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Researchers of Round Grove Cemetery

On the Erath County-Comanche County line in central Texas.


Interested in any information on Charlie Mahan, Lucinda Loveless by any of her four surnames, and Martha J. Carr or Stephen Carr.  I have a lot of information on Charlie, including his Civil War service and a fairly extensive tree going back to the 1700's and an Indian named White Pony.  I will happily share with others.
Jerry Carr

While I had already known that William and Mary Harrell had lived in Comanche County, Texas, I had no idea what happened to them after 1880.  I think there is a strong possibility that the Mary Harrell in the Round Grove cemetery may be my kin.  (Her first marriage was to my GGGrandfather, Marion Dodson who died in the Civil War). 

My Great grandmother was a Wicker.  Her father, Thomas was a farm hand in the area.  He was born in Ireland, moved the family to Texas from Georgia.  Ironic that they settled near Dublin.  My GGrandfather William Henry Dodson, who's stepfather was William Harrell, married Lucinda Emma Camilla Wicker in Erath County.  I suppose the Harrells and the Wickers did not live too far away from each other. 
Martha Loucinda Harrell.  She had a twin brother named David.  The were born about 1868.  I had traced this Harrell family and found them in the 1870 census of Collin county, TX and found them again in Comanche county 1880.   
Altogether, it seems that Mary (Thorn/Dodson) Harrell had no less than 10 children, including the oldest, my William Henry Dodson and his sister Sarah Dodson.  Then by William Harrell: David and Martha about 1868, Victoria Annie 1869, John 1872, Emma 1874, Joseph 1875, Idah 1877, and finally Mary about January, 1880. 
I had previously found marriage records that show James Marion Dodson and Mary L. Thorn in Smith county, TX in 1858 if I recall, but I have not followed up on that yet.  I want to confirm this, but I believe this is the same Mary. 
It's making more sense to me now that I know that the Harrells lived near the county line.  My GGrandmother, Lucinda Emma Camilla Wicker lived in Erath county in 1880.  Probably also near the county line.  Your help is appreciated,  Sam Dodson

I am looking for the parents of Willis Franklin Thiebaud.  I have a copy of his death certificate (22805) in my file.  Parents are named as Henry Emmell Thiebaud of France and Parlee Knight of Tenn; he was born in Oceola, AR; informant was Mrs. Leonard C. Ash; cause of death was cerebral thrombosis; farmer; married; burial in Bethal Cemetery near Dublin.  Pam

Seeking relatives of Susan McLaughlin Young and Mary Jane McLaughlin Anderson: Just recently I have found some of my great grandfather's sisters in Erath County.  Susan McLaughlin Young was his sister, as was Mary Jane who married Erasmus Anderson.  I would like to contact any of Susan's family who might be interested in sharing information.  I have found a relative of their sister Rosa McLaughlin Taylor who has shared with me some old letters from the sisters as well as a picture of Jane K. DeShazo McLaughlin taken shortly before her death.  Ann Taylor Nelson and I have been thrilled to find each other.  I hope that you can help me find other interested family also.   Bobbie Arrington 


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