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Working from me (Cathy) backwards, Laura BACKUS is the first ancestor who connects me to a host of other families and historical figures, including the MAYFLOWER passengers (below):

Catherine Powers, daughter of:
J. Garrett & Richard N. Powers, son of:
Beatrice Cameron & Ralph N. Powers, son of:
William S. Powers & Addie More, daughter of:
James More & Cynthia Richmond, daughter of:
Thomas Richmond & Laura Backus, daughter of:
Hannah Fuller (Probable) & John Backus, son of:
Jerusha Baker & John Backus, son of:
John Backus & Joanna Cleveland; daughter of:
Edward Cleveland & Rebecca Paine, daughter of:
Rebecca Doane & Elisha Paine, son of:
Thomas Paine & Mary Snow, daughter of:
Nicholas Snow & Constance Hopkins, daughter of:
Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger

The history book, Hudson And Mohawk genealogical and family memoirs (published 1911), states that "the Backus family is one of the oldest in this country and in England, the line going back to Ecgberht, the first king of England, from him to Cerdic, the first king of the West Saxons...."  That same publication indicated that William, the immigrant ancestor, was supposed to have come from Norwich, England, on the "Rainbow" in 1637.  William was one of the original thirty-five founders of Saybrook, Connecticut.   His son, Stephen2 (William1), second son of William Backus, married Sarah Spencer in December, 1666.  [See SPENCER]

Deacon Timothy Backus3(Stephen2, William1) married Sarah Post, daughter of John & Sarah (Reynolds) Post* of Norwich, and had 8 children, including John4(Timothy 3, Stephen2, William1), who was born May 5, 1720, in Canterbury, CT.  John married Mrs. Joanna (Cleveland) Downing, daughter of Edward Cleveland on October 20, 1746. [See CLEVELAND, POST, REYNOLDS]

*Sarah (Reynolds) Post was the daughter of John Reynolds & Sarah BACKUS2 (William1).

Rebecca Backus3(Stephen2, William1) married William Baker.  Their son, Benjamin Baker married Jerusha Parrish and their daughter, Jerusha Baker, married John Backus. [See BAKER, PARRISH]

Probable children of John Backus4 (Timothy 3, Stephen2, William1) and Joanna Cleveland:
John, Joseph, Ebenezer, Timothy, Solomon, Eunice, Elisha?, Sarah, Joanna.

John Backus 5, (John4,Timothy 3, Stephen2, William1), was born 25 August 1747, in Canterbury, Windham, CT.  In 1769 John married Jerusha Baker5 (Benjamin Baker4 Rebecca Backus3, Stephen Backus2, William Backus1) , born 6 May 1750 in Canterbury, Windham, CT and died 1 April 1818 in Freetown, NY, where she and husband John were among the first settlers.  John Backus's Revolutionary War pension papers indicated that he was a veteran in the Massachusetts and NY line, and that he died 11 February 1842 in Groton, Tompkins, NY.


John Backus6, (John5, John4,Timothy 3, Stephen2, William1) married 1st Unknown (possibly Hannah Fuller) and was the father of Laura (Backus) Richmond.  My Backus lineage(s) "daughtered" out with Laura Backus.


Backus Lineages for LAURA BACKUS:

Laura Backus7 (John6, John5, John4,Timothy 3, Stephen2, William1)

Laura Backus8 (John7,John6, John Backus5,Sarah Post4, Sarah Reynolds3, Sarah2, William Backus1)

Laura Backus7 (John Backus6, Jerusha Baker5, Benjamin Baker4, Rebecca3, Stephen2, William Backus1)


See another descendant of William Backus1 here:  Electus Backus, Jr.



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