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How do I make Sure That I have All Of The New Windows Updates

In your Internet Explorer Browser CLICK on TOOLS, then WINDOWS UPDATES, this will take you to the Windows Web Site. Once there a screen will come up Saying that it is checking to see which updates are recommended for your computer, this will take a couple of minutes. Once this is done a screen will come up showing the CRITICAL UPDATES NEEDED, then there will be RECOMMENDED UPDATES and a section of other Wiondow's Updates. DO YOUR CRITICAL UPDATES FIRST.

Click on the update that you want, then click DOWNLOAD. Windows will automatically do the UPDATES FOR YOU. You will see a screen of how long it will take to do your updates, then once you click update a downloading box will appear. Once the updates are downloaded you will have to restart your computer for the new updates to take effect. On your restart Windows will install the updates for you.

You have a option in your Internet TOOLS that you can click on to look for windows updates for you while you are on the net, you may want to check this box.

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