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Descendants of Lafayette David Oxford

 Generation No. 1

1. Lafayette David1 Oxford was born 1840 in Georgia, and died 1898 in Casseville ( Barry) MO. He married (1) Bartheovah Horton Abt. 1856. He married (2) Sarah Jane Calton1 03 March 1867 in Barry County, Casseville, Missouri, daughter of Morgan Calton and Mary Marbut.

Notes for Sarah Jane Calton:


Well dear ole great grandmother Sarah Jane has had more last names than you could possibly imagine. I have her marriage certificate that reads Sarah Jane Kelton, then some sources say Carlton, I recently received some pension records that read Calton. In these pension records a Thos Calton & a Johnson Marion were witnesses to a Declaration for a Pension for her. Then in an Identity affidavit dated 1905, there is an Larcuidy Eagle age 70 (related I believe)because in the Calton information I received a Baishebu E. Eagle married Tom Calton, son of Morgan Calton, father of Sarah Calton. There is also a Lish or Tish Eagle that was the informant on her death certificate. W.L. Marbut (related) says he is her very own cousin, and a G.W. Marbut on an Affidavit for Lafayette David Oxford. At any rate with the recent information I received for the Calton Family, I have come to the conclusion her last name was Calton. Sarah could not read or write so I don't think she realized or perhaps did not even know how to spell her last name thus the Kelton spelling when she married John W. Betterton. In this Calton information I have received, it takes me back 4 or 5 more generations.

More About Sarah Jane Calton:

Burial: 14 November 1923, Cassville Cemetary (per death certificate)

Cause of Death: Chronic Intestitial Nephritis

Medical Information: Sarah was 84 yrs 11 days old. The cause of death came from death certificate signed by Dr. Earnest Mitchell, MD. Monett, MO

Surname: 1923, Death Certificate shows Sarah's maiden name as Calton but her Marriage Certificate to DL Oxford shows Kilton/I changed to Calton, I believe Calton is more correct.

Child of Lafayette Oxford and Bartheovah Horton is:

+ 2 i. William Washington2 Oxford, born 26 March 1857 in Harrison, AR; died 24 January 1948 in Adair ( Mayes) OK.


Children of Lafayette Oxford and Sarah Calton are:

3 i. Mary Elizabeth2 Oxford, born 1868. She married Jim Webb.

4 ii. Amanda A. Oxford, born 1869.

5 iii. Sarah P. Oxford, born 1870.

+ 6 iv. Jacob M. Oxford, born 1872.

7 v. Ida P. Oxford, born 1873.

8 vi. Sherman L. Oxford, born 1876.

+ 9 vii. Frances M. Oxford, born 12 November 1879.

10 viii. Gilbert Earl Oxford.


Generation No. 2

2. William Washington2 Oxford (Lafayette David1) was born 26 March 1857 in Harrison, AR, and died 24 January 1948 in Adair ( Mayes) OK. He married Margaret Cansady Downs2 Abt. 1875, daughter of William Downs and Towery.

Notes for Margaret Cansady Downs:

Margaret Cansady Downs is half sister to Malinda Ann Downs, I have a census 1900 where Malinda is living in the household with William & Margaret at the age of 10 years old. I believe her father is William Downs and not sure who her mother is.

Children of William Oxford and Margaret Downs are:

11 i. William Lafayette3 Oxford, born 1876; died 1945.

12 ii. Thomas A. Oxford, born 1877; died 1890.

+ 13 iii. James Hollet Oxford, born 1879; died 29 November 1973 in

Foyil (Rogers) OK.

+ 14 iv. Earl Elmer Oxford, born 1882; died 1954.

15 v. John Stephen Oxford, born Abt. 1885.

16 vi. Miles Arthur Oxford, born 1887.

17 vii. Mary Elizabeth Oxford, born 1889. She married Issac Stanlee.

18 viii. Mellie Jane Oxford, born 1892.

19 ix. Jose May Oxford, born 1894 in Marshall (Searcy) AR. She

married Wat Conatzer.

Notes for Wat Conatzer:

Wat Conatzer is the 2nd husband of Josie, her first husband was Ed Scroggins. Wat was also married to Vesta Oxford, the daughter of Jim & May Oxford.

20 x. Noah McKinley Oxford, born 1897.

21 xi. Sherman Oxford, born 1901.

6. Jacob M.2 Oxford (Lafayette David1) was born 1872. He married (1) Nancy. He married (2) Ealine. He married (3) Lummy.

Child of Jacob Oxford and Lummy is:

22 i. Troy3 Oxford.


9. Frances M.2 Oxford (Lafayette David1) was born 12 November 1879. He married Lynn.

Children of Frances Oxford and Lynn are:

23 i. Helen3 Oxford.

24 ii. Elmer Oxford.

25 iii. Happy Oxford.


Generation No. 3

13. James Hollet3 Oxford (William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 1879, and died 29 November 1973 in Foyil (Rogers) OK. He married Elvira Mae Betterton 30 May 1904, daughter of James Betterton and Malinda Downs.

Notes for James Hollet Oxford:

Jim Oxford & May Betterton Oxford were 1st cousins I believe. Jim's mother Margaret Casady Downs & May's mother Malinda Ann Downs were sisters according to their death certificates.

More About James Hollet Oxford:

Burial: 01 December 1973, Adair ( Mayes) OK

Children of James Oxford and Elvira Betterton are:

+ 26 i. Bell4 Oxford, born 18 March 1907.

27 ii. Myrtle Oxford, born 28 August 1909; died 06 January 1988 in Claremore ( Rogers) OK. She married (1) Frank True. She married (2) Marion Scroggins.

More About Myrtle Oxford:

Burial: Adair ( Mayes) OK

+ 28 iii. Herron Wayne Oxford, born 02 April 1920; died 03 June 1970 in Foyil, Rogers, OK.

+ 29 iv. Vesta Oxford, born 13 June 1905 in MO.

14. Earl Elmer3 Oxford (William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 1882, and died 1954. He married Ada Belle Davis.

Children of Earl Oxford and Ada Davis are:

+ 30 i. Elmer Roy4 Oxford, born December 1917.

31 ii. Raymond Lafayette Oxford, born 1918.

32 iii. Margaret Cansada Oxford, born 1920.

33 iv. Margie Marie Oxford, born 1924.

+ 34 v. Sybla Lee Earl Oxford, born 1928.

+ 35 vi. Rosetta Beatrice Oxford, born 1930.

+ 36 vii. Daisy Belle Oxford, born 1933.


Generation No. 4

26. Bell4 Oxford (James Hollet3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 18 March 1907. She married Lee True Abt. 1927.

Child of Bell Oxford and Lee True is:

37 i. Daisy5 True, born Abt. 1929. She married Dot Germany.

28. Herron Wayne4 Oxford (James Hollet3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 02 April 1920, and died 03 June 1970 in Foyil, Rogers, OK. He married Hazel Hubbard.

More About Herron Wayne Oxford:

Burial: Wardhaven near Foyil

Children of Herron Oxford and Hazel Hubbard are:

38 i. Herron Wayne5 Oxford.

39 ii. Harold Dean Oxford.

40 iii. Waymond Dewite Oxford.

41 iv. Phyllis Jean Oxford.

29. Vesta4 Oxford (James Hollet3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 13 June 1905 in MO. She married Wat Conatzer 06 October 1925.

Children of Vesta Oxford and Wat Conatzer are:

+ 42 i. Edith5 Conatzer, born 28 January 1926.

+ 43 ii. Lela Mae Conatzer, born 1927.

+ 44 iii. Wallace Calvin Conatzer, born 1930.

+ 45 iv. Norma Conatzer, born 1932.

30. Elmer Roy4 Oxford (Earl Elmer3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born December 1917. He married Lota Mary Ann Bean.

Children of Elmer Oxford and Lota Bean are:

46 i. Deloris Ann5 Oxford.

47 ii. David Wayne Oxford.

34. Sybla Lee Earl4 Oxford (Earl Elmer3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 1928. He married Edna Mae Han.

Children of Sybla Oxford and Edna Han are:

48 i. Jackie Lee5 Oxford, born 1950.

+ 49 ii. David Earl Oxford, born 1952.

50 iii. Jamet Sue Oxford, born 1954.

51 iv. Beverly Ann Oxford, born 1957.


35. Rosetta Beatrice4 Oxford (Earl Elmer3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 1930. She married John William Franklin.

Children of Rosetta Oxford and John Franklin are:

52 i. John Michael5 Franklin, born 1953.

53 ii. Steven Patrick Franklin, born 1955.

54 iii. Brenda Sue Franklin, born 1957.

55 iv. Mary Elizabeth Franklin, born 1959.


36. Daisy Belle4 Oxford (Earl Elmer3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 1933. She married Jakie Douglas Blum.

Children of Daisy Oxford and Jakie Blum are:

56 i. Allen Douglas5 Blum, born 1951.

57 ii. Linda Marie Blum, born 1953.

58 iii. Carol Jean Blum, born 1956.

59 iv. Wesley James Blum, born 1964.

60 v. Randy Dewayne Blum, born 1967.


Generation No. 5

42. Edith5 Conatzer (Vesta4 Oxford, James Hollet3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 28 January 1926. She married Henry Stewart.

Children of Edith Conatzer and Henry Stewart are:

61 i. Charles6 Stewart.

62 ii. Pat Stewart. She married Thornton.

63 iii. Susie Stewart. She married Miller.

64 iv. Tammy Stewart. She married Hagar.


43. Lela Mae5 Conatzer (Vesta4 Oxford, James Hollet3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 1927. She married Wallace.

Children of Lela Conatzer and Wallace are:

65 i. Harlin6 Wallace.

66 ii. Larry Wallace.

67 iii. Gene Wallace.

44. Wallace Calvin5 Conatzer (Vesta4 Oxford, James Hollet3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 1930.

Children of Wallace Calvin Conatzer are:

68 i. Carl Ray6 Conatzer.

69 ii. Michael Conatzer.

70 iii. Kathy Conatzer.

45. Norma5 Conatzer (Vesta4 Oxford, James Hollet3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 1932. She married Scott Young.

Children of Norma Conatzer and Scott Young are:

71 i. Pamela6 Young.

72 ii. Kennison Young.

73 iii. Rebecca Young.


49. David Earl5 Oxford (Sybla Lee Earl4, Earl Elmer3, William Washington2, Lafayette David1) was born 1952. He married Jeanette Ann Forest.

Children of David Oxford and Jeanette Forest are:

74 i. Matthew William6 Oxford, born 1976.

75 ii. Patrick David Oxford, born 1979.

76 iii. Jonathan Kendrick Oxford, born 1980.

77 iv. Abigail Elizabeth Oxford, born 1990.

78 v. Emily Ann Oxford, born 1996.



1. Marriage License State of Missouri, County of Barry, 189, This is to certify that I did in Barry County Missouri on the 3rd day of March 1867 duly solemmize the rites of Matrimony between Mr. David L. Oxford age 27 years & Mrs. Sara J. Betterton age 26 years. Given under my hand April 11, 1867. W.H. Wood Minst God.Filed & recorded April 15, 1867 - G.L. Carliu, Recorder.

2. Received this information from Rose Franklin - Margaret Downs is her grandmother & Malinda Downs is my grandmother.




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