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I have posted, in part, the Horace Wilbur/Byron Palmer Manuscript to try to help any or all Palmers looking for their ancestors. I have found errors in the manuscript and, no doubt, you will, too. But it is a good tool and the rule of genealogy is: Always research and DOCUMENT. In genealogy...if it isn't written down, it didn't happen and unfortunately, in the case of trying to pin down our ancestors, this will sometimes be the case. I have copied approximately 800 pages of the manuscript that pertains, mostly, to the southern lines of Palmers, Palmours, Palmores, Parmers and Parramores as that is the part of the country my ancestors originate. I have done look-ups and research for many of these lines and it is my thoughts that sometimes it takes looking at something and studying it to figure out where the path goes. Sometime a name may click and the rest just falls into place. I hope by posting these historical pages that it will help all of you who pass through and you find success discovering your true Palmer Path.
If, at some point you discover your ancestry in these pages, I would appreciate you letting me know. It makes me happy when someone knocks down a brick wall.

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