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    About 10 years ago, my husband got a new job in another state and he left with our oldest son to go start the new job. I had to stay behind with the other children till we could sell our house. As the days and weeks passed without a buyer, we all had to struggle.

    One evening, about 6 weeks after he left, I was praying, asking my Heavenly Father when this would be over and the family could be together again. As I finished my prayer, the words "three months" were spoken in my mind. I stayed on my knees a long time, but never received any other answer. I didnít know if that meant 3 months from the beginning, or from that day, or what. I didnít give it too much more thought, but I didnít forget it.

    Then a few weeks later, our realtor called and said we had sold the house. I asked how that could be when no one had even looked at it for a week or two. She told me it was someone who had looked at it earlier and had just decided. We agreed the price was fair, but she was concerned because they wanted the house in nine days. I told her I could be out, and she agreed to bring the papers to sign the next morning. I went to tell the kids we would be joining Daddy the next week, and we realized the day we would see Daddy was exactly three months and one day after he left. I remembered those words "three months" and felt very grateful. But thatís not the end of the story. The next morning when the realtor came, she told me the people had called back and asked if they could have the house one day sooner. We arrived at our new home exactly three months to the day after my husband and son left.