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Oxford / Smith

Entry Date:

07/23/1999 16:14:01
Francis and Milta C. Lindell
North Central Texas

Family Surname:

Oxford, Smith, Frazier, Newberry


Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, N. C.



I am related to the Oxfords thru my gg grand mother Lousea Menefee
Oxford (d/o Jacob and Avy) Oxford. Lousea first married Burgess
Smith (s/o Jacob and Glaphrey Smith).Burgess died during the War
and is buried at Oxford Bend Cemetery.Burgess had a sister America
Smith that married William D. Oxford (b/o Lousea) Lousea later
married James Albert Newberry and they are both buried in the
Newberry Cemetery in Alma, Ark. Trying to find what happend to
the rest of the Smith family?


Francis and Milta C. Lindell

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