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Reverend Joshua Palmer of South Carolina and Indiana


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 Welcome to the Palmer Family History Web Site!

This web site is maintained by Donna Meszaros, a fourth great-granddaughter of Reverend Joshua Palmer. Joshua was an Englishman who settled in South Carolina as early as 1762. He was a farmer and a Baptist minister and served many churches in South Carolina. In 1807, he purchased land in what is now Union County, Indiana. His family and many members of his congregation soon joined him in their new home. From Indiana, the Palmer family spread to Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. Today descendants can be found in almost every state, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Read about him here.

Reverend Joshua Palmer has often been confused with Captain Joshua Palmer, a Revolutionary War veteran who was born in Virginia, enlisted in the war from Union District, South Carolina, and lived there until he died in 1835. Read about him here.

The purpose of this site is to publish what is known about our Palmer ancestors and to encourage the exchange of information among those researching the family.

Palmer Clanvention

The Palmer reunion, called the "Clanvention," has been held annually since 1949. Learn about the history of this gathering and add your name to the mailing list for the 2010 reunion.

Photo Gallery

Visit this section to view portraits and brief biographies of some early members of the Palmer family.

Historical Sites

In this section are photos of some sites that are of interest to the Palmer family.

Descendant Chart

View a 3-generation chart of the descendants of Joshua Palmer. Updates for November 2009: Revised and expanded biography for Rev. Joshua Palmer. Added documented biographies for his three children, William, Mary, and Joshua. To read these biographies, click on the links in the descendant chart. Coming soon: biographies for the third generation!


We now have the results of a 67-marker Y-DNA test from a third great-grandson of Joshua Palmer. The test was taken through Family Tree DNA. We have joined the Palmer Project within Family Tree DNA. As of November 2009, we do not have any close matches. To see the results, click on Y-DNA Results on the left side of the Palmer Project's home page. Scroll down to the group R1b1b2 k. unassigned. The kit number is 158723. The results are also posted on Search by surname Palmer, then scroll to user id 6BSAA.


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