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The Oxford Genealogy of Sharon Oxford's Family

Great-Grandparents on Fathers Side (James Ray Oxford):

William Green Oxford

Eve (Evaline) Lawson

James H. Oxford Feb. 6,1861 in Lee, Virginia

Great-Grandparents on Fathers Side (James Ray Oxford):

Married: October 25, 1883 in Lee, Virginia

James Oliver Oxford Lydia A. Collinsworth

Great-Great-Grandparents Mothers Side (Ida Mae Tolliver):

Charles Taliaferro (Toliver)

(Country of Origin - Italy)(Imigrated to United States location

North Carolina then North to Kentucky and Virginia).

Great-Grandfather on Mothers Side (Ida Mae Tolliver):

Remington Wenton Tolliver - Born: Feb. 13,1850(?) I Died: August 1928

Minerva Holbrooks Married: September 1, 1891

Charlie Tolliver

Amanda (Mandy)





Grandparents on Mothers Side a/k/a/ Taliaferro (Ida Tolliver):

Charles Garfield. Tolliver - Born March 27, 1880 - Rowan Co., KY. Died April 11, 1943

Charlie Tolliver - Nov 20, 1901 Charlie Tolliver - Nov 13,1920

Elizabeth Bentely (Bently) 1905 Fidell Flanary-Lowe

Witnessed by: Mayo Holbrooks and Priscilla Ida Tolliver

Randolph Holbrooks in Letcher County Kentucky.

Roberta Tolliver

William Norman B. Tolliver Louise Tolliver

Calvin Tolliver Hannah Lowe

m Mary J. Cress 06OCT1859 Ebbie Lowe

Luther Lowe

Mae Flanary m Roy Dixon


James Ray Oxford March 10,1900 February 18, 1968

Pricilla Ida Tolliver May 18, 1905 August 27, 1944

Geraldine Oxford May 6,1923

Madgalene Oxford December 8,1924
Beatrice Lorine Oxford May 1,1926 - Dec. 20, 1971
James Ray Oxford Jr. March 18, 1929

Charlies Jacqueline Oxford September 9,1931

Gloria Ann Oxford Jan.26, 1934 - Nov.29,1980


Geraldine Oxford - Clarence King Morefield

Madgalene Oxford - Elmer Johnson

Beatrice Lorine Oxford - Herbert Winchell

James Ray Oxford Jr. - Rosalind Patricia Boles

Charlies Jacqueline Oxford - Claude Sergent

Gloria Ann Oxford - Mack John Stajda



Ida Tolliver August 27, 1944

James Ray Oxford February 18, 1968

Beatrice Oxford-Winchell December 20, 1971

Herbert Winchell

Gloria Ann Oxford-Stajda November 29, 1980

Mack John Stajda May 9, 1986

Clarence King Morefield Sr. September 16, 1989


 Sharon Oxford

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