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Typical Nicknames

Here are some of the more typical ones:


Given name

Millie, Mildred


Dora, Dottie, Dot


Eddie, Ted, Teddy


Ella, Nell, Nora


Beth, Eliza, Liz, Lizzie, Betsy, Bessie, Libby


Hank or Harry


Jimmy, Jim


Johnny, Jack


Kathy, Kate, Kit


Maggie, Peggy, Meg, Madge


Mamie, Molly, Polly, Minnie


Dick, Rick, Rich


After the questions of nicknames on the onelist to day...I found them all very interesting... I was thinking how many of the Arkansas OXFORD's all had nicknames so much so it was hard to do the family history in the beginning when I started...My husband was so tired of these extra nicknames that when it came to naming our children he insisted on names that could not be shortened easily for nicknames...My paternal grandfather who was Dutch, Nicknamed all his children and grandchildren, never calling any of us by our proper names it was very endearing....However for the purpose of genealogy Names and Nicknames are a reality we must deal with...Many people go through life being called by their nickname rather than
their full, proper name.. You know him as Bill, but his real name is William..He goes by Chuck, but his real name is Charles..She is"Grandma Betsy," but her real name is Elizabeth.

Many proper names have fairly standard nickname counterparts.
Your genealogy should include proper names. Some people put the nickname of the person on the chart in parentheses,:Richard (Dick) Allen OXFORD...

One always has to be on the look out however....A fellow researcher was very upset when the family put Elizabeth on her grandmothers tombstone and her proper name not nickname was really be aware that sometimes we are over zealous in our assumptions...
My husband's grandfather was Clint OXFORD for years, no one ever knew he had any other name...Come to find out when he filed for Social security his name was Wilbern Clinton OXFORD...his marriage certificate and all others records simply say Clint including his their are exceptions...that's why tracing our family tree is so much fun!!!

Information furnished by : Linda Oxford

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