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Checklist for abstracting a will/documentation

Name of the testator (person making the will) exactly as it appeared.

Residence of the testator.

Occupation of the testator.

Item by item listing of all bequests and devises (of real and personal property). Show all names exactly as they appear. Also include designations such as my "aunt" Cassiah, or "my eldest " daughter.

Include any special clauses such as "my former wife," the "land I received from my Mother,". Etc.

The name of the executor(s).

Special clauses providing for apprenticeship of children, burial place if specified, any mention of religion, etc.

Signatures as they appeared (exact spelling), and whether by signature (or by mark).

Name of witnesses exactly as they appeared (with residences if included).

Date of the will, and date the will was presented in court for probate.

Citation: County, state, book, page, etc.

Include (if known) if it is the original will, or clerk's transcribed copy.

Linda Oxford 

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