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Pharis Ann Fellows Oxford

2 May 1847- 19th August 1934

Aunt Pharis Ann Oxford, one of the oldest and best known persons in our
county, passed away early last Sunday morning. She died at the home of her
son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Sulllivan and was laid to rest in the Central Cemetery Monday afternoon.

Her father owned a large tract of land where Central Church and cemetery has been since established. She was born and raised there and wished to be laid away there. She was born 2 May 1847, when Hardin County was in her pioneer age and she was three months and 17 days beyond her 87th birthday at the time of her death, 19th Aug 1934.

Her family name was Fellows. She married Isaac Oxford in 1871 and lived in the Oxford settlement on the farm now owned by her granddaughters, Wilma Johnson and Ima Reynolds.

She was the mother of three children, William, Ida Jane and Minnie. Ida Jane died in infancy and Willie about 20 years ago. Her only surviving daughter is Mrs. Sullivan living on the Cave-in-Rock road near Elizabethtown.

She left 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren and 1 gg grandchild.
She and her husband were prosperous. Isaac Oxford was classed as the best and neatest farmer of his day and that home was kept with a care and neatness sacred, ever seen in those early days. They were members of Rock Creek General Baptist church and attended to their relationship with the same care and punctuality that they used in other affairs of life. A few years after
he husband's death, she purchased property and moved to Elizabethtown, where she has lived ever since, but for the last four or five years, she has spent most of her time with Mrs. Sullivan's family, where she was cared for during her final illness and death.

Aunt Pharis had many warm friends who sympathized with her in her enfeebled and illness offering any word of cheer and any help that they could. Mr. and Mrs. Sulllivan spoke with no little feeling of gratefulness for those efforts of comfort and help and they wish to express their deep felt appreciation to all those kind friends for these things, as well as for those who assisted so faithfully in her funeral and burial services. She has gone, but gave with those who plighted their hope on the promise of the roles of the Holy Scriptures, and my our loss be her eternal gain.

In grateful memory. John Allen Oxford

Taken from the Hardin County Independent


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