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24 July 1998

One of those days, we went up to Denmark.  George wanted to get some clogs there.  We had to drive a little way into the country to a large town.  Lego was invented in Denmark and we wanted to get Adam some for his birthday.  George found his shoes, I got a doll, and we found a post office and got stamps for Trey’s collection.  All across Europe, the price you see is the price you pay.  The tax is already figured in.  We had checked the exchange rates here before we left.  You might not know what someone was saying, but the numbers looked the same, whether on price tags, menu, or cash register.  To find out what that meant in dollars, you just divide by 2 in Germany, by 16 in France, or by 1750 in Italy.  We didn’t have any trouble understanding the money.  After shopping in Denmark, we headed on back where we could understand at least a little bit of what people were saying.  The Danish border was the only place where we felt we were hassled crossing the border, and that was going both into Denmark and then back into Germany.  We were guessing that one was hassling because the other was.  The German border wasn’t even manned in all the other places we crossed it.  But we knew before leaving the states that the best way to handle it was to stay friendly, meek, and obedient.  We figured no one would have any fun trying to bully us lambs, and they just herd us on through.



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