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Below are the Links to our photo's from the past and present

Ada Oxford Bratton Family

Allie and Gracie Cordelia (Delia)Hicks Oxford

Allie Ray and Patsy Oxford

Almedie Ann Veal Oxford and Billie Bird Veal Oxford

Charlie and Mattie Dixon Oxford Family Photo's

Charlie Oxford with sons, Joe, Oliver, Persable and Jack

Claborn - Betsey Oxford, George Vera Oxford- Richardson

Claborn and Allie Oxford

Claborn and Betsey Oxford ( 3) photos

Connie, Matthew, Salena Vieira

Darrell and Don Oxford

David Oxford with daughter's 5 photos

Don Oxford through the years

Fannie Ann Baker Veal with 5 generations 1937

George Washington Oxford taken Coal County, Okla after 1914

 John Collins Oxford after 1891

John Collins Oxford , Almeadie Ann Veal, Myrtle Mircell Oxford circa 1918

Kenneth Oxford 1- 1998 1-1980's

Kenneth Oxford 3rd Wife Ingeborg Schobel 1999

Kenneth Oxford with 1st Wife Shirlean Hatton 1950's

Kenneth Oxford with 2nd Wife Jeanie Meja Arevelo 1973

Kenneth, Darrell, Gene Oxford 1998

Myrtle Mircell Oxford with husband Zoolo Carr 1942 Fox Oklahoma

Oxford's at work and play

Shawna Oxford Graduation

Debbie Oxford Long

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