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Democrat Daviess County Centennial Issue published Oct. 28, 1937

Transcribed and Contributed by
Jeff Stith
Lee's Summit, MO

This will be a on going updated page as Jeff transcribes the information from the above book.

My mother took my grandma home on Monday and they were going through some things in grandma's storage area. My mom opened an army trunk that belonged to my grandfather, William Ray GROMER, who was in the 4th Armored Div. in WWII.
There were a lot of newspapers my grandma had saved that told of the movements of the 4th Armored during the War but in the bottom, hidden below all that paper was an incredible piece of history...a publication by the Gallatin newspaper...A 100 Year History of Daviess County (1837 - 1937)...published in 1937! It is in poor condition but it has many family profiles, town and county history, businesses, political offices such as county officials and sheriffs, advertisements from local businesses and photos. I will be occasionally typing in some of the shorter articles of interest WHEN time permits.

Thank you Jeff for your contribution to history.

From the Daviess Co. Centennial Edition of the Gallatin
Democrat (Oct. 28, 1937)
"Three Men Whose Ages Total 273 Years"

V.H. Scrivner:

The reporter who went to interview V.H. Scrivner, 96 year old Civil War veteran, wasn't at all fast enough -- Mr. Scrivner had left for Colorado to visit some of his children. His picture will be missed but through relatives and friends, the following material was gathered.

Mr. Scrivner was born July 4, 1841 in Kentucky. He fought for three years in the Union Army and was wounded in the hand, the mark of the wound still being visible. He is blind but has a keen mind and is able
to get about very well. He was married three times, each of his wives having died. Of his nine children, six are still living. They are William of Tulsa, Okla; Oscar of Haigler, Neb.; Mrs. Edith Mumford and Mrs.
Laura Barnett, both of Red Cloud, Neb.; Mrs. Sue Maise of Boulder, Colo.; and Albert of Denver, Colo. Mrs. Maise came back here recently and Mr. Scrivner accompanied her to Denver and Boulder. He returned the first of October. Mr. Scrivner came here in his youth
and was for a time deputy sheriff of Daviess County.
He held township offices also.

J.W. Greer:

Although J.W. Greer is not a native of Daviess County, he has spent more than a half century here. He was born in McGuffen County, Ill. April 28, 1842, passing his 95th milestone last spring. He enjoys fairly good health for one of his years, his sight and hearing dimmed but still somewhat capable.

Mr. Greer was married twice, both wives having died. He has two sons living in San Francisco, Chas. And Lowell.

For more than three years, Mr. Greer fought in the Union Army during the Civil War, for which he draws a pension.

This fine old gentleman has nothing to which he attributes his long life. "I've just lived and liked it," he said one day recently. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Acquila Greer, Kentuckians who traveled north
and west to Illinois more than 100 years ago. He is the only member of the family living.

Robert Johnson:

One of Gallatin's most interesting characters is Robert "Bob" Johnson, 82 year old native of Daviess County who was born July 16, 1855. He has been blind for more than a quarter of a century but his alertness of mind and his physical fitness would do justice to one of only 50 years.

When he was just a lad, he accompanied his father, who was a soldier of the Union Army in the Civil War. His recollection of Lexington's rehabilitation after the battle is very vivid.

"I was with my father," said Mr. Johnson, when we went into Lexington. It was only a day or two after the battle and signs of the fighting were in evidence everywhere."

When asked about his stay in Lexington, Mr. Johnson's voice livened; he enjoys this sort of reminiscing and his keen memory of events of long ago is remarkable. "I remember one thing very plainly," he said laughing. "It is amusing now but it wasn't then. My sister and I
were enrolled in a kindergarten in Lexington. Every once in awhile there would be a skirmish around there and the firing got close one day. The teacher dismissed school and sent us home. She shouldn't have
let us out but she did. Anyway, my sister and I were about home, just across the street from our house when a horse was shot down right behind us. Our mother was standing on the porch, calling for us to hurry. We made it but I don't think I grew any for a year or

Mr. Johnson, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Levi (Sarah Brown) Johnson, who were born in Illinois, was married on May 20, 1880 to Miss Anna Pilcher, a native of Ohio. She and their children, except one, have died. One daughter, Mrs. Augusta Hill, lives in Coffeyville, Kansas.

In his early life, Mr. Johnson was a farmer. Later he became a painter and paper hanger. He worked at that trade until he lost his sight about 25 years ago. "My eyes were never very strong," he said "and working with paper was injurious to them."

Mr. Johnson draws a blind pension from the state. He lives at his home here in Gallatin. With a friend to accompany him, he often walks up to the square. He is very active for one of his years and to be without
sight, and he enjoys visiting with friends.

From the Daviess County Centennial (1837-1937) Oct. 28, 1937:

"Civil Bend was laid out in 1868"

Civil Bend was laid out by Gilbert Canfield in 1868.The first business house was built by John T. Price,and N.B. Brown was another early merchant. With thecoming of railroads, Civil Bend, like many other towns,suffered a loss in population and business moved to
railroad points.

"A Town Booster"

Harley W. Lockhart who owns and operates the popularLockhart Barber Shop at Pattonsburg. In addition tohis tonsorial duties, Mr. Lockhart finds time to joinin any movement which means a boost for his home townand community. (photo)

"Little Miss Pattonsburg of 1936"

Marilyn Jane Dunham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Dunham of Pattonsburg, won the title of "MissPattonsburg" in a county-wide contest in 1936. She is six years of age. (photo)

"Charter Member"

Mrs. Dorothy Yates Maupin was a charter member ofPattonsburg's Bridge Club. She is the wife of Curtman Maupin, son of the late R.E. Maupin and wife, and now a prominent Kansas insurance man.

"Do you remember when?"

Norris Phillips and Dudley Meade were local football stars? (Gallatin?) Norris Phillips, son of the late W.J. Phillips and wife, is now a motor car dealer in Milan, Mo., while Dudley Meade operates a service
station near Little Rock, Ark. (photo)

Daviess County Probate Judges:

1855: Robert Wilson
1856: Gabriel M. Keene
1872: Henry C. Dougal
1876: Thos. R. Shaw
1906: P.P. Doak
1914: J.M. McClaskey
1918: O.O. Mettle
1922: E.G. Knight
1930: S.L. McClure
1934: Wood Richesson

Daviess County Sheriffs:

1837: Wm. Bowman
1838: Wm. Morgan
1839: John Pinkerton
1840: Wm. P. Peniston
1844: Meriwether T. Green
1848: John W. Sheete
1852: Thomas S. McGaugh
1856: Chas. A. Cravens
1858: James J. Minor
1862: Andrew Shriver
1866: John Ballinger
1868: Wm. F. Flint
1870: Thomas J. Flint
1872: James T. Dunn
1876: A.L. Martin
1880: Geo. T. Crozier
1884: James H. Witt
1888: Gabe W. Cox
1890: O.P. Walter
1892: E.S. Lankford
1896: Wm. A. Johnson
1900: R.D. McCray
1904: W.T. Hutcheson
1908: J.A. Blair
1912: Sam R. Surface
1916: J.A. Blair
1920: Frank Gildow
1924: B.B. Houghton
1928: Frank Sweany
1932: W.T. Hutcheson
1934: Frank Sweany


This is just a quick listing with a small portrait
"A Gallatin Enthusiast"
"C.J. Stout is a tailor by trade and a public benefactor by nature. "Ky" has long been a diligent aid in the progressive spirit of Gallatin, taking
prominent parts in civic, fraternal and service club

This listing has no info, only a portrait and name...

Ira D. Beals
listed as the current (in 1937) Circuit Judge of
Daviess County

"A Gallatin Grocer"
Lester Downing (portrait) has been identified with the grocery business here for thirty years. Nothing further for now.

Here is a listing for the Wallace McAfee American Legion Post 68, Gallatin, MO in 1937:

Roy Moore, Commander
A. Lee Jenkins, 1st Vice Commander
Victor F. Edwards, 2nd Vice Commander
Roy Trotter, Adjutant
John T. Witten, Treasurer
Earl E. Duffey, Sergeant-at-Arms
Fred M. Harrison, Historian
C.M. (Stub) Graham, Chaplain
Dr. Lloyd V. Price, Home Service Officer
C.R. Booth
Evert Paxton
John Nighswonger
Joe M. Roberts
Roy P. McWilliams
Lee R. Pierce
Bryan Tolan
Dean H. Leopard
Allen Ayers
W.L. Morgan
Sam Pugh
Cleo W. Crowder
Harley Morris
Oscar L. Coberley
B.F. Minnick
Ernest C. McNitt
Elmer C. Norton
Floyd J. Andrews
O.M. Bell
Fern McMahan
James R. Harlow
Don R. King
Dr. M.A. Smith
Seth E. Selby
Clyde Robinson

Has photos of Officers

Interior View of the Model Tailor Shop, Gallatin
Left to right: C.J. Stout, Mrs. C.J. Stout, C.A. (Chot) Case. The Model Tailors establishment has been located in Gallatin for a quarter of a century and enjoys a good business throughout this territory, serving
several neighboring towns. Mr. Stout is the only journeyman tailor in the county.

(Persons in photo not distinguishable


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