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CAMERON, Richard P.
Declaration of Intent - 9 October 1920 - Arenac County, MI
Age: 57 Height.: 5'3" Weight: 125 lbs.
DOB: 10 January 1863 Place of Birth: Ottawa, Canada

Emmigrated from Windsor, Canada on Ferryboat 
Arrived in Detroit either 20 Nov 1878 or 1879 (Both dates were listed)

Whole family arrived in USA from Canada (Included parents, Richard & Nancy Cameron, as well as brother Donald Cameron)

Married Frances, who was born in Germany on August 5, 1869
Children: Charlotte (living) & Evelyn, b. September 2, 1915 in Michigan
Witnesses: James Glassure & Jay Ames

A Preliminary Petition for Naturalization by Richard Cameron (John Richard Philip Cameron) listed:

Mother's maiden name: Nancy Cameron Father's Name: Richard Cameron
Place in U.S. going to: Bay City, Mich.


What's interesting about Addie More Powers' Naturalization Petition is that she was born in Lapeer County, Michigan, and never resided outside of the United States.  So why did a native-born U.S. citizen need to be naturalized?  Because she married William S. Powers, a native of Canada, and therefore assumed his nationality.  

Addie More Powers - Petition For Naturalization in Genesee Co., Michigan


Circuit Court of Genesee County at Flint, Michigan

The petition of ADDIE MORE POWERS, 1530 Colorado Ave., Flint, Mich.

Born:  Lapeer Co., Michigan, on June 28, 1864   Race: Scotch

Husband:  William S. Powers, born at Grimsby, Canada on August 27, 1859

Date of Marriage:  25 April 1888 at Lapeer, Michigan

William S. Powers entered the United States at Port Huron, Michigan in 1880 for permanent residence


Children of William S. and Addie (More) Powers:

Ward Powers, born May 31, 1893, Battle Creek, Mich, now resides in Arizona

Ralph Powers, born July 27, 1896,. Battle Creek, Mich; now resides in Flint, Michigan

Mae Powers, born February 28, 1898, Battle Creek, Mich; now resides in Flint, Michigan

June Powers, born June 18, 1900 in Battle Creek, Mich; now resides in Flint, Michigan

Marion Powers, born September 30, 1906, in Lapeer, Mich; now resides in Flint, Michigan


I have resided continuously in the United States of America ....since Birth and in the county of Genesee this State, continuously...since 1917.  I have not heretofore made petition for Naturalization...Not having acquired any other nationality by affirmative act.  Signed:  Addie More Powers


Affidavits of Witnesses:  Mrs. Bertha Soper, 2021 Warren Ave., Flint, Michigan

                                      Mrs. Arlena E. Thorner, 2021 Warren Ave., Flint, Michigan


Subscribed and sworn to before me by the above-named petitioner and witnesses in the office of the Clerk of said Court at Flint, Michigan this 12th day of August, Anno Domini 1935.... George T. Gundry, Clerk, by Mabel E. Lewis, Deputy Clerk



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