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How to read Deed's

In the lower left-hand corner of most deeds, you will find signatures of
two to four witnesses. The first one is (most always, but not written
in stone) is from the husband's side.

The next one always from the wife's side. This is to protect her 1/3
dower right under the LAW. Nothing you will use will give greater clues
to maiden names than witnesses to old deeds!

Also in the 1800s and before, it was traditional when the daughter got
married, as part of her dowry, the father either covered the loan or
carried the note for his son-in-law. If you know the husband's name but
not the wife's maiden name and you can find out to whom they were making
their mortgage payments, about 70% of the time it was her father.

Also on :"Relict" and "Consort": The term "Relict" on a tombstone means
that the woman was a widow at the time of her death; "Consort" means
that her husband survived her.

Provided by Maxine Baldwin Westerfield

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