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Northallerton Reference Library  -   26 Oct  1998






People wanting to marry by licence went to the Consistory and entered into a “Bond” or Allegation.

 It should not be assumed that people married in the church have always resided in the parish of the church as some Clergy were lax in seeing that the residence qualifications were complied with.                       

Dr W C Gibby






1766    -           1 Dec              Michael Palliser and Mary Attlay.

Date of Marriage                  Michael 26yrs of Felixkirk and Mary 24yrs.

                                                Date of Bond 28.11.1766

                                                 Felixkirk Parish Church


1770    -           30 June           James Naylor 23yrs of Thirsk to Elisabeth

                                                Pallister 22yrs of South Kilvington.

                                                Bond date 29 June 1770.  South Kilvington PC



1772    -           2 Nov             Charles Humphrey 24yrs of York Parish.

                                                To Dorothy Pallester 19yrs of Sessay.

                                                Bond Date 23 October 1772. Sessay PC



1774    -                                   John Holmes 22yrs of Sutton on Forest to

                                                Ann Pallester  21yrs  (and upwards) of York.

                                                Bond date 2.11.1774  St Helen’s  Church, York.



1776    -           2 May             Richard Palliser of South Kilvington

                                                age 27yrs and Elizabeth Bell 21yrs ( and upwards)

                                                Bond date 30 April 1776     Marriage at Over Stilton PC


1779    -           6 Dec              Philip Young aged 40yrs of Sowerby Parish

                                                to Jane Palliser 27yrs of Thirsk.

                                                Bond date 5.12.1779 Sowerby Chapel


1780    -           5 Feb               Thos Witt 29yrs of South Kilvington parish

                                                to Elizabeth Palliser 30yrs of South Kilvington.

                                                Bond date 5 Feb 1780

                                                South Kilvington PC


1782    -           2 June             Thos Dobson 50yrs of Thirsk to Eleanor

                        Palliser 40yrs of Kilvington.  Bond date

                        1 June 1782 Kilvington PC


1794    -           24 March        Michael Palliser 50yrs of Felixkirk

                                                to Rachel Harrison 40yrs of Felixkirk.

                                                Bond date 22.3.1794.  Felixkirk PC


1801    -                                   John Young 26yrs of Topcliffe parish

                                                to Jane Palliser 25yrs of Sowerby.

                                                Bond date 3 November 1801 Sowerby Chapel.


1801    -           16 Dec            George Robinson of Thormanby age 21

                                                ( and upwards) to Eleanor Pallester        

                                                21yrs (and upwards) of Sessay. Bond

                                                date 12 December 1801. Sessay PC


1806    -           30 Sep             John Eshelby 27yrs of Northallerton and

                                                Eleanor Pallister 25yrs of Sessay.

                                                Bond date 20 Sept 1806. Sessay PC


1807    -           7 January       Richard Palliser 29yrs of South Kilvington

                                                to Sarah Kendrew 23yrs of South Kilvington.

                                                Bond date 5 January 1807.  South Kilvington PC



1807    -           1 Sept             Richard Pape aged 27yrs of Crayke, Durham,

                                                and Mary Pallester 21yrs  (and upwards)           

                                                of Sessay. Bond date 29 August 1807

                                                Sessay PC



1778                                        John Pallester of Sessay aged 30yrs

                                                to Ann Cooper 28yrs of Aislaby.

                                                Bond date 5 May 1778. Middleton PC.


1779                                        John Pallester 28yrs of Stillingfleet

                                                to Jane Hawkins 24yrs of Stillingfleet.

                                                Bond date 2 September 1779. Stillingfleet PC








The original bonds and allegations are held at the Borthwick Institute of Historical Research.

If for example you wanted the full details of Richard Palliser of South Kilvington to Elizabeth Bell

if you write to them they will send you full details.


We hold a copy of the entries for-


3.November .1801    John Young and Jane Palliser

29 June 1770              James Naylor and Jane Pallister

5 Dec 1779                 Philip Young and Jane Palliser

13 April 1766             Richard Palliser and Elizabeth Bell