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Old Dublin Pix

Pictures of   Old Dublin Memorial Park

Dublin, Erath County, Texas

Photographed by George Gibbons, May 31 & June 1, 2010.
Click on links for a photo you can print or copy.  Click on thumbnails for a larger photo of unidentified markers.
If you can identify any graves, please contact your hostess, Elayne Pair Gibbons.

These photos document unidentified graves.  Photos of identified graves appear as links on Old Dublin Memorial Park.


-0003-Just inside the gate on the right             -0039- unidentified marker (on left) near R. L. Burnett        -1060-2 bricks in foreground     

-0454-thought this was a marker till it walked away      -0066-B      -0874-      -0876-      -1004-in center

-0120-brick & possible footstone on east side      -0303-brick outline of grave      -0145-2 flat stones on right may mark reservations

-0238-near Baugh family        -0696-steel rod & stone between Cunningham & Campbell      -0697-a steel rod

-0286-marker next to road near SE corner      -0379-new grave next to Baughs      -0690- D    SO

 -0163-2 markers with flowers next to Fraziors        -0409-         -0318-may be writing on this cement

-0213-2 broken markers by the east fence-0214-        -0453-on right near fence      -0710-no grave markers inside fence

-0212-Granny      -0741-      -0742-facing west & facing east-0743-      -0837-flowers & stones

-0105-in foreground near Holland graves      -0574-      -0711-2 unknown beside fence      -0712-unknown in foreground

-0717-broken markers near Hammers family      -0727-flat stone in foreground      -0740-broken marker in foreground

-0501-      -0748-broken marker left foreground      -0763-large flat stones      -0774-unknown

Johnson  3 grave stones- -0262-    -0263-    -0264-        Johnson area-0265-

2 brick markers next to Bessie Jones-0282-      -1057-unidentified in foreground      -1058-unidentified in shrubs

-0247-stones under shrub      -0637-Confederate flag        -0776-unknown        -0779-2 unknown

-0796-unknown in foreground      -0807-immediate foreground      -0831-broken marker      -0833-broken by road

Lola (may be Monday)-0307--full stone & surrounding area-0306-      -0775-2 unknowns      -0814-unknown on left     

-0170-Budded on earth to bloom in heaven      -0188-unidentified marker next to Maxwells      -0494-unidentified probably related to Maxwells

-0294-unidentified marker next to Moores      -0297-pile of red bricks between Moores and Halls may be left from building a curb      -0842-

-0451-brick between trees near H. S. Milliman      -0861-      -0938-broken funeral home marker      -0940-

-0462-      -0463-      -0466-      -0954-      -0964-2 blank funeral home markers

-0456-beside Lillian Lorene (Rene) Peacock      -0969-broken funeral home marker      -0569-      -0570-

-0227-next to Randolph      -0270-2 markers next to Randolph      -0583-probably readable in person      -0871-

Robinson, Addie--0267-with adjacent unidentified marker      -0977-      -1001-red flowers, huge stone highlighted

-0396-marker near Ross family      -0397-      -0415-2 bricks      -0984-      -0998-foreground

-0236-2 bricks near east fence      -0387-5 large bricks      -0403-2 bricks by trees      -0580-

-0199-      -0210-large stone near Whites      -0441-2 bricks beside the road      -0870-stones inside Turnipseed curb

 -0240-2 unidentified markers near Whiteley family      -0443-2 bricks next to W. D. Weems      -1005-2 in foreground

-1013-large rock by road      -1031-inside red brick curb with Nelms      -1037-2 broken stones      -0241-

-1061-contains writing      -1078-possibly a child's grave highlighted on left beside LaRue Hallmark      -1094-grave marker down front center

-1177-unknown beside Ruby Fleming      -1179-3 bricks between Swanner & road      -1197-leaning on tree

-1210-3 bricks in foreground      -1211-      -1256-center front      -1279-2 standing bricks and 1 flat

-2001-brick      -2002-brick      -2031-      -2032-      -2036-      -2037-next to "J" curb

-2258-stone pyramid      -2261-      -2262-      -2047-      -2046-      -2068-maybe just 1

-2071-      -2120-hidden stones      -2133-      -2142-      -2159-several piles      -2201-

-2170-readable in person      -2198-      -2199-      -2200-      --2207-by J. R. Holland

-2217-piles      -2245-      -2246-      -2276-in foreground      -2285-in foreground


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