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The below pages and the following pages are transcribed by Marcene Oxford from the book

John Howards Sturdy Limbs, Branches, and Twigs.

We have been given permission to transcribe the information from the book to the Oxford Web Site from its creator Mrs. Virginia H. Strohschein.

Mrs. Strohschein is living in Pineville, Louisiana and if you would like a copy of her published book please contact me for information.

The book is copyright 1990

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 90-71820

John Howards

Sturdy Limbs, Branches, and Twigs

Interpretation of Family Record prepared by Arminta Oxford Bogan, wife of John H. Bogan. The original of this document is in the possession of S. T. Bogan, Jr., grandson of the above and is in extremely faded condition. This interpretation has been prepared by

(1) Use of a magnifying glass on the original and

(2) Reference to the documents known to be reliable. Numbers
below are keyed to those on the attached copy.

Name Index by Page Number

1. William Henry Bogan was born September 19, 1874.

2. George E. (Edward) Bogan was born February 10, 1877.

3. James (?) Bogan was born September 29, 1878.

4. John M. Bogan was born June 19, 1880.

5. Mary F. (Frances) Bogan was born September 14, 1882

6. Anealy Elizabeth Bogan was born September 6, 1884

7. Lewis M. Bogan was born November 10, 1886 24, 1892

8. Calvin L. Bogan was born March 15 1889

9. Green W. Bogan was born April 24, 1892

10. Sidney Thomas Bogan was born July 25, 1895 (?) 1894

As one can see, this (Sidney's birth) is in a different handwriting from
the rest of the record. Mr. Friley Wise, husband of Mary F. Bogan Wise said his was written by John H. Bogan, father of Sidney (probably some years after Sidney's birth and was in error. A number of years after Sidney came to Texas he obtained a birth record from the State of Louisiana which verified the year of his birth to be 1894.

John Henry Bogan

John Henry Bogan, the first child born to Lucinda Howard and Henry Bogan, was born march 14, 1855, in Snowsville, Choctaw County, Mississippi, died November 1 1910, in Claiborne Parish, La., and was buried in Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery Kimbletown, Claiborne parish, La.

John Henry Bogan's first wife was Araminta "Mint" M. Oxford. Her complete name was found in several places as Maryrette and as Margarette, but she was known as "Mint" to close relatives and friends. John Henry Bogan and Araminta M. Oxford were married in Claiborne Parish on October 23, 1873.
Their license was recorded in Book No. 2 and Folio 349 with their names shown as John Henry Bogan and O. M. Oxford.

Arminta M. Oxford was born August 12, 1854, in Henry County, Georgia, died August 30, 1897, in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, and was buried by her husband. Araminta was one of eleven children born to Jeremiah B. Oxford and Judith F. Wayne. Jeremiah B. Oxford was born October 6, 1822, in Jones County, Georgia, died August 31, 1864, in the Battle of Jonesboro in Georgia, and the place of his burial not known. On February 11, 1844, he married Judith F. Wayne who was born March 3, 1826, died October 2, 1895, in Claiborne Parish, La. Araminta's parents moved to Claiborne Parish in 1859.
When the Civil War began, he returned to Georgia and enlisted in the
Confederate Army. For more on the Oxford families see "Related Family".
Several of John Howard's descendants married into this Oxford family.

Araminta and John Henry Bogan had ten children-eight sons and two daughters, all born in Hico, Claiborne Parish, La. Araminta M. Bogan recorded the births of her first nine children. Each birth date was preceded with the words "was born in the year of our Lord". The tenth child's birth was recorded some years later by Friley Wise who was the husband of Mary F. Bogan. The date he used was an error. The original document is in the possession of Sidney Thomas Bogan, Jr. grandson of this couple. Because of the faded condition, it had to be interpreted by the use of a magnifying glass on the original plus reference to other documents known to be reliable.
A copy has been placed in this record of the Bogan family.

Higdon Alphfes "Al" Laurence

Higdon A. Laurence was born April 13 1859, died September 10, 1943, and was buried at Old Ramah Cemetery, Ashland, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. On June 30, 1880, he and Marietta Oxford were married in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. Her name has been seen spelled as Marietta, Mary Etta, and her monument has Mary Oxford Laurence. She was born January 31, 1867, died May of 1899, and was buried in Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery, Kimbletown, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.

Marietta Oxford was the daughter of Anderson Joseph T. Lloyd, a half Cherokee Indian who was born January 28, 1835, died April 21, 1919, and was buried in the Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery, Kimbletown, Claiborne Parish, La. Note: His monument had date of birth as January 20, 1835, but the date recorded by his wife in the family Bible was January 28, 1835. Also, this Bible had the only written record that J. was for Joseph. Marietta Oxford's mother was Narcissa "Sis" M. Oxford, a single woman, born August 24, 1848, in Henry County, Georgia, died January 19, 1891, in Claiborne Parish, La.

This couple had six children, two sons and four daughters

Related Family: OXFORD

Due to the numerous Oxfords who married John Howard's descendants, this partial record was included under Related Families. Cemetery and U. S. Census records had been searched, but until Gertrude Cook was thoughtful and interested enough to send the names of Jeremiah B. Oxford's children along with their dates, not much progress could have been made completing entire families. Still later, Sally Lynn Bogan Bissonnette began mailing packages of Oxford material in order to expedite the completion of the Howard record.
These two ladies will do far more in the future about the Oxford family

Because of Oxford University and the Oxford Movement in the Church of England, some have assumed these Oxfords were from England. Instead, they came from Wales or were Welsh in origin and then left England for America.
This was one of the earliest families to come to Virginia.

Members of the Oxford family said the earliest known Oxford immigrants to Virginia were John, Christopher and William who came in 1638, 1637 and 1638. They settled in James City County, Charles River, and later in Northumberland, Stafford, and Culpepper Counties.

Present-day Oxfords have ascertained Samuel Oxford was their earliest known ancestor in America.


Samuel Oxford was born Circa 1700, probably in James City County, Virginia.
He was a member of St. Paul's Parish in Stafford County as early as 1720 and was a member of Over-Wharton Parish after 1838. He married Mary Brown in 1720. She was born circa 1701, in Virginia, and died circa 1756 or 1757, a widow, while living with her son, Samuel Oxford, Jr. in North Carolina.

Samuel and Mary Oxford had five known children---Edward, John, Anne, Elizabeth and Samuel, Jr. Some have thought the couple had nine or ten children, and with six or seven years between the births of some of their children, it was certainly possible for more to have been born.


Edward Oxford was born in 1724, Stafford County, Virginia (St. Paul's Parish) and died February 1795. He married Mary Briggs in St. Paul's Parish. Mary was born circa 1735, Virginia and died March 10, 1809, Baldwin County, Georgia.

This couple had five known children-two sons and three daughters. Yet, there was probably at least one other son because the father's will in Wilkes County, Georgia, lists a granddaughter, Rody or Rhoda Oxford. Since neither of his two known sons had a daughter named Rody or Rhoda, it is reasonable to assume an older son died before the father in 1795.

For the reader's convenience in seeing the five children on one page, the three daughters have been listed before the two sons, Without any birthdays, they could have been born before their brothers.


Elizabeth Oxford married Levi Barnard.


Nancy Oxford married a Richardson



Jonathan Oxford died August 1811, Jones County, Georgia. He married Susannah


Edward Oxford, Jr., was born March 12 1769, in North Carolina, and died June 7, 1833, Henry County, Georgia. He was married twice. His first and mother of his children was Nancy McFarlin, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth McFarlin.
Edward and Nancy
were married on January 17, 1793, Wilkes County, Georgia.
Nancy McFarlin was born in 1775 and died May 31, 1828.

Nancy and Edward Oxford, Jr., had twelve children, six sons and six daughters.

On May 28, 1829, Edward Oxford, Jr., married Mrs. Anna Belle Shaw McCutcheon, the widow of William McCutcheon (1760-1827). Edward and Anna Belle were married in Henry County, Georgia. She was born in 1772 and died November 6, 1832.


Sarah Oxford was born December 14, 1793, Wilkes County, Georgia, and married Robert Pickett.


Mary Oxford was born June 13, 1795, Wilkes County, Georgia, and married Thomas Pickett.


Note: His name was recorded as Tilmon B. Oxford and Tilmon D. Oxford in the Edward Oxford, Jr., family Bible which was printed in 1816, however, all other sources used Tillman D. Oxford.

Tillman, Davis Oxford was born July 6, 1797, Wilkes County, Georgia, and died March 9, 1870, Pike County, Georgia. He was married twice. On October 3,
1816, he married Dorothy C. Green who was born in 1899 in Georgia and died
February 13, 1844, in Georgia. On April 15, 1844, he married Nancy Ricketts
who was born 1819, South Carolina and died in Georgia.

Tillman Davis Oxford was a minister of the gospel.


Edward Burk Oxford was born February 29, 1799, or March 1, 1799, Wilkes
County, Georgia, and died May 28, 1866, Pike County, Georgia. See sheets
from the Edward Oxford, Jr. family Bible who shows the family recorded both
dates as his birthday to observe.

On April 22, 1820, he married Susannah Bridges in Baldwin County, Georgia.
Susannah Bridges was born November 17, 1804, in Georgia and died September
22, 1887, Pike County, Georgia. Edward Burk Oxford and his wife were buried
in the Hebron Baptist Cemetery, Pike County, near Concord, Georgia.

This couple had sixteen children one of whom was the first Oxford to arrive in
Louisiana. Ten sons and six daughters comprised the sixteen children.


Aaron McFarlin Oxford was born January 29, 1821, Jones County Georgia, and
died November 25, 1882, Pike County, Georgia. On April 21, 1840, he married
Melvina Lynch in Henry County, Georgia. According to the 1850 Census for
Henry County, Georgia, they had five children, one son and four daughters,
all born in Georgia.

Family Bible of Edward Oxford married 1793

Summary of Edward Oxford's Bible Records