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How do I save something that is on the screen

Sometimes we see something on the Internet that we want to save to our hard drive for future reference. Or there may not be a option to download the file.

To save the file Click on FILE, SAVE AS, Name the File so that you will know what it is, Look at the top of the Box to see where it is going to Save the File To, if it is not where you want it saved to then CLICK the ARROW in the SAVE IN BOX, Go to Your C:/ the to the FILE where you want to save it to, then Click, SAVE. Most cases you will want to save the file to downloads so that you will know where it is at or to a folder that you have named already to keep your files in.

The same applies if you want to Save a PICTURE or BACKGROUND, EXCEPT you would RIGHT MOUSE CLICK ,on the PICTURE and choose SAVE PICTURE AS. Follow the same steps as above to make sure you are placing your picture where you can find it.

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