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2. George Wiggins

The land mentioned below was in Craven Co. NC till 1746 when Johnston Co.was created. It became Dobbs in 1758 until 1791 when Lenoir was created.County lines changed some in 1804 taking in some more of Craven Co.

Book 5 Colonial Deeds, Cert...... # 3056 page 272 George Wiggins isgranted 262 acres in Craven County on North side of Neuse River onFalling Creek.
The date on the original grant is not readable except for the 174_.

27 September 1748, a grant to Richard Byrd for land south of FallingCreek in Johnston County, NC showed a boundary with George Wiggins.
George's grant was also next to land of Major Croom.

The will of George Wiggins (Wigin/Wigon) of Somerset Co. NJ was written31 October 1749 and was proved 8 May 1750 and recorded in Book E of Willspage 396.

It is written fairly small and lines close together and quite hard toread. A few words were just "guessed at" after having read several otherwills of about the same time period. And punctuation and capitalizationare about nil in the original document but I am using them here forclarity.

"In the name of God, Amen, the thirty first of October in the year of ourLord one thousand seven hundred and forty nine, I George Wigins late ofthe Neuse River in Johnston County in the province of North Carolina butnow in the province of New Jersey and county of Somerset being very sickand weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto Godthanks for calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that itis appointed for all men once to dye, do make and ordain this my lastwill and testament, that is to say principally and first of all I giveand recommend my Soule unto the hands of God that gave it and for my bodyI recommend it to the earth to be buried in a Christian like and do---Tmanner at the discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at thegeneral resurrection I shall ro--th soms? adjoin by the mighty power ofGod and as touching such worldly estate whom it hath pleased God to giveme in this life, I give devise and dispose of the land in the followingmanner and form: Item: I give and bequeath unto Margaret, my dearlybeloved wife the use of 200 acres of land lying and being in the Countyof Johnston and province of North Carolina lying on each side of FallingCreek for and having use of so long until my beloved son John Wiginsarrives to the age of twenty one years and no longer, together with allmy household goods and moveables in the said Carolina the bottom?enabling him to pay my lawful and just debts therein and for the bringingup and edycating my said son in looming/farming?
Item: I give unto my said son the above mentioned two hundred acres ofland by him fully to be possessed of and enjoyed by him and his heirs andassigns forever together with the remainder and remains of my estate inthe province of New Jersey.
Item: I give unto Gershom Wigons the son of my brother John Wiginsseventy acres of land adjoining to the lower end of the above mentionedtwo hundred acres to be fully possessed and enjoyed by him his heirs andassigns forever.
Item: I give unto my beloved brother Gershom Wigins the sum of twentypounds to be raised and levied out of my estate in the province of NewJersey whom I likewise construct, make and ordain my only and soleexecutor of this my last will and testament empowering him, my saidexecutor to sell or convey any land or lands to me belonging in theprovince of New Jersey or any other efforts on any that I was empoweredto sell or convey on any account.
Item: I give unto my sister Rachell the sum of forty pounds to be raisedand levied out of my estate to be paid to the legatee at the dissolutionof my said estate (may be discretion of my executor) and I do wholly(hear by) and utterly disallow, revoke and dismiss all and every otherformer wills ---- and executors in any ways before this time named willedand behold, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last willand testament.
signed, sealed---I pronounced and declared by the said George Wiggins ashis last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers thewords his and my were interwoven? (into lived) for the insolthing? anddelivery hereof. George Wiggins

Witness: Garrett Williamson, Petrys Voorhees, John Reynolds.
on 8th May 1750 the first two witness came before the court of SomersetCounty and swore on the holy evangelize do say they were present and sawhim sign and his mind was good. Thomas Barlow.

John Wiggins son of George and Margaret lived at Sloop landing on NeuseRiver. John died June 1776 or 1777. John Wiggins married in SC toElizabeth Arrington. They lived in Laurens Co. SC and had a son AshealWiggins. John was in U.S. Service Revolutionary War and died inCharleston SC about 1777. Joseph Williams married Margaret Wiggins, thewidow of George Wiggins.

There a is record of land transaction for Asheal Wiggins about 1799 inLenoir Co. Grantee Index and there is a reference to him and Gershambeing related to him in New Bern Criminal Action Papers Box 10. (1799)

If the John living next to Gersham in the 1790 census is not this John,then is he a son of Gersham?

4. John Wiggins

He received 264 acres north of Neuse River on west side of Falling CreekCraven County, North Carolina on 9 March, 1736. joining A. Airs, a branchand the creek. (State Grant Book 9 page 101.)

17 February 1737 Ambrose Ayriss 480 acres in Craven joining Falling Creekand John Wiggins. Airs and Ayriss is what is mostly spelled Ayres/Ayerstoday.

From the book of NC Grants John Wiggins #3841 page 1, 22 November 1738,100 acres in Craven Co. on the north side of the Neuse River.

4 April 1745 John Giles 250 acres in Craven on N. side of Neuse joiningE. side of Stirupp Creek, John Wiggins and Neuse. This should probablysay Gersham Wiggins instead of John as he was the one who had the land onStirrup Creek and bordering on John Gills/Giles, unless John has boughtthis from Gersham?(his brother)
It is possible Gersham, John's brother, gave or sold this to him withoutmaking a deed?

NC Colonial Records show a land grant 3 March 1759 to Edward Brice Dobbson west side of Neuse River adjoining John Wiggins and others.

In some other land deeds though, dated March 1787, John lived N. side ofNeuse on Stirrup Creek joining Spencer Caldwell (deed referenced) HigottyMartin, and Isaac and Richard Crooms.

John also received 566 acres in Craven County on Stoneyton Creek on 13June 1738. (Grant Book 97 page 212) Falling Creek is west and north ofKinston. Stoneyton and Loosing Creek are north and east of Kinston.

John sold part of this 566 acre tract to William Bond, next to Tower andHill. NE boundary was land of MacKilwean. Thomas Wiggins bought fromWilliam Bond between Nov. 1746 and April 1750 Book 1 page 1.

On 21 October, 1741 John Wiggins, Sr. sold 63 acres to Thomas Wiggins,"beginning where I live" (Craven County Deed Book 1 page 378) The next dayJohn sold 100 acres to Phillip Wothers, Craven County Deed Book 1 page375, and another John Wiggins was witness to both deeds. John was in Deedbooks until 1759. (This second John Wiggins may be the son of John Sr. oris a son of Thomas or Gershom, John Sr.'s brothers.)

1 April 1751 Stephen Blackman receives a 400 acre grant in Johnston Co.on North side of Neuse River joining RICHARD WIGGINS and John Blackmanlines (Lenoir) this is from Dobbs Grants 1741-1756. WHO IS HE? There aretwo more entries for him.

23 February 1754 William Bond was granted 100 acres in Johnston on N.side of Neuse joining James McIIweaney and land purchased of ThomasWiggins.

May 23 1757 John Wiggins granted 170 acres in Johnston on N. side ofNeuse and on side of Falling Creek joining a marsh near BenjaminHerring's line and George Wiggins.

3 March 1759 John Tucker 125 acres in Johnston Co. on N. side of Neuseand on W. side of Falling Creek joining John Wiggins.

3 March 1759 Edward Brice Dobbs 150 acres in Johnston on N. side of Neusejoining Phillip Woothouse, John Wiggins, William Bond, John Griffin,Francis Mackiiwean and Governor Dobbs.

In 1740 a jury found him not guilty in case of King (of England, Iassume) vs John Wiggins.

Captain Joseph Bryan's Company of Militia of Craven County on 14 April1753 shows John, and 2 Edmond Wiggins. This implies he was living onLoosing Creek, as Falling Creek was in Johnston County at this time.

Secretary of State Wills and Administrations show that Margaret Wigginswas named Admr. for John Wiggins on 20 January, 1768 in Dobbs County.Margaret is listed on the Dobbs Co. Tax List in 1769.

Richard Caswell was named with Margaret as Admr. He lived near Kinstonand was a distinguished soldier, public servant and statesman. He becameChief Executive and was elected 1st Governor after Declaration ofIndependence and served 6 one year terms plus one shorter term.

Margaret Wiggins also witnessed the will of William Herritage, father inlaw of Richard Caswell in 1769.

In Book 11 page 441 reconstructed Grantee Index of Dobbs, shows MargaretWiggins bought from Thomas Custis in 1779.

All of the records of Dobbs County (Lenoir County) except for one part ofland records, burned in 1880 and all that are left to help solve thispuzzle are ones in Craven and some which were in State Office's.

There was found in Somerset County, New Jersey a will for George Wigginsmade in 1749 recorded in 1750 saying he was formerly of Johnston County,North Carolina, that he has a brother Gershom, a brother John with a sonGershom, and a sister Rachel Wiggins. He mentions his wife Margaret andtheir son John. This seems to account for the persons who were early inCraven/Johnston/Dobbs and Lenoir County. I believe this George and hissiblings parents were the Gersham and Mary listed below.

Although the will of George mentioned above does not mention a brotherCaleb these men's probable father Gersham did have a son Caleb, bornabout 1714. He was christened at Grace Church in Jamaica, NY in 1726 atage 12.

The land records have been reconstructed from grantee index after firesin Lenoir Co. courthouse. They show:
Book 1 pg 97 Nov 1746-April 1750, Charles Holmes sells to John Wiggins.
page 1 Thomas Wiggins sells to William Bond
page 138 Sarah Wiggins sells to William Bishop
Book 3 pg 429 April 1754-April 1755 William Davis sells to Thomas
Book 5 pg 207 April 1757-April 1758 Wm. Wiggins sells to Richard Sarsnett
This is certainly the William who was Wayne or Sampson, not ours. TheSarah Wiggins above may be of another group too as can not place her.

Received last month from another researcher with Wiggins as an AlliedFamily these items below.
New Bern District Criminal Action papers, Lenoir County, NC. 206.325.14John Wiggins died with a will, widow Margaret (Peggy) remarried to(James)Nicholson. John and Margaret had Eleanor born 18 Dec. 1757 who marriedJohn Jones; Charlotte Wiggins md Gray Westbrook, and Gersham Wiggins.There is a Sarah listed, not sure if a child or wife of Gersham??
See Sarah Herring, wife of Gersham.

In this same action there was a deposition of Susanna Croom (1799) she is43 years old next Nov., born Nov. 1755, she moved from Tar River (it goesthrough Edgecombe and ends in Pamilco Sound) to Neuse River near JohnWiggins. Her daughter Betsy and Eleanor Wiggins same age.
Also a deposition of Major Croom born Lenoir Co. 29 November 1755. (Thisis not the same Major Croom as given in early land deeds, may be son ornephew. Major is his name, not his title)

These records have been received and are listed under Margaret and SarahHerring. There are more records to be searched for which may clear upsome questions and may cause others.
**Note from Carlyle A. Wiggins in Dunbar WV in 1966 says a RichardWiggins bought 300 acres in Craven County, NC from Authur Blackman on3-19-1743. A daughter of an Arthur Blackman (Nancy) married Isom Uzzellin Johnston Co. 1791. [Nancy Blackman was not a daughter of Arthur andshe married 1790]

John Wiggins is listed on the Johnston Co., NC Quit Rent list for 1750with 303 acres received in grant 18 Oct. 1749, had 2 years.


A long document found in Box DSCR 206.325.14 at North CarolinaArchives from New Bern (NC) District Superior Court Civil Action papers,and clears up some questions about this family.

State of North Carolina County of Lenoir: Pleas held before____Sheffield, Fredrick Jones, Walter Dunn, Benjamin Hartfield, Esq andothers of their brother Justice of Peace at courthouse at Kinston 1stMonday of January 1802...
Be it remembered 1st Monday January 1799 came Spencer Caldwell by RobertWhite his attorney and complained of Thomas Curtis, John Jones andEllenor his wife and Gray Westbrook and his wife Charlotte of a plea ofcovenant broken to his damage of 500 pounds and the defendants as said,by their attorney William Blackledge comes and defends the ----injury anddamages and says they are in nothing guilty and pleads declaration to befiled at next term and plea to be entered and that they wish a jury tohear this case.
It has been continued from date to date until January 1802 and the juryEdward Byrd, Benjamin Griffin, Joel Hines, Aaron Ratcliff, Ezekiel Haley,John Kouse?, Caleb Hooten, Daniel Powell, John Diamond, William Tuttle,Joshua Byrd and William Erwin find for the plaintiff on all pleas excepton the plea of infancy of Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Westbrook who the-----under age at the time and awards the plaintiff damages of 303 poundsand 15 shilling and cost therefore it is considered by Justices here thathe recover of the defendants as above with which judgement the plaintiffbeing dissatisfied prays an appeal to next Superior Court 15 July whohaving entered into bond with Hardy Croom and William Tull his securitiesfor prosecuting said appeal and the same is according granted. C.Westbrook Cle (Clerk?)

Attached is a copy of court cost.

John Full deposith saying that Thomas Curtis one of the plaintiffs spoketo him in effect that Ellenor and Charlotte had agreed to sell the landand requested him to attend and cry that for them and Ellenor Wiggins bidit off and after the bid of it off they all appeared to let SpencerCaldwell have it which after some time he did agree to take it, takingfifty pounds less than Ellenor bid it off and that previous to thisagreement he heard Peggy Wiggins (say repeatedly that.. marked out) themother of Charlotte now the wife of Gray Westbrook one of the presentplaintiffs repeatedly assert that her daughter Charlotte would be of age
t6e ensuing summer and that if Caldwell would take the land he could havebond and surety for her making the title as soon as she did arrive ofage. He believes this was done as afterward he saw a bond to that effectand that he never heard any dispute about the age of Eleanor. dated 1Sept. 1804

The deposition of Major Croom, Esq. on a certain matter of controversywherein Robert Caldwell, Administrator to Estate of Spencer Caldwelldeceased. Major Croom duly sworn and says that he had often heardMargaret Wiggins the mother of Ellenor Wiggins now the wife of John Jonessay that Eleanor was near about his age and that she had often suckledhim when she gave suck to Elleanor and agreeable to the records of my agewas born 29th November 1755. Made at home of John Bledsoe 1 Sept 1804with William Croom and Benjamin Hartsfield JP

Elizabeth Nicholson makes her deposition and said that after the death ofJohn Wiggins, father of the defendants Elleanor and Charlotte, the fatherof the deponent married Margaret Wiggins, the mother of said girls, andthere was in the possession of Margaret a Bible, the family Bible of JohnWiggins and that in the Bible was written the ages of the children ofMargaret and John Wiggins and that she remembers it was written thatEllenor Wiggins was born 18 December 1757 and that the deponent knows andhas always understood that Charlotte is younger than Elleanor. Made athome of Jesse Cobb,Esq at Kinston 4 October.

Gershom Wiggins deposed that (he lived in the family of James Nicholsonafter he married his Mother the widow of John Wiggins, who is father todeponent.... marked out) and that he has frequently seen the Biblealluded to by the witness Elizabeth Nicholson and he swears that the agesof his sisters is written there in the handwriting of his father, JohnWiggins, who is also father to Elleanor and Charlotte. he knows that hissister Elleanor is older than Charlotte. Home of Jesse Cobb at Kinston 4Oct, and he also says his father died 18 Dec 1767.

Sarah Smith says she has heard Mrs. Margaret Nicholson, the mother ofElleanor Jones say that her daughter completed her 10th year of age onthe day that John Wiggins died. Given at home of Jesse Cobb, Esq atKinston 4th day of said month, Sarah Smith her mark.

Mrs. Elizabeth Cobb says in conversation with Mrs. Margaret Nicholson themother , she recommended the old lady to remove from off the plantationwhere on she then lived as her situation was uncomfortable, theirchildren had sold the land. The old lady replied that she kept thepossession/ plantation because after her death the land would belong tothe children for that at the time Elleanor and Charlotte sold the land toSpencer Caldwell they were both under age. This declaration as to theinfancy of her daughters at the time of executing said deed she hasfrequently heard from Mrs. Nicholson.

Samuel Byrd made deposition on 1st September 1804 says that he was calledon ( by Spencer Caldwell.. marked out) to value a piece of land withBryan Whitfield, Sr...... the said Caldwell, Gray Westbrook andothers.... at law about in county of Lenoir and they adjudged the same tobe worth $5.00 an acre and that sometime before he was called on assurveyor to run out and lay off such a part of the land of John Wigginsdeceased as had been given to Gershom Wiggins and Sarah Wiggins which hebelieves in the whole bears about 110 or 120 acres or there about.

Deposition of Susanna Croom said that 43 years in Nov. next she movedfrom Tar River to Neuse River near John Wiggins and that she has lived inthe neighborhood the greater part of the foregoing time within a mile ortwo of John Wiggins, father of Elleanor and Charlotte and she wasintimate with them for many years and she has often heard Elleanor andher mother Peggy say that she was the same age as her daughter Betsy andBetsy was born Nov. 1755 and she always understood from Elleanor and hermother that Ellenor was born in the forepart of the year she thinks wasthe case from the size and her looks and appearance.
(She would have moved to Neuse River in 1751)

Margaret Wiggins is shown on the 1769 Dobbs Co., NC Tax List.

John Jones and Ellenor probably married by 1779 at least. There are atleast 4 John Jones in Dobbs County in 1790 census. A John Jones does notshow in land records until 1757-58, not necessarily the same as this one.

A C. Westbrook is clerk of court in these records, but Gray does notshow in deed records through 1798. Moses Westbrook lives next to Gershamand John in the 1790 census and shows in the land deed records beginning1779. A James, John and William also show 1769-1779.

Thomas Curtis sold land to Margaret about 1779 and is probably the reasonhe is listed in this suit with Ellenor and Charlotte and their husbands.

10. Eleanor Wiggins

Abstracted by: Rose Parks Rt. 1 Box 119-B Avery, Texas
Thanks to Roger Kammerer for finding this source, it has led to many goodconnections.

State of North Carolina Lenoir County

Pleas held before ______Sheffield, Fredrick Jones, Walter Dunn, BenjaminHartsfield, ESQ and others of their brother Justice of Peace atcourthouse in Kinston 1st Monday of January 1802.

Be it remembered 1st Monday of January 1799 came Spencer Caldwell byRobert White his attorney and complained of Thomas Curtis, John Jones andEllenor his wife and Gray Westbrook and Charlotte his wife, a plea ofcovenant broken to his damage of 500 pounds, and the aforesaid ThomasCurtis, John Jones and Ellenor his wife, Gray Westbrook and Charlotte hiswife represented by William Blackledge their attorney comes and defendsthe forced injury and damages, saying they are in nothing guilty andpleads declaration to be filed at next term and plea to be entered as ofthis term and Spencer Caldwell did likewise, therefore it is commanded ofJ.P. that a jury come before court to be held 1st Mon in April next, fora trial between said parties.

It has been continued from date to date till Jan. 1802 when partiesrepresented by their attorneys came before jury of Edward Byrd, BenjaminGriffin, Joel Hines, Aaron Ratcliff~ Ezekiel Haley, John Kouse? CalebHooten, Daniel Powell, John Diamond, William Tuttle, Joshua Bryd, andWilliam Ervine find for the plaintiff on all pleas except on the plea ofinfancy of Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Westbrook and awards the plaintiff damagesof 303 pounds 15 shilling and that he recover from defendant. Defendantpaying court cost.
The plaintiff being dissatisfied prays an appeal to next Superior Court15 July and entered into bond with Hardy Croom and William Tull,securities.
Clerk of Court, G. Westbrook

Court cost included paying expenses of witness's: Higotty Martin, SamuelByrd, Leonard Loftin, Elizabeth Nicholson, Anne Quinney? Gershom Wiggins,this 8th day July 1803 G. Westbrook, Cle.

** From Dobbs Grantor/Grantee Index transcribed by Martha M. Marble forNCGS (Feb. 1996)
Thomas Curtis sold to Margaret Wiggins between Jan. 1777 and April 1779page 441. (reason
for including Thomas Curtis in suit)