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Our PALM family emigrated from Germany (other Palm branches still live in Germany), stopped briefly in New York, then settled in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio.  The name Palm may still be pronounced "Pam" in Circleville.  The Palms in Circleville were from the "Ebingen" line, not the "Schrondorf" line, as one of the American Palms at the Palm family reunion in Neresheim, Germany found out.

A PALM descendent living in Germany (Ms. Nicely), sent the following to me:

During a conversation with an acquaintance (a native of Germany) it was mentioned that on the family tree there was Johann Phillip Palm, who was executed by command of  Napoleon for publishing his anti-Napoleon pamphlet. She then brightened up and said "Oh my goodness, that is a relative of yours? Every educated German my age knows of that story! Wow, what an interesting person to have in your tree!" He was an interesting, independent spirit who fought for the independence of the people from dictators.

Our Palm lineage, from the 1st American Palms:

Jacob William Palm (1795 - 1877) m. Anna Mary Stierle (1803 - 1879)

(John) Gottlieb Palm m. 2nd C. Fannie Palm (daughter of J. Gottlieb & Anna M. Daiber)

Ernest Otis Palm m. Hazel V. Smith

Richard Smith Palm m. Margaret D. White

Jim m. Cathy


J. Gottlieb Palm (1829 - 1892), who was born in Ebingen, Germany, was married twice and was the father of 17 children, originally came  to the United States in 1846.  After he married Fannie Palm (1837 - 1918, of Ebingen, Germany) in Ohio in 1870, they spent some time in Germany where at least two of their children were born. Gottlieb was engaged in the butchering and grocery business most of his life.  His first wife was Mrs. Mary Bartholt, who had a daughter, Mary, by her first marriage.


Family tradition has it that Ernest O. Palm (1883 - 1953), Gottlieb & Fannie Palm's youngest child, left home at a young age and learned the hatter trade from Stetson, possibly in New York.  He lived in Marion, Ohio, where he met and married Hazel Smith (1889 - 1960), a native of Marion Co., Ohio.  At the urging of some friends, the family (including sons Eldon & Richard) moved to Detroit, where Ernest opened the Palm Hat Shop on Elizabeth Street near Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit (in the vicinity of the Fox Theatre, Comerica Park and Ford Field).  The Palm family decided to stay in Detroit rather than following their friends again (this time to California).  They made new friends; the grandparents of author Judith Guest.  The signed copy of Ms. Guest's book, Errands, is inscribed "To the Palms -- a name I've heard my whole life (paraphrasing)."


Richard Smith Palm (1912 - 1997) married his high school sweetheart, Margaret Dell White (1911 - 1982) in Detroit on June 13, 1936.  He attended college at what is now Eastern Michigan University where he  struggled (financially struggled in the Depression era) for a couple of years.  After working for the Commonwealth Bank, he started his career in cost analysis accounting for the Ford Motor Company.  His stories about working in the era when the original Henry Ford was still in charge were fascinating.  He was offered a (slightly) early retirement, a fortuitous event, since he and Margaret used those "extra" years to travel the world before her health precluded her from that activity.   Jim is the youngest of the five Palm kids, all boys.


The Ernest O. Palm Family in Pictures

Ernest, Hazel, Eldon & Richard Palm in Marion, OH

Ernest "at work" at the Palm Hat Shop, 15 Elizabeth St., Detroit, MI

Grandpa Ernest & Barbara? Palm                           Richard, Hazel & Eldon Palm

Brothers - Eldon & Richard Palm


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