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Checklist for Abstracting a Deed/Documentation

Type of deed if shown (gift, trust deed, etc.)

Name of the parties (grantors and grantees).

Residences and occupations of the parties, if shown.

Consideration "paid".

A brief description of the property being sold, and acreage if given.

Names of adjoining property owners mentioned.

Any special clauses that might help in identification of the parties or the
property ( such as: "the land I received from my father by his will...")

Signatures exactly as they appeared (exact spelling, or marks).

Name of witnesses exactly as they appeared.

Who acknowledged the deed in court and dower release if shown.

Date and place the deed was acknowledged in court.

Date of the deed and date the deed was recorded.

Citation: County, state, volume, page number, etc.

Linda Oxford 

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