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Index to Palmer Wills

A disclaimer on all of the transcribed will on this web site:

I have ran across wills that have not been transcribed correctly and are still, today, in many books on our library shelves as fact.

I implore everyone who reads a transcribed copy of a will...PLEASE, PLEASE...obtain and READ the ORIGINAL will.

An example of this is the Joshua Palmer will of Union County SC 1835.

In his will, one of his heirs is Ann Davis...but it was transcribed in all books to read Aron Davis and until I heard from one of Ann's descendants, who said that Ann was Joshua's daughter, I would never have caught that in the will...but when I dug out the original will there is was...clearly written...Ann Davis...not Aron Davis.

Today in every library that has Brent Holcomb's SC will reads Aron Davis. Makes me want to cry...


Created June 25, 2004
Updated August 20, 2004
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