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William Hinds and Elizabeth Acklin were married in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia, on October 19, 1797.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Christopher & Christian (Black) Acklin; William's parents are unknown.


WASHINGTON CO. COURT RECORDS East TN State Univ. Archives of Appalachia
--Washington Co. -- TN, VA, NC??? There is a record (Rev. War Pension Papers) that Samuel Newell (related to Elizabeth Colville Black Newell) lived in Greene Co. & since Newell, Vance, Hinds and Blackburn are related to the Acklins, it's assumed that these records may pertain to our William Hinds.

45. William Hines, Samual Newell of Greene County; bond held unto James Richardson, sheriff; case of Joseph Vance vs. William Hines; December 12, 1791.
46. Samuel Bogle, Samuel Newell of Greene County; bond held unto James Richardson, sheriff; case of Benjamin Blackburn, wife vs. Samual Bogle; December 12, 1791.
70. William Hinds of Greene County; writ of capias ad respondendum issued for, case of Joseph Vance vs. William Hinds; November 11, 1791 (Out of sequence)

1810 Washington Co., VA, census:
William Hines
1 male under 10 (Samuel b. ca 1804)
1 male 16-18?
1 male 16-26?
1 male 26-45 (William)
2 females under 10 (Ann b. 1801? & another)
1 female 26-45 (Elizabeth age 39).


Military History of William Hinds
From: The Militia of Washington Co., VA, Index of Militia Officers 1775-1835:
HINDS, William
- Advice by Col. Francis Preston that HIND'S commission as Ensign, 2nd Batt., 70th Reg., had not been received; requested issuance, 14 May 1804
- Recommended Ensign in the room of Enoch Smith, promoted, 19 Jun 1804
- Recommended Captain, 2nd Batt., 70th Reg., in the room of Francis Irby, removed 19 Nov 1805. (Replaced as Ensign by Wm McHenry, 19 Nov 1805.)
-Removed; replaced as Captain by Jonathan Smith, 19 Jan 1808

From: The Militia of Washington Co., VA Index of Militia Men 1798-1835
HINDS, William - 2nd Batt., 70th Reg., 1798; Capt. Irby's Co., 1803; Capt. Campbell's Co., 1st Battalion, 1804; Capt. Byars' Co., 1807


From: "Statement of the Heirs of non-commissioned officers, privates, & c. in Virginia"
William Hinds, Private, 2nd reg. artillery
Time of decease: June 26, 1813
Names of the Heirs: Nancy, Samuel, Kesiah, Sarah and James Hinds (children; widow not named)
Annual Allowance: $48.00
Sums received: $240.00
When placed on Roll: March 5, 1818
Commencement of Pension: February 17, 1815
Ending of Pension: February 17, 1820


From The Historical Society of Washington Co. Va., Pub. Series II, No. 21 
Mar. 20, 1817  -  Elizabeth Hinds named guardian of Nancy, Samuel, Kessia, Sarah and James Hinds, orphan children of William Hinds, deceased.   Bond: $500.   Surety: Christopher Acklin.


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