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Sending a GED File

( Your Family Tree )

What is a GED File?

A GED File is your Family Tree saved into a format which is most common used for others to read any Family Tree Program. All Programs have a Save as GED Feature in them so that you can put them on the Internet or send them direct to others to see.

In today's market there are hundreds of Family Tree Programs, so I will tell you the most common way to make a GED File.

First of all you should make a EXPORT Folder. This is done by:

To Create A Export Folder:

Click on the MY COMPUTER ICON on your desktop.

Double Click on your C: Drive or the name of your hard drive, in most cases it is C: or D:

You will see lots of files:

Click on FILE then NEW FOLDER, the new folder will go to the bottom of all of your files, scroll down to see it.

Click once on the NEW FOLDER that just came up in your window. RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on the NEW FOLDER. Choose RENAME. NAME your Folder EXPORT

You now have created a your Export folder.

Now go to your Family Tree Program, OPEN your Family Tree. Go To SAVE AS:

When the Save As Screen Comes up you will see a box in this box is your Family Tree as you had named it, CLICK on your Family Tree Name. Go to the bottom of the screen, in that box should show the name of your file as it is now. To the Right of the Box is a Gray Arrow, Click on this ARROW and go to GED. This will change your Family Tree to a GED File.

After this is done your file should look like name.ged

Now go BACK to the TOP AREA of the BOX and Click on the TOP GRAY ARROW, this will bring up your hard drive. Click on C: then go to your EXPORT File that you made earlier. Once your Export File is in the viewer you can CLICK the OK SAVE button at the Bottom.

You have now saved your Family File as a GED File and placed it in your EXPORT File.

You can now send your Family File as an attachment in e-mail's or Upload it to Web Sites.


There are programs that are for sale and free on the internet that will allow you to change your Family Files to a Web Page Format ready for the Internet Web Site. If you choose to do this you will still have to create a GED file to tranfer to that program, then you will need to follow the programs instructions to create your web pages.

These are two URL's of many on the internet that have these programs available: Softseek


Then do a search for the type of programs you are looking for.

Make sure that you follow the DOWNLOADS Directions so that you will know where the program is on your computer.

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