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David Wayne Oxford

May 22, 1953 - February 16, 1988

David was born May 23, 1953 in Dinuba California to Kenneth and Shirlean Hatton Oxford. David was the eldest of five children.

David took his life February 16, 1988 in Hayburn, Idaho. Services were conducted Monday February 22, 1988 at Oak Hill Memorial Park in Escondido, California. Officiating Bishop Dr. Kurt Marler 2nd Ward of the Mormon Church of Escondido California.

David is survived by his parents Kenneth and Jeanie Oxford of Escondido and Robert and Shirlean Thomas of Corcoran California. Two brothers, Clyde Oxford of Phoenix Arizona, Bobby Oxford of Ballinger, Texas, three sisters, Patricia Marvin of Hanford, Debbie Long of Hanford and Lisa Thomas of Corcoran California. Two daughters, Shawna Oxford of Hanford and Athena Oxford of Escondido California.

David's death was a tragedy to our family. He had been going through a divorce in which he was in a constant battle for his much loved daughters. Shawna was in the custody of her father and the day he died he received custody of his other daughter Athena.

Below is an article that I had written to help heal my pain and to try and understand our loss. I have seen it published in numerous papers.


Dear Editor,

I am writing to you in hopes that this may save at least one person from going through the hurt and the grief that my family and I am going through now.

The kind of grief is suicide. When a person takes his or her own life they should stop and think about what they are going to be doing to their family that they are leaving behind. All they have to do is pick up the phone and call for help. If not to someone that loves you at least to a Crises Center. You are not alone, everyone goes through a time in their life when they feel hurt and alone.

But instead you take the easy way out, or so you think.. Well let me tell you how easy it is.

You've left your children without your love, your parents and brothers and sisters with hurt, you will never see another rainbow or watch another sunset or feel the warmth inside when you are hugged or hear the birds sing and most of all you won't be there to see your family crying with hurt and unanswered questions and the guilt of not knowing or understanding why you could leave them this way.

If not for yourself then for your family stop and think how you would feel if you had to go through this because someone you loved killed themselves and feel the anger and the pain and the " What If Only's" and think how great it is to be alive.

Just remember that there is help when you are feeling that there is no hope in site and think positive and always remember that your family loves you very, very much

Written in Memory of my Big Brother David

By Debbie Oxford Long

February 1988

Debbie Oxford Long 

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