervisor: James J. Dannhoff
Nestor Clerk: Charles Teachout
Nestor Treasurer: Waller F. Mercer

AUGUST 5, 1887
John Cameron, nephew of Duncan Cameron, died at Houghton Lake on Sunday morning last from consumption.

OCTOBER 21, 1887
J. Cronk and D. Cameron were in Bay City this week after men.

OCTOBER 21, 1887
D. Cameron will clean up for the Ducey Lumber Co. South of this village banking about 3,000,000 on the railroad.

DECEMBER 2, 1887
D. Cameron who is lumbering near St. Helen has 2,500,000 already on the skids.

JANUARY 8, 1888
J. Backus of Saginaw has sold the interest of Backus Brothers, in the mill and lumbering industry of the Ducey & Backus Lumber Co., to Mr. Ducey. [Duncan Cameron worked for Ducey]

MARCH 2, 1888 - Lumbering Notes
Duncan Cameron has a 3,000,000 cleaning up job, but will bank on the railroad this winter about 1,000,000




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