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newborn - 11 lbs. 6 oz.




                    1 month old                                                        lots of big brothers to play with



My family


                            I like to be safe.                                                        Risking it all!



It's not my fault I was so cute she gave me all the balloons!                     My first birthday.


                               How do I turn him, Mom?                                           Now I'm a big brother!


                              I look just like Daddy!                                                    Big brother duties.

As American as Yorktown, Virginia.



                                                               I learned to babysit early.



                        Sleeping on the job, shhh.                                                            Hard at work!



                            Tall as the flowers.


                                       An unusual birthday cake - chocolate upside down cake.



            I'm so sweet!                                        In the captain's chair.


        My turn to clean the kitchen.                                        Vacations and snacks go together.



                                                                Daddy said I had to stay.


                                                                One of the troops!



                                                               I put in my time.


My wedding day!


4 July 2008