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Owens Family Records


From: don ware <>
Subject: Owens, Charity
Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010, 6:41 PM

Good Evening,
I came across an old letter detailing the life and death of Charity Owens. This is the same Charity Owens that is buried in the Lowell Cemetary. I would be glad to scan the letter for you, if you would like to have it. I thought I would also send it to any of her family, if I can locate them. Do you have any information on how to contact them? Thanks
Don Ware
1408 Grand
Sweetwater, Tx

For the Owens family out there: I have transcribed this letter so that a search engine can pick it up.  The letter itself is easily read as you can see below.

Grandma Owens was borned in North Carolina June 12th 1835 moved to Georgia with her father in 1849.  Was married to Green M. Shoun about the year 1854.  Was left a widow during the Civil War in 1863 with the following three small children Octavie, Roby, and Isabel,  Was later married to Hempsy Owens,  Was left a widow again in 1896  Broke up house keeping in 1898 and left Geo.  Came to Tex. to live with her daughter Mrs. Isabel Hammett and has been with her ever since,  Joined the Missionary Baptist Church about the year 1866  Has been a consecrated Christian worker ever since,  Never doubted but what God would take care of her,  Grandma Owens expressed herself a few days before she died that she was ready and wanted to go home  She had five brothers and four sisters lived to be grown from