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                                Patti Adkins Rochette, 7312 South Garnett, #318, Broken Arrow OK 74012; 918-250-5040; Feb 20, 2000

  Michael PACE

m. in Pittsylvania Co VA on Jan 4, 1808 of Nancy Richards and Michael Pierce (Pace).    Security one-hundred-fifty dollars: David

      Richards.  minister was possibly the "__ Cabell, Esq." mentioned.  signed David Richards and Michael Pierce.


Michael Pace, b. in Goochland Co VA in 1786 to Elizabeth Robinson [b. 1767 Fluvanna184042 Pitts Co VA and Francis Pace [1764

        Goochland Co VA1842 Pittsylvania Co VA]; Michael d. Henderson Co IL on Oct 23, 1851, age 65, Cumberland Cem, Rozetta twp.


Nancy Richards, b. 1789 VA to Joseph Richards, who was prob dec'd by Nancy's 1808 marriage, since he is mentioned as father, but it

      was David that posted security; Nancy was prob bro of David Richards.  Joseph Richards found in Sep 1770 Pittsylvania Co VA

      Chancery court records in Richards vs Richards, ordered to pay one day's pay plus cost of coming and returning 50 mi].  Joseph

      Richards found on Dec 27, 1777 listing compiled by Reuben Pain for his Pittsy Co VA Dist.   Nancy d. Mar 15, 1846, age 57, Blue

      Grass Cem, near Davenport, Muscatine Co IA.
 Martha Richards found 1843 and 1845 Accounts Current, Pitts Co VA courthouse.   
 Gabriel Richards, Rev War vet, lived in Pittsy Co VA until 1799, mvd to Caswell Co NC. 
 Edward Richards, b. c1740 VA-d. bef Apr 6, 1812 Franklin Co VA and m. Eliz, had sons Shadrack, c1761 Pittsylvania Co

      VA-bef Aug 26, 1827 and m. Susannah __ on Oct 29, 1779__;  Waitman T, 1865-1845, m. Sally Hodges on Jan 11, 1797; Edmund,

      c1782 Franklin Co VA-Sep 16, 1840 Maucopin Co IL and m. Sally Warren on Mar 22, 1802 __, dau of Zackariah Warren; Nancy, m.

      John Hargas;  Rhoda, m. Jesse Warren on Feb 13, 1790; Eliz, m. Wilson Maddox Apr 11, 1796; Susa, m. Robt Jones on Jun 20, 1785

      Henry Co VA...


 1. Joseph Pace                    b.     ca  1808 VA              d.    aft  1840 ? Muscatine Co IA     m. Eliz Nickolson

 2. Francis Anderson "Frank" Pace  b.         1811 KY              d.    aft  1873 ? Marshall Co KS      m. Jane Prunty

 3. Michael Perkins "M.P." Pace    b. Feb 25, 1815, Pittsy Co VA   d. Apr  8, 1892 Muscatine Co IA       m. Amanda Chambers

 4. Frances A "Fannie" Pace        b.         1813                 d.         1850 Muscatine Co IA       m. John D Ritchey

 5. Jane Winnie Pace               b.         1816                 d. Dec 18, 1877 Scott Co IA           m. John P Cooper

 6. Elizabaeth Pace                                                                                      m. __ Patterson

 7. John Pace                      b.        ?1832                 d.    aft  1850 ? Rock Island Co IL   



 8. Thomas Pace                                                    d.    ca   1846 Muscatine Co IA    buried s/s Nancy

 9. M. Pace                        b. Aug 22, 1825,                d. Feb 6,  1920 Muscatine Co IA

    ? John Pace                    b.         1832,                d.    aft  1850 ? Rock Island Co IL 

10. ? James D. Mace\Pace           b.     ca  1820                 d.    aft  1853 ? Warren Co IL        m. Marg Wolford\Wilford

11. ? Nancy                        b.         1831 KY              d.    aft  1860 ? Muscatine Co IA     m. __ Russell


       M.P.'s obit said he was 4th of 7 ch:  most probable ch: Joseph, Frances A "Fannie,"  Francis Anderson, Michael Perkins,

            Winnie Jane, Elizabeth and John.   Sylvester was prob son of Joseph.   and James


1. Joseph Pace in Warren Co IL on Apr 25, 1835 o Eliz Nickolson.  marr cere perf by Wm Jamison.  found 1840 Muscatine Co Iowa,

      2m<5, 1 m 3040, 1fe<5, 1fe 2030.  Nickolson fam next door to John Richie p24 of 1852 Muscatine Co tax list.  "Joseph Pace

      came to Muscatine but mvd." per Aug 1999 Harlan Pace of Frank Park IL>.  Issue, min 3 ch:  ..... Sylvester Pace, Union Civil

      War vet;


3. Francis Anderson Pace, m,1. in Warren Co IL on Mar 27, 1838 to Jane Prunty [b. 1811 KY] of Pottawatomie Co Kansas, per 1873

      Hende Co IL Deed Bk 30 p454, SE quarter, sec 32 twp 11 ran 4 West, near Biggsville\Piggsville.   ...In 1873 Francis SOLD his

      Hende Co farm, went to ? Marshall Co KS.   one Francis A Pace found in Callands, 1880 Pittsy Co VA cen, p78.   Issue, min 6

      ch:  Wm Cyrus Pace, b. May 17, 1839 Hende Co-Nov 1929 Glenwood, Mills Co IA and m. Eliz Mitchell 1866 Hende Co IL;  John B or

      R Pace, b. 1842;  Mary E Pace, b. 1843 (one Mary Ellen Pac m. Parini Robinson Dec 12, 1868 Hende Co IL);  Nancy V Pace, b.

      1846 and m. Sam A Smith 1868 Hende Co IL;  Amanda E Pace, b. 1852;  Phebe E Pace, b. 1854.   one Minnie E Pace, prob same as

      Mary E Pace who m. Joseph Francis 1870 Hende Co IL.   ....poss also the P.P. Pace that m. Lucretia Guess 1868 Hende Co IL.


      Marshall Co KS Hist of 1889, "Thomas L Holloway m. in St Joseph MO to Mrs Bell Whitehead, dau of Thomas N and Mary A (Anderson)

            Pace, who had previously been married to John H Whitehead of St Joseph MO and had one child:  Thomas J Whitehead.

            Issue, 3 ch:  Wm L, Hettie A, and Cora L Halloway. 


     1870 Warren Co IL cen finds Phoebe Pace, 16 IL domestic servant, enum w/ 1212 John Woods, Tompkins twp.....same as Phoebe E


     one John Woodford Pace m. in Warren Co IL on Feb 25, 1875 to Susan J Gunther

     one P.P. Pace m. in Warren Co IL on Feb 20, 1868 to Lucretia Guess, found 1870 cen, P.P. Pace, b. 1832 KY

     one Joseph I Francis was in Co F, 83th IL Infantry, prob son-in-law to Francis Anderson Pace.


4. Michael Perkins Pace, m. in Muscatine Co IA on Apr 2, 1843 to Amanda M Chambers [Feb 26, 1825 Wash Co IN-Dec 4, 1894 Sweetland

      twp, Musc Co], dau of Sarah Anderson [May 3, 1795 Madison Co KY-1874 Muscatine IA] and Wm Chambers [d. 1874 Muscatine IA,

      m-1814].  1850 cen shows Matthew McCulley, b. 1834 Ireland, farmer enum w/ M.P.;  M.P. had $2000 real estate; $3005 in 1860;

      interesting, in 1864 one M.P. Pace "essentially cosigned" a mortgage for Francis Anderson Pace's Hende Co IL farm.   1860 cen

      a Nancy Russell, b. 1831 KY domestic w/ Sarah E Russell, b. 1858 MO.  Michael worth $37,000 in 1870 Muscatine Co,

      Sweetland\Southland twp, enum w/ Warren Winn 35 IL fmh, Geo McKeever 30 MS, Hannah Parison __ (age) NY seamstress.   Michael

      d. at his home 9 mi from Sweetwater, aged 77 yr, 1 mo, 14 days; b. Harker Cem, Flat Iron Point, Sweetwater twp.   Issue, 8 ch:

      Ellery W Pace, b. Aug 30, 1846 IA-aft 1892 and m. on Dec 31, 1868 to Mary McFarland, owns meat mkt Des Moines, dau Luella, b.

      1870;  Sarah Pace, Apr 12, 1849d-inf,bef 1860 cen;  Iona N Pace, b. Jul 28, 1850 and m. M.A. Nye, grocer of Creston, Union Co

      IA in 1892;  Emma C Pace, b. May 19, 1852 and m. Dr Wm C Beatty;  Eldridge G Pace, b. May 23, 1854-1931 Greenwood Cem,

      Muscatine Co and m. Catherin I "Kate" Shellabarger (1856-1924), dau of John & Mary, lvd near homestead;  Elvin Y Pace, May 27,

      1856-Dec 10, 1911 and m. Ida Mae Henniker (May 27, 1857-Nov 29, 1932), Harker Cem, 9 ch (incl Leigh G Pace), lvd on

      homestead;  Susan H "Susie" Pace, Apr 9, 1858-d. bef 1892 and m. Abraham Knapp, Harker Cem;  Douglas A Pace, May 19, 1860-Aug

      28, 1861.


2. Frances "Fannie" Pace (maybe same as Fay Pace), m. in Warren Co IL on Nov 7, 1833 to John D Ritchey [b. 1801 KY], prob son of

      Adam Ritchey who was in 1817 Warren Co IL records.   1850 Muscatine Co IA cen, Montipelier twp, p383; farmer $2200.    Issue,

      min 6 ch:  ?Hiram B Ritchey, b. 1834 IL;  Pace Ritchie ( ? maybe Paris Ritchie), b. 1836 IA;  Cordelia Ritchey, b. 1840 IA; 

      Nancy Ritchey, b. 1842 IA;  Bertha Ritchey, b. 1847 IA; Eliza Ritchey, b. 1849 IA. W.S. Ritchie, Mar 3, 1831-Nov


3. Jane Winnie Pace, m. in Rock Island Co IL in 1836 to John P. Cooper [b. 1812 TN].  had to go IL to get married, since no marr

      law in Iowa.   John came in 1832 to Marsallies, LaSalle Co IL; 1836 crossed over to Muscatine Co IA on farm sec 1, Blue

      Grass, he stayed  (became Scott Co IL).    Issue, 12 ch:  Robert M Cooper, b-1839 and m. Magdalena Friday;  Mary E Cooper,

      b-1843 and m. A.J. Hyatt;  John P Cooper, Dec 9, 1845-Apr 7, 1919 Blue Grass, Scott Co IA and m. 1886 to Rowenna Laic [1849-

      1915], 9 ch;  Louisa Cooper, b-1848 and m. Wm Benshoff [1848-1930];  Catherine Cooper, m. Charles T. Wineman;   Harriett S

      Cooper, m. LaFayette Stennett;  Emma Cooper, m. John Mallacoat;  Josephine Cooper, m. George W. Allbee;  Wm C Cooper, 1855-

      1951 and m. Mary Evers [1891-1930];  and  Wenona Cooper, and m. John P Logan; Violena I Cooper, m. B.F. Craig.


      14, 1899 Greenwood Cem, Bloomington twp, Musc Co, Union Army Co A, 1st Iowa Inf.


Amanda Chambers born to Sarah Anderson and Wm Chambers [m. 1814].  Sarah born to Mrs Anderson [and Mr Anderson, born Jun 5, 1793

      North of Gen Washington's staff and the Gen Anderson of Ft Sumter.  Wm Chambers lvd KY; 21 yrs in Indiana; Fairport Iowa for

      two yrs; 1865 mvd to Muscatine Iowa, m. Feb 17, 1814 [May 12, 1836 came to Muscatine Co IA.   Eight Chambers ch:  Vincent,

      1816-1889 Muscatine IA and m. Margaret Neely; Wm, b. 1818 and m. Cynthia Long;  Anderson, b. 1820 and m. in Texas in 1885 (?);

      Isaac, 1823-1851; Amanda m. Michael Pace;  John, b. 1829 and m. Mary Larken [d. 1874 Leavenworth, Kansas, buried Iowa];

      Sarah A, b. 1831;  Nancy J Chambers, b. Jun 12, 1834 and m. Wm Bagley, son of Rev Bagley, min of Christian Church; 


      Q U E R Y:  "Mrs. Anderson Chambers, 1st wife nee Susan Pace born in 1818 VA, sister of Michael Perkins Pace died Feb 27,

                        1874.  This is what it said on picture."  per Aug 11, 1999 letter from Harlan Pace, Franklin Park IL.


8. Thomas Pace, buried s/s Nancy (Richards) Pace in Blue Grass Cem, Muscatine Co (maybe Scott Co) IA.   may be gson of Nancy's.


8. John Pace.   listed last, one of 7 ch: per Michael Perkins Pace.


9. M. Pace, found prob ( ? Harker) Cem, Muscatine Co IA.  This 1920 death record is prob available.  the 1825 birthyr is significant

      plz try to learn more


9. James D. Mace ( ? mabye Pace), m. in Henderson Co IL on Feb 16, 1853 to Margaret Wolford\Wilford. John Woodford\Wolford

        Pace m. in Warren Co IL on Feb 25, 1875 to Susan J Gunther.


9. Sylvester Pace, maybe son of Joseph.   Co B 58th Inf (Am Leg, military).  b. Cumberland Cem, Henderson Co IL s/s Michael Pace

      (prob his gfather).


10. Nancy Russell, domestic help, with 2yrold child born in MO enum/ with Michael Pace in 1860 Muscatine Co IA cen, may not

        belong to this family, but possibly a dau or neice with child.



Richards -- from Marvin Walters of DeSota TX Jun 1994:  " Gabriel Richards had a bro Richard Richards, 1737-1775, (be D.S.P. in

            Caroline Co VA, whatever D.S.P. means.)   They had two half-bros: Capt Wm Richards, 173_-1805 and Capt John

            Richards, 1734-1785.   Durett Richards and Walter Richards, sons of Gabriel Richards, were in Caswell Co NC at time

            of 1st its census in 1805.   I note that a Joseph Richards (....perhaps a son of your Joseph) and Walter Richards

            were in the 1820 Rowan Co NC, not so far away.  My Richards were in the extreme southeast corner of Pittsy Co VA."

            .......may have changed name Richards/Richardson....but prob not


Robinson -- Notice Michael's mom was a Robinson. 


      Robinson, George, b. May 19, 1822; buried Harker Cem, Muscatine Co IA.


      Robinson, Wm   Feb 9, 1866 - Jul 6, 1917  b. Harker Cem, Muscatine Co IA.  Huge Robinson monument but no names.  This Wm

            only one around it.    bur side/side our Paces in Harker Cem


      Robinson, 1850 Muscatine Co IA cen, p386, Wm Robinson 46 VA, Seily 43 KY, Melinda 22 IN....neighbor of Michael Perkins Pace


Pace, Harlan, 2930 Maple St, Franklin Park IL60131-3024, Aug 1999 add,





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