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An exact copy of Rev. Isaac Oxford's

History of the Oxford family


Samuel Oxford who was born in the State of Virginia. about 1735 whose ancestors came from Wales was of English origin and married a Barrett, whose first wife was a Jarman, and said Oxford married a daughter of the first marriage and had eleven children eight sons and three daughters names as follows: Samuel, James, Jonathan, John, Jacob, Abel, William and Isaac; daughters-Bathsheba married Jacob Byler, Elizabeth married James Metcalf, Nancy married A.D. Moody.

Said Samuel Oxford located in Anson County, afterward Lincoln County, now Catawba County at or near Oxford Ford on the Catawba River-which ford took its name from the finder or first settler which was made in or about 1756-8

The above named eight sons emigrated as follows:

Samuel settled in and died in Kentucky- Jonathan's bones lie in Georgia, John's in Ohio-

Jacob in Missouri- Abel in Arkansas- William and Isaac both died unmarried in Kentucky.

James the second son lived and died in Burke Co. now Caldwell, on the waters of upper Little River within fifteen miles of where he was born. Was twice married- first to Ailsey Roberts by whom he had seven children to wit: Samuel, Margaret, James, Barsheba, Nancy, Sarah and William who died about two months after his birth and death of his mother.

The other six married as follows:

Samuel married a Gilbert, Margaret a Payne, James a Pennell, Barsheba married Joseph McCrary, Nancy married Burton Reid and Sarah married Samuel McCrary.

In the fall of 1806 James Oxford took to wife, Hannah Barnes, daughter of James Barnes and Sarah Barnes. James Barnes was born in the State of Pennsylvania, was of Irish descent, his father having emigrated from Doublinbutt in County Down, Ireland. Sarah, his wife's maiden name was Carter, she also was a native of Pennsylvania, of English descent and a Quaker by profession. She died at the residence of James Oxford in the year 1829 at the advanced age of 96. James Barnes, by last account, was in Indiana. James Oxford by his second marriage had nine children-six boys and three girls. Ailsey, the eldest married Elliphalet Crouch and was the mother of fifteen children and at this writing is alive at the age of 83 (1890)

Adam B. Oxford married Barbara McLeon-5th Jan, 1830-had eight children, five boys and three girls as follows: Hugh A., WM. Wallis, James Harvey, Mary Ann, Hannah Louise, John Mc, Isaac Lafayette and Elizabeth. Barbara wife of Adam B. Oxford died in the year 1861 and A.B. Oxford took as his second wife Mary Kerlee-by whom he had six children, three boys and three girls.

Hugh A. Oxford fell as a soldier in the late war at Chancersville.

W.W Oxford died at a hospital in Kentucky a Confederate soldier.

J.H. went through the war and is still living.

Mary Ann married William Robinson and is living in Texas.

Hannah Louise married Adam Sherrill and died in 1845.

John Mc married Anne Land and is living in Taylorsville.

A.B. Oxford's two eldest children by his second marriage married as follows: Lillie married Jefferson Teague and Sarah Ester married Thomas Land. The balance are all single.

Isaac Oxford married Martha Loudermilk and had seven children: four died in infancy and

three grew up to man and womanhood.

Rebecca Mariah married Jacob McCall,

Sion Harring Oxford married Elizabeth Reid and had nine children, two died in Missouri by chills and four of the other seven living.

Mary Oxford married John Sherrill had eight children, three boys and five girls-all lived to have families.

Jacob Oxford married Abigail Ray-had two children-left this country and went to the State of Georgia.

Elisha Chambers Oxford married Evelina Bradburn, had four children by his first marriage one only living at this writing-married a second time last wife Sarah Blair by whom he had three children. He died 25th Feb. 1890, being 75 years 1 month and 25 day old.


John Oxford married Mira Truman by whom he had several children. He died in Illinois close to his 70th year with congestive chills.

William Dodson Oxford married Harriet Shell by whom he had eleven children- three sons and eight daughters. Synthia married Calvin Porch,

Selena married J.J. Porch, James L. married Sydney Small, Mary Emer married J.I. McCrarly, Amanda Roxan married Kelley Kirby, Nancy Genela married Tipton Talbert, Harriet Manlinda married Andrew Kirby, Hannah married William S. Teague and had six children , James,Terrill and Iverson married a Matheson. Elizabeth married J.B. Pool, Ellen married first Henry Alspaugh, second marriage Phillip Tuttle. Adaline married Bable Sherrill.

Signed by Isaac Oxford.

This was written by Rev. Isaac Oxford in the year 1890. Copied and proof read by Jenner A. Oxford and Linnie Bell Oxford-Oct. 30th 1930 Copied by Frances Kinneman July 1976