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Pair - Pare - Pear

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South Carolina Wills & Deeds


Wills: Mial Pair, 1821: York County, South Carolina

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Case #35

File #1468

Miles Pier Dec’d

Sarah Pier etal Exors.


[on envelope containing following]

The last will and Testament of Miel Pier State of South Carolina

In the name of God, Amen. I Mial Pair of York District and State of South Carolina Being very Sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be unto God, Calling unto mind the mortallity of the body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die--Do make and ordain this my last will and testament--that is to say, I will that all my just Debts be paid out of my Estate--

and the rest of my Estate I give to my loving wife Sally Pair, all the rest of my property, During her life or wedowhood, for her use and for her Children while they are with her--and at her Death or the eand of her wedowhood I will that all the property be Equally Divided among the Children-

-and I likewise Constitute and ordain My loving Wife Sally Pair and James McCorkle my Sole Exacutors of this my last will and Testament, and I do hereby utterly--

Disallow, revoke and Disonnull all and every other former testemant wills Legecies and bequests and Exacutors, by me in any wise before named willed and bequeather--rectifying and Confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament--In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal--this Thirtyeth of November in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Twenty--

Sign’d seald pronounced and Declared in the presents of us

William Shierling Miel Pair (Seal)

John Shierling


Probated September 1, 1821

Will Book "G" P-59

Case No. 35

File No. 592

The last will and testament of Miel Pier du?

Sep. 1, 1821

Minuite Book page 131

Recorded Book F page 39

Will 35/1468

South Carolin \ Proved the within will by the oath of William Shirling, one of the

York District / subscribing witness to the same September 1st, 1821

At same time Qualified Sarah Pier ___ and James McCorkle Exr to the within will and testament.

Benj Chambers Esq

Warrant of Appraisement

State of South Carolina\

York District / By Benj. Chambers, Esq. ordinary of York District

These are to authorise & empower you or any three or four of you whose names are hereunder written to repair to all such parts & places within this State as you shall be directed unto by Sarah Pier-Executrix & James McKorkle Executor of the goods & chattles rights & credits of Miel Pier decd where oever any of the Said goods & chattles being first duly sworn on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God to make a true & perfect Inventory & appraisement thereof & to cause the same to be returned under your hands or any three or four of you unto the said Sarah Pair & James McKorkle on or before the eighteenth day of September Inst.

Witness Benj" Chambers Esq_Ordinary of the Said District the first day of

September in the year of our Lord one thousand dight hundred & twenty one & in

the forty sixth year of American Independance

To Uissrs Wm Shirling Wm White Robt Watson Littleberry Patterson & Henry Talley

Benj" Chambers (seal) OYD


South Carolina\

York District / By Benj" Chambers Esq Ordinary of the District aforesaid

To all to whom these presents shall come greeting

Know ye that on the first day of Septo in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & twenty one the last will & testament of Miel Pier late of this District decd was proven in open court and approoved & allowed of before & by the said court & the adinring auction of all & Singular the goods & chattles rights & credits of the said decd within this state was therefore granted & committed by the said court unto Sarah Per exrx & James McKorkle named Executor in the said will they being first duly sworn well & faithfully to administer & make a full and perfect inventory of all and singular the said goods & chattles rights & credits & to exhibit the same inventory into the office of the clerk of the court of ordinary aforesaid in order to recorded on or before the first day of Nov. next & to render a true and just account calculation & reckoning thereof when thereunto required.

Witness Benj" Chambers Esq Ordinary of the said District

The first day of Septr in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred &

twenty one & in the forty sixth year of American Independence

Benj" Chambers (seal) OYD

[York District Estate Records Book F. 1820 - 1826 p211-212]

page 211

James McCorkle one of the Executors of the last Will and Testament of Mile Pare decd. Settlement for 1821 1822 & 1823.

Dr To the amount of the first sale Bill $162.35 3/4

" To the amount of the second do do 25.63

James Potts decd note of Int. 28.30

Contra Credit 216.28

By Hugh Whites proven aut. $ 18.44 3/4

Fan William’s Reitp for Exor. 2.00

Henry Moss proven aut. 3.75

J. L. Caldwell do do 1.62 1/2

James M. Doby do do 4.37 1/2

Thos R. Miles note of Intrust 5.78 3/4

Henry Talleys proven aut. 8.40

Wiley Hubbords do do 27.00

page 212

A. D. S. Brown ___ing sale 2.00

Henry G. Harris proven aut. 4.50

William H. Clawson note of Int. 11.22 1/2

Henry Patterson’s proven aut. 5.50

Note to Commissioners of Roads & Bridges 10.43

Ann Licers proven aut. 10.00

Seamore Taylor do 18.12 1/2

Littlebury Patterson do 2.25

Wm H. Clawson proven aut. 30.00

Wm Sherling do do 2.97

B. A. Storn do do 2.56 1/4

Robt Savall do do 2.25

John A. Sherling do do 34.75

James Rerie Note of Intr. 28.50

Ordinary fees 12.14 249.58 2/4

The within amount sworn to before me

January 8th, 1824 Benj" Chambers OYD

The within settlement amended March 6th 1824 & bro’over

The amount of the estate Brotover 216.28

Recd Samuel Webbs note 70.00

do Jas Baxter do 65.00

do David Watson do __25.00

$ 376.28

The amt of Cr Brotover 249.58. 2/4

Barnal Little note 103.73

Norman Hawly vs. James McCorkle Adm.\

as for W. D. Henry I. Y. D. Receipt / 29.12 1/2

Miel Pair vs. Wm. Dyer as fisse of Henry Elk (Rep! 2.11

R. Clendenan vs. James McCorkle Admr. of Mile\

Pair as for Wm. D. Henry SYD Receipts / 43.82

Seymore Taylor notes as for James McKey

Esqr certificate thereon 17.35

Nilised Garrett proven aut. 5.97 451.69

Admr Commission au 376.38 at 5fil! 18.81

The estate deficit 470.40

Sworn to before me March 6, 1824 Benj" Chambers OYD


September 1st, 1821. Proved the last will & Testament of Mile Pair deceased by the oath of William Sherley one of the Sutsenebeing witnesses to the same. At same time Qualified Sarah pair Executrix & James McCorkle Exr.

Benj" Chambers OYD