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This is an interesting message I received from Bob McNeely some of you may have met at N.C. reunion about the research he is doing...His research work is always excellent and I thought some of you might also be interested in it...

Linda Oxford

Samuel and John Oxford of Burke Co NC

Linda, thank you for your recent memo. I have not done much
recently with Oxford genealogy because the Burke Co NC library is closed
for renovations. However, I did find some interesting things a few months
ago in nearby NC libraries.

1.When the teenage Samuel Oxford first arrived in North Carolina he
lived with his brother John Oxford Senior. A summary of the Rowan Co NC
Deed Book says, "21 Dec 1778 John Purviance enters 500 acres in Rowan
County on the north side of Catawba River. Includes improvements where
Samuel Oxfod and John Oxford Sr. lived."

2. I think John Oxfod Sr. died about Oct. 1778. The above land
entry uses the past tense (where John Oxford Sr. lived). And the last
mention of John Sr. in any of the NC records is the following land entry:
"John Oxford Sr. 150 acres south side of Lyleses Creek (Burke County) mouth of Hagans Creek. Discontinued 6 Dec 1778." He must have died and the land entry was discontinued.

3. I think the Mary Ann Oxford in the NC land records is not the
mother of Samuel as some people think, but rather she is the widow of John
Oxford Senior. The first mention of Mary Ann is the Burke Co NC Land Grant File #422: "100 acres west side of Lower Little River. Burke County 27 Dec 1778 (Surveyed 4 Nov 1779)" This date is just after the death of her
husband. There is mention of Mary Ann's land by the neighboring grants in
1798, 1803, and 1804. The Lower Little river is directly across the
Catawba River from Samuel's land and ferry on the south side of the Catawba River.

4. Samuel obtained land and moved to the ferry site on the south
side of the Catawba River just after the death of John Senior. The first
land entry for Samuel is "27 Oct 1778 300 acres south side of Catawba
River above the foot of Long Branch and lower end of Rockett Creek."

5. I now think that the only children of Samuel are the ones
specifically mentioned in his will: Samuel Jr., James, Nancy Moody,
Jonathan, Bathsheba Bylar, Isaac, Jacob, Able, and Mary Ann Polly Metcalf.

I think all the other Oxford children in the area are children of John
Senior and Mary Ann. These other children would have lived with their
mother Mary Ann and/or with Samuel after the death of John Sr.

6. This assumption would produce the following children for John
Oxford Sr. and Mary Ann:

(This list includes all the Oxfords mentioned in the NC records other than
the ones specifically mentioned in the will of Samuel)
1. Elizabeth married David Ponder and moved to Buncombe Co NC

2. Eleanor (Nellie) married Alex Ray and moved to Ashe Co NC (just north of Buncombe Co)

3. Katrine married David Adams on 29 Sept 1784 in Lincoln Co NC

4. John Jr. moved to Ross County Ohio and had a large family that moved
into Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Tennessee.

5. David. Thought to have moved to Missouri

6. William. Married Barbara Icard. Moved to Kentucky. Married and later
deserted Sarah. Sarah and her children moved to Illinois.

7. A good bit is known about Samuel Jr (son of Samuel of NC). The
information comes from deeds in NC and Allen Co KY, census records in NC and KY, War of 1812 Pension files WC9644 and SC9118, and particularly from a deed made by his heirs at law selling their inherited land 20 Dec 1842 (Allen Co KY Deed Book G, page 471). He married Mary (Polly) Gilbert.

His children are Samuel, Sarah, John, Thomas, Nancy Howard, Mary Derrington, Elizabeth DeBerry, Daniel, Jane Robins, and Martha Derrington.

An interesting NC deed is "4 Jan 1788 Samuel Oxford Jr. 150 acres on Naked Creek south side of Catawba River next to Samuel Oxford Sr.

Samuel Jr. has many land grants in Buncombe Co NC 1803-1806. He is in Allen Co KY 1810-1842. (I have not yet personally seen the War of 1812 pension application.)

8. A good bit is also known about John Jr (based mainly on land and
census data). John Jr. was listed in the Burke Co NC Census in 1790. He
was in Pickaway Co (formerly Franklin and Ross Co.) Ohio for the years
1806-1820. In 1826 he is living near his son Samuel in Humphreys Co TN.

By 1830 he and his younger sons are in Southern Illinois. His children are
Abel (moved to Indiana), John (moved to Illinois), Nancy Harvey, William
(moved to Illinois), James (moved to Indiana), Jacob, and Samuel who
married (1) a Curtis and (2) Mary Hogge and moved to Benton Co (formerly
Humphrey Co) TN and had many children.

9. Most of the Oxfords moved to Buncombe Co NC shortly after 1800.
Samuel may have moved temporarily to Buncombe Co, but he was back at his homeplace on the Catawba River from 1810 until his death the following
year. I still do not know the identity of the Molly Fox who cared for him
in his final year and inherited the remainder of his estate. Molly is a
nickname for Margaret and I can find no Margaret among his children or the children of his brother John Senior. She could be another child of John
Sr. or she might be a daughter-in-law (of Isaac?) or she might simply be a
neighbor or nurse.

10. There is one item I keep seeing that I cannot verify or understand. I have seen notes that say: "Granville Land Grant Entry 1752.
Surveyed 20 Feb 1753. 178 acres. On the east side of the Catawba River, now Iredell Co., at Island Ford (Lookout Dam)" I cannot find a land grant for any Oxford from Lord Granville (who owned the northern half of North
Carolina until the Rev. War); and Samuel would have been very young in
1752. Also Iredell Co is on the west and north side of the Catawba River.
But I want to pursue this lead because 1752 is probably the year when the
Oxfords came to NC and this note has specific numbers and dates. If there
is a grant from Lord Granville to the Oxfords, it would be very interesting.

11. I went to Buncombe Co NC and saw the areas where the Oxfords
lived. Samuel Jr., Bathsheba, (and possibly Samuel Sr.), and Jonathan
lived on Hominy Creek and Beaverdam Creek just west of Asheville NC. Jacob and Abel lived on Ivey Creek well north of Asheville. All these creeks run into the French Broad River which runs westward into Tennessee.

12. I met someone who claims to have personally seen the
foundation of the Samuel Oxford Sr. home at Oxford Dam on the Catawba
River. He gave me instructions as to where the foundation is. However
when I went to see it, I discovered it is in a fenced area and that I will
need the permission of Duke Power Company to enter. I will try to get
permission later. However, there is a disturbing problem. The historical
marker about Samuel and his ferry is missing. I want to talk to the Duke
Power Company people at Oxford Dam and see if that can be restored.
Have you run across any new information on the Oxfords?