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Where KILPATRICK's are Buried

To those who are not aware, sometimes it takes years of searching and a lot of
luck just to find documentation on one person especially when working in burned
counties like Greene and Lenoir. If we all share what we have sooner or later an
accurate picture will evolve - which is why I include all of the Kilpatrick information
I am aware of at this time. If you, the reader, have additional data or corrections,
please let all of us know and feel free to correct this booklet where you see the error
or send the data to me and I will make corrections for those libraries that receive a copy.
Martha Mewborn Marble







A. KILPATRICK CEMETERY - near Dingle Kilpatrick Smith's house on the

Greenville Hwy out from Kinston
Lewis Kilpatrick - b 8 July l8l9 - d l7 May l906 - original stone is broken,
but both pieces are still at the cemetery
Patsy Mewborn Kilpatrick - b l6 Sept l825 - d 27 Oct l867 - this is a new
stone - the original is gone
Lewis Kilpatrick - b 6 May l8l9 - d l7 Nov l906 - this is a new stone put there
probably at the same time as the new one for Patsy
Ann (Lane) Kilpatrick wife of Lewis - b l Oct l838 - d l6 May l892
John L. Kilpatrick - b 3l Aug l845 - d 27 May l888
Fannie H. Kilpatrick - wife of J. L. - b 28 March l846 - d l8 May l88l
Mevia Adelle Kilpatrick - daughter of J. L. and Fannie Kilpatrick - b l Oct
l877 - d 28 July l882
Susan wife of Lacy Phillips - b l4 Oct l82l - d l9 Nov l905 - NOTE: the dates
differ from what is in the James Kilpatrick Bible if indeed Susan was the
daughter of James Kilpatrick
Julia wife of J. F. Braxton - b 26 April l834 - d 3 April l9l2 - NOTE: daughter
of James Kilpatrick
Ralph L. Kilpatrick - b 5 Feb l875 - d 9 Jan l93l
Mattie I. Kilpatrick - b 23 May l892 - d l9 Jan l942 - NOTE: she was a Sasser
from New York and a well known songwriter
C. L. Rountree, Sr. - b l April l848 - d 26 July l924
Louisa E. Kilpatrick wife of C. L. Rountree - b 30 Sept l850 d 24 Dec l9l2
C. L. Rountree, Jr. - b 28 Jan l88l - d 4 Feb l9l9
Robert T. Brooks - b l882 - d l93l
Gladys Braxton Cummings - b l894 - d l976 - NOTE: her mother was a Kilpatrick
Mary M. daughter of C. L. and L. Rountree - b l2 Aug l869 - d 2 Aug l870
Hannah B. Rountree daughter of C. L. and L. Rountree - b 4 Sept l873
Ray Rountree son of J. H. and Pattie Ives Rountree - b 9 Aug l899 - d l0 July
B. KILPATRICK CEMETERY - « mile beyond British Chapel Church
Lottie Louise daughter of Zelph and Sudie H. Kilpatrick - b 5 Feb l922 d 6 Nov
MOTHER - Kathleen Kilpatrick Rigsbee - b 24 July l9l8 - d 29 March l968
Arlene Frances daughter of Zelph and Sudie H. Kilpatrick - b 2 March - d 29
March l926
Zelph H. Kilpatrick - b l5 Jan l876 - d 4 Jan l948
MOTHER - Sudie Hill Kilpatrick - b 2 June l896 - d 24 March l984
Nina Kilpatrick - b 8 Oct l876 - d 27 Oct l9l6
Margurite R. Kilpatrick - b 27 Sept l9l2 - d 5 Feb l9l5
John W. (Washington - MMM) Kilpatrick son of A. (Alexander - MMM )W. and S. E.
Kilpatrick - b 9 Dec l850 - d 20 March l899
Elizabeth Daughety MOTHER wife of J. W. Kilpatrick - b l5 May l855 - d 6 Feb
Jesse Pierce Kilpatrick - b l8 July l904 - d l4 Dec l9l8
Addie Marine Kilpatrick - b l7 Jan l886 - d 5 Sept l967
James Lewis Kilpatrick - b 29 Nov l873 - d ll Jan l956
NOTE: Addie and James were the parents of Dingle Kilpatrick Smith - James was
the son of John W. Kilpatrick
I have not looked up all of the Kilpatricks in this Cemetery
William James Kilpatrick - b 23 Dec l843 - d 27 Jan l9l0 - CSA Comp E 27th
Regiment Enlisted 20 April l86l NOTE: son of John J. and wife Annie Harding - b
l8 Jan l848 - d 26 Aug l90l
Sarah J. Kilpatrick - b 20 June l872 - d 2 Dec l947
John R. Kilpatrick - b l3 May l885 - d 6 Oct l885 ****check dates
William James Kilpatrick - son of M. H. and Alyse - b 27 April l904 - d 2l May
Maggie W. Witherington wife of Isaac Kilpatrick - 27 July l872 - d l0 Feb l95l
Isaac Kilpatrick - b 2 March l883 - d l0 June l962
Isaac Lee Kilpatrick son of Isaac Kilpatrick - b l0 Feb l907 - d l6 Feb l957
From Vol II, Pitt County Gravestone Records, l962 by Jeanette Cox St. Armand
pages 90-9l - sent to me by Ima Mewborn.
Paul Kilpatrick - b 9-l-l886 - d ll-27-l947
Jesse Kilpatrick - b 5-l0-l884 - d l0-l0-l945
Edward Kilpatrick - b 4-25-l877 - d 3-5 l945
Frances E. - b 6-2-l848 - d 2-4-l888 (wife of John B. Kilpatrick)
John B. Kilpatrick - b 2-6-l836 - d 9-11-l909
C.S.A. 3rd Sergt Company E, 27th Reg Inf. Enlisted 4-20-l86l
Daniel Kilpatrick - b ll-2-l875 - d 8-7-l898
Annie M. - b 3-3-l822 - d 7-8-l823 (daughter of P. P. Kilpatrick)
Penelope P. - b 6-29-l830 - d 9-3-l858 (wife of S. B. Kilpatrick)
S. B. Kilpatrick - b 4-3-l83l - d 6-23-l896
C.S.A. Pvt., Comp. K 27th REG. INF ENLISTED 4-26-l86l, PROMOTED lst CORP
Sarah Elizabeth Kilpatrick - 7-5-l874 - d 4-30-l93l
George Bryan Kilpatrick - b 9-25-l866 - d 7-27-l923
Louisa B. - b l-22-l833 - d 2-8-l888 (wife of Lemuel H. Mewborn)
Lemuel H. Mewborn - b 3-20-l836 - d 9-l6-l872
C.S.A. 4th CORP., COMP. E 4lst REG. ENLISTED 7-4-l862
Hallon Elizabeth - b - 4-2-l84l - d l0-l868 (wife of John B. Kilpatrick)
William P. Kilpatrick - b 7-32-l829 - d ll-l0-l862
Mary E. - b 4-3-l839 - d 9-1-l858 (wife of Levi A. Mewborn)
Bryan Burney - d ll-5-l856 - 73 years, 5 months, l6 days
John Burney ESQ - b l0-l2-l804 - d 4-6-l856 (died in Brunswick County)
Sarah - b 9-29-l827 - d 7-1-l856 (wife of J. J. Kilpatrick)
Barbara - b 7-1-l856 (daughter of J. J. and Sarah Kilpatrick)
John J. Kilpatrick - d 9-l2-l855 aged 29 years, 2 months, 5 days
(son of William and Penelope Kilpatick
John C. - d 4-1-l849 ll years, 2 months, l5 days (son of J. J. and Sarah
William D. Tucker - b 8-4-l8l7 - d 2-l4-l876 (son of Calvin and Caroline
C.S.A. PVT., COMP. D, 3rd REG, Enlisted 7-l5-l862, Discharged
Joshua R. - d ll-l7-l848 - 2l years, 7 months, l4 days (son of J. J. and Sarah
Elizabeth - d 4-l3-l855 - 56 years, 6 months, 4 days (wife of Bryan Kilpatrick)
Bryan Kilpatrick - d 5-4-l848 56 years, 4 months, 25 days.
Lewis Burney - d l-25-l844 - 56 years, ll months, l9 days
Sarah W. - d 9-9-l854 l6 years, 6 months, 27 days (daughter of Jesse and
Rachel Noble)
Rachel Noble - b l2-9-l802 - d 6-25-l860 - (wife of Jesse Noble) daughter of
Simon Burney and Louisa Pugh
Jesse Noble age 6 days (son of Mary and Frederick Harding)
W. F. Mewborn - b l0-l0-l860 - d 4-8-l923
J. C. Kilpatrick - b 5-l-l844 - d 25 Dec l899
wife Sarah - b 8 Nov l86l - d 30 May l904
John R. Kilpatrick - b 4 Nov l892 - d 7 June l9l0


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